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I hope we are getting set up for his book somewhere down the road n this series I am still loving these characters I liked this book even than the first one and I can t wait for Book 3Male Lead Protagonist 5 starsFemale Lead Protagonist 4 starsSupporting Characters 4 stars Plot 5 starsAuthor s Writing Style 5 starsBook Editing 3 starsOverall Rating 4 starsWill I be reading other books by this author YesAm I going to continue this series Yes Next up s Uncrushable where Keira has to do a little groveling That ll be nteresting Follow Ms Reynolds FB page for release date announcementsDo I recommend this series Yes Do I recommend this author YesFind books by Ms Reynolds hereLike her here ExcellentI loved this one just like the first Can t wait to read the third I think there are 7 books The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary in this series Hope they all are as good as the first two I m yours Kiera You already know thatBook 1n the Forehead Kisses series really took me by surprise I had never heard of the author but I really enjoyed the story Book 2 Unshakable I loved Really really loved Liam and Kiera found there way back together after Unbreakable and came out stronger Kiera Tryst with Prosperity is beginning to find her placen the world and Liam Popular Hits is standing right beside her In this book we see of Liam s past learn about his sister and what happened and howt shaped him nto the man he s today and why he not only needs Kiera s love but her trust as well I loved Liam n the first book and loved getting of his background n this one Liam The Creative Habit is sweet loving caring and very protective but at the same time he wants Kiera to be strong and be able to protect himself As they settlednto their life again Kiera learns Liam The Rest of the Story is unhappy about giving up fighting and because she loves him she wants to be supportive In their way they talk aboutt and find a way to work through t together In the process Liam gives Kiera the chance to see how strong she really s and we start to see her be confident and self assured But of course there s always something looming ahead and for Liam and Kiera ts Adrianna Is Kiera strong enough to withstand Adriana s meddling Is her love and trust Lords of Life: A History of the Kings of Thailand in Liam enough for herBook two really developed the characters and provided angst but thats the way n any relationship that s being built This s still a very sweet story about two people who love each other and are healing and helping each other Its about trust love and understanding but also about heartache I cannot cannot wait for book 3 So yes I would definitely recommend this series Its an amazing read There are some editinggrammar errors but really the story draws you n and grabs hold of you Happy reading How can a character change so much from one book to the next Liam s so whiney n this book and Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success it was a major turnoff The grammar and sentence structure and poor choice of wordsn p Oh the difference a book can make Let me start out by sayingI loved the first book I absolutely could not wait to read this bookI really loved the characters and the storyline Once I started reading this one I realized my folly Liam was awesome All good leading male characters should be like him sweet loyal tender patient passionate All great traits Kiera was a struggle for me A Life in Two Worlds it felt like she started to take two steps forward only to jump a mile backwards About 75%nto the book I had a very real jump the shark moment I absolutely 75% The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance into the book I had a very real jump the shark moment I absolutely the ending It really feels like a money grab than a need to expand on Liam and Kiera s story I don t really see the need to dragt out and that s the The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories impression I m getting from the fact that this book ended this way and now to wait for the next part of their story I thinkt would have been much effective to give Liam and Kiera their HEA with the conclusion of this book and give Scotty the next book to get n his world Oh well guess I ll never know. And timeless Will Keira finally accept Liam’s career choice or will she falter once she sees him n the ring Adrianna Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species is keen to become Liam’s one and only but nothing she says can rip them apart But when she confesses she knows everything about Keira’s past Keira feels the alarmn her heart Would Liam betray her tru. .
Unshakeable Forehead Kisses #2

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To say I m disappointed would be an understatementand no t s not from disliking this story I actually really love this storyline Gwydion's Dawn it s just the fact that I was not aware there was a third book and so here I was thinking that the story would end here for Keira and Liam but now I ve just been left hanging I m majorly peeved off with Keira and Liamn this book I m peeved with Liam because he was so harsh to Keira and kicked her out and yes I know she didn t trust him and he honestly has never given her any reason not to trust her but I m n two minds here I understand he feels like he shouldn t have to keep proving himself to Keira he s never given her reason to doubt him but at the same time I just wish he would cut her some slack I m really heartbroken for Keira that they are no longer together I just want to see these two finally together and happy Ugh now I have to wait for the next book to come out before I can see where this love of theirs ends up I loved Liam and Keira n Unbreakable the first novel of this series and Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung in this the second visit to this delightful pair I have to say that while I still adore Liam Keira on than a couple of occasions had me wanting to reach out and shake her by the throatThiss not to say that I didn t love the book because I did I just found myself losing patience with her at times but then again Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel isn t that what we are supposed to do getnvolved with the story so perhaps Ms Reynolds pitched the character perfectlyI know one thing for certain she definitely pitched Liam to absolute perfection because he Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon is enthralling His patience determination and passion not only for Keira but to right the wrong that happened to his sisters completely consuming But he does everything with everyone else El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! in mind hes devoted to Keira yet she struggles with her doubts and personal demonsLiam understands and Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana is that sympathetic than most but hes sensitive to the fact that he craves Keira s trust without that they have little to go on love s most definitely not enough for Liam and no matter the strength of feeling that he has for her until he can truly believe that she trusts n 100% he knows that what they have together needs time apartI loved the back history that we get through the story the details surrounding Liam s sister s death and the hatred THAT HE HARBOURS TOWARDS HIS PARENTS ESPECIALLY HIS FATHER he harbours towards his parents especially his father emotional to read This man really wears his heart on his sleeveBut his heart A Mistaken Match is torn between the two things he loves mostn the world Keira and Fighting he needs them both but for entirely different reasonsTogether they were unbreakable and with his hard work and patience Liam has Lodz instilled a confidencen Keira that has made her unshakeable but n the process has he created someone that he can walk away fromI look forward to the next nstalment of this enthralling series with my fingers crossed that this pair get the HEA that they deserveRating 4 out of 5 I am determined to finish this series even though I m not liking The Diminished it as much this go round For 399 I really would appreciate a well edited book There were typos and misspellings use of the wrong words Liam grabbed a picture to water the plants Pitcher would be the correct word There were several other mistakes like this Also his last name changes the announcer calls him Liam Yates and then 2 pages late he s Liam Haynes or something These little things really bother me a lot As for the story I think Liams still mean at times and I m getting a little tired of Keira I m not super excited the next book n the series s tired of Keira I m not super excited the next book n the series s but like I said I m determined to finish this seriesNote to author please get someone to go through and edit your books for you I mean I will do Claimed by a Cowboy it for free It s really bad and shouldn t be Simple read throughs should get most of these things taken care of 35 starsAfter reading bo. When Liam confesses he hates school and his career path Keira realizes she’s being selfish by making him uit his fighting career But can she truly be supportive after everything she’s been through Liam agrees under one conditionf he teaches her how to fight While together they’ve been unbreakable but can Liam make ,

Ok one I was glad to see that there was Discipline indeed going to be to the storyline since I was a little pissed at Kiera s behaviour towards the end of Unbreakable She was a little OTTn her reaction to finding out about Liam s underground fighting despite also sympathising with her past experiences with physical abuse In this book their love story continues Kiera finally sees that she has forced him to give up the one thing he enjoyed that he was good "At So He Could " so he Could With Her And be with her and this Claim the Night (The Claiming is ultimately making him unhappy outside of their relationship This leads to Liam showing her some self defence so she can toughen up both physically and mentally Andt works He starts to fight again at least training etc and she slowly comes to terms with Claimed by Desire it and the two seem to be on an even footing Thats until one of Liam s ex s Adrianne who appeared many times Say Youll Remember Me in book one digs her nailsn and plants seeds of doubt Accidental Bodyguard in Kiera When confronted Liam loses his patience notn a violent way of course and I have to say I dont blame him He has done nothing to deserve any kind of distrust from Kiera and when he finds out that she thinks he cheated on her ands revealed her past secrets he cant take t any Kiera finds out the truth right at the end but s Mehr als das it too late It ends with the two still living each other but Kiera has her work cut outf she s to gain his trustDespite the past trauma experienced by both MCs I would still class this as a light sticky sweet read with the hero and heroine wearing their hearts on their sleeves 3 35 stars simply because Kiera was too much sometimes but still just what a wanted for a Sunday read So this book wasn t as good as the first I felt like UNBREAKABLE was well rounded Book 2 doesn t have the best plotline and there s a lot of grammatical errors that made me feel lost at times but I feel like this series still has potentialIn this book we find Liam and Keira the main characters Abby and the Bachelor Cop in of a relationship bliss until things spiral out of control again Both characters have a lot ofssues to conuer Liam I feel Eye to Eye is the character who has grown the most andt was Accidentally Expecting interesting to get flashbacks of his life to understand his journey thus far Keira on the other hand I thought was growing a bit but kinda settled back to her old ways towards the end which was difficult for me to swallowI do wonder what sn store for them n book 3 My only ssue with this book Herzrivalen is thatt got drowned too much n bedroom scenes while I was expecting a bit to the plotline Let s see how things pan out n book 3 I m still Alaskan Nights invested enough that I want to see how Liam and Keira conuer the setbacks they hadn this bookMy rating 35 Book 2 Unshakeable s next n Ms Abby Reynolds Forehead Kisses series It continues the story of Liam and KeiraThe story s again told n first person dual POVs from the MF lead protagonists In this nstallment we get flashbacks from five years prior which gives us a glimpse nto how Liam dealt with his sister Eva being abused by her boyfriend Derek His relationship with his sister was strained to say the least He repeatedly tried to get her away from her abuser He resented his parents for not supporting his efforts to save his sister The recollections helped the reader to understand the estrangement between Liam and his parents that we read about Always Look Twice in Book 1 In the meantime Liam and Keira are getting closer He admits to her that he misses his professional fighting career He encourages her to train with him so that she can build confidencen herself All while Adrianna All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night is still trying to get her clawsn Liam or at the very least break up the happy couple So she throws a bit relationship angst Any Man Of Mine into this bookThere was plot development around Scotty If you remember from my review of Book 1 I lurved me some Scotty And I will again side eye the authorI would SO read a book about him. Er unshakeable Keira must overcome her overwhelming fear of violence and learn to truly trust Liam When their progresss halted by her need to run away Liam forces her to face her fears head on While she resents him for Annalee And The Lawman it she uickly realizes Liams only making her stronger In the end t makes their relationship powerful. ,