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Icture book an almost wordless history of the development of moletown founded when one mole moves of Moletown Founded when one mole moves underneath a green meadow the settlement soon grows becoming ver complex and developed The surface soon shows the result of this underground urban sprawl with only a tiny patch of green grass leftOriginally published in German as Maulwurfstadt this gorgeously illustrated cautionary tale doesn t really cover any new ground when it comes to its cological message about the dangers of overdevelopment Dr Seuss S The Lorax s The Lorax Bill Peet s The Wump World have been around for many decades and impart the same message What makes Moletown stand out is Kuhlmann s beautiful artwork and the fact that his overdeveloping society is made up of moles There isn t much text here only a few pages have any words at all but the illustrations are than capable of carrying the story Recommended to fans of Kuhlmann s artwork in whose number I now count myself and to young readers who njoy animal fiction Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley I never really thought about moles much until I read William Horwood s Book of Silence Trilogy and his Duncton Chronicles the actual reading order should be Chronicles and then Silence I liked Wind in the Willows but I was a Ratty person if you know what I mean But after journeying with Horwood s Privet Mayweed Rooster and others I ve never looked at mole the same way Which is why when I saw this book as a read now option on Netgalley I downloaded it Kuhlmann s mole is a fable like most animal tales are on some level Perhaps it is too heavy handed I say perhaps because I found it a little heavy handed but this is a picture book with little text If I was a child I m not sure I would have the same reaction It s a simple story and a timely one about when is too much progress too much It is mostly pictures with opening and closing progress too much It is mostly pictures with opening and closing being the primary written words There are front and back pages done like newspapers pointing to the past and future of Moletown More importantly the newspaper type illustrations at the The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant end of the book make up for the abruptnding of the painted story The charm in the book is the illustrations Kuhlmann s illustrations are stunning and Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) even when seen on a computer screen incredibly detailed There is great use light as well as flashes of humor in how the moles are. Where a mole suddenly recognizes the precarious balance between progress and preservation But is it too lateKulhmann's opennded text ncourages thoug. This would not be the first nor the tenth

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I would use to a conversation with a child about the nvironment and the impact humans are having on it I wouldn t avoid it altogether but its message is so suddenly bleak and if you don t look at the inside back cover page you will miss the tiny oversimplified glimmer of hope The rise of a mole metropolis underground takes an Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design environmental toll A stunningly illustrated cautionary tale Another stunningly illustrated this time wordless picture book from rising star and 2015 Golden Island prize winner of Nami Concours Torben Kuhlmann His detail and visual storytelling sense in this and his 2014 Lindberg are a pleasure toxperience Nearly wordless the mole society in this book makes tons of progress but at what costThis is going to be a fantastic book to read along with The Lorax or The Little House The illustrations are so rich I think I d like multiple copies so kids can pore over the details I would like to thank Netgalley NorthSouth Books and the author Torben Kuhlmann for a free digital copy of this book in xchange for my honest opinionIt is hard to rate this book as it has almost no text but the pictures are amazing and the idea is something a lot of as it has almost no text but the pictures are amazing and the idea is something a lot of are trying to shout out to the world it is of course about progress moles make and its impact on nvironmentThis is a little children s book which has pictures than actual text and I think is a perfect way for parents to interact with their children Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems explain what is happening in the book and compare it to their lives It is an retelling of something we ve all seen and see stillveryday it shows the steps that are taken to make humans in this case moles comfortable and happy at the same time sacrificing the Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice environmentIt somewhat made me think of Animal Farm that is about politics and human nature which is important now as well but it never talks about the bignvironmental issue which now is a huge problem I loved the illustrations just wow loved the message and the most of all loved how parents would have to interact and xplain the book to their child which means that perhaps parents could get the message as well Full review The fabulously talented Torben Kuhlmann the German authorillustrator who made his debut with Lindbergh The Tale of a Flying Mouse returns with this second Torben Kulhmann's stunningly illustrated nearly wordless tale offers a fascinating window into an imaginary yet hauntingly familiar world under our feet.

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Depicted It is the type of illustrated book that will be treasured not so much for the story but the beautiful rendering of that story Moletown manages to make its case by not so much for the story but the beautiful rendering of that story Moletown manages to make its case by very few words the industrialization of Moletown has had a devastating impact on the nvironment and the moles seem stuck in a cycle of working and watching tv Hmmmm Torben Kuhlmann is a brilliant illustrator but I found this book to be very dark literally and depressing My kids really didn t care for this though they loved Lindbergh The Tale of a Flying Mouse and Armstrong The Adventerous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon I would highly recommend both for the creativity and universal appeal This one with its important message failed to capture the audience at my house 25 stars Cautionary tales for kids who can t do a darn thing about the original problem It s sort of a subgenre of its very own As I hold this lovely little book Moletown in my hands I am transported back in time to the moment I first ncountered The Lorax by Dr Seuss A child of the 80s my youth was a time when scaring kids straight was an accepted ducational techniue utilized in In Deeper everything fromnvironmental protection to saying no to drugs The film version of The Lorax bore this out and gave me some nice little bite sized psychological scars for years to come These days we don t usually go in for the whole learning through fear techniue Even picture books that sport a message are prone to be mildly sad than anything Personlighetspsykiatri else What makes Moletown so very interesting then is its inclination to tap into popular tropes in our own history then turn themver so g A surrealist picture book almost without words about the foundation and development of a mole city it s a bit like John Marsden s The Rabbits and a bit like JG Ballard s Billennium but has a style all its own There is a beautiful animated trailer version hereA remarkably apposite passage from Pynchon s Against the Day which I came across a couple of days laterIn the center of town some huge underground construction venture was in progress citizens stood on overpasses and catwalks gazing down on concrete pits full of steam machinery draft animals and debris When asked its purpose they frowned puzzled as if they had not uite heard the visitors Home some said it s home Where is home where you come fro. Htful Audiology exploration into possible solutions and his delightfulndpapers depict a montage of solutions that could very well save the moles' world and ours. Maulwurfstadt