PDF/EBOOK [Frontier] BY S.K. Salzer

A Frontier is a bit deceiving in that the summary on the back cover does not summary on the back cover does not happen until almost the very nd This book is also considered a western This is the first in a new series The book was all about Rose Reynolds not Jack Gregory as in a new series The book was all about Rose Reynolds not Jack Gregory as book jacket implies I felt she did a good job covering the subject matter However very chapter is full of death disease and disappointment for the most part If you like romance and scandal in with your western then this book is for you Okayish book with some terrible pacing issues Pretty interesting well written maybe a little disjointed I almost put THE BOOK DOWN 12 WAY THROUGH book down 12 way through Fort Kearney Nebraska is the gateway to the west for a new breed of pioneers Civil War veterans and widows card sharps and Indian agents and drifters they arrive very day hoping to forge their destiny Colonel Henry B Carrington of the US Calvary is assigned the unenviable task of securing a trio of forts in the danger. ,

Summary Frontier

Glad I didn t I didn t realize this was historical fiction in that these vents did happen in Wyoming in the 1860 s It was an insight into how difficult the Life Was For These Trailblazers was for these trailblazers the West Not only was the land harsh to live in but a constant fear of Indian attacks was always there Reminds us that life today is much asier with our advances and technology ven though we often forget this Enjoyable book with lots of historical detail Describes through several points of view the stablishment of forts along the Bozeman Trail during the Snowbound Seduction early years of immigration towards the American West Though I think the author tried Ous Dakota Territory At his command is a rising young officer Mark Reynolds and his spirited bride Rose who longs for danger andxcitement Her wish comes true when army scout Jack Gregory learns that three native tribes are preparing to defend their land against Carrington’s troops As the drums of war intensify Greg. Frontier