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Lare has been one of my go to authors when I need a ight fun read and this series in particular has been a great ittle bit of billionaire romance fantasy The interweaving friendships between the couples and it being centered around Hunter and Gretchen s wedding has been fun and seeing certain scenes from different perspectives is a great ittle bonus This is uirky to the nth degree When this story begins Sebastian is finding out the crass and horrible new storyline for his family in their reality TV show and trying desperately to figure out how to avoid them ike the plague without actually cutting ties with his family since he does ove Them Chelsea A Derby Girlartisanal Chelsea a derby girlartisanal maker struggling to be in a group of new people because she s had a very traumatic experience that makes it d The Billionaire Takes a Bride generously provided by tour host in exchange for an honest reviewReleases October 20th4 On roller skates StarsMy first Jessica Clare Billionaires book and certainly not my ast The Billionaire Takes a Bride provides a uniuely zany story about a woman broken after a terrible tragedy and the Billionaire who takes exemplary notice Sebastian Cabral and Chelsea Hall need each other for than just the uickie marriage they arrange to solve their problems The exploration of their friends to overs relationship unfolds intriguingly throughout the course of this storyTainted by an unspeakable tragedy Chelsea has put up friends to overs relationship unfolds intriguingly throughout the course of this storyTainted by an unspeakable tragedy Chelsea has put up around her heart mind and body that are impenetrable Sebastian jaded by the exploits of his wacky and notorious family guards himself against woman using him to get noticed for their own fame The two are paired together for a wedding of mutual friends and bond right away Each of their stories are uniuely them Their hobbies are uniuely them and provide such great conversation points once they each discover the others talents The safety of their bond provides an easy out for the problems plaguing them both A hilarious and endearing ride through their ives together ensues while the reader can do nothing but sit back and enjoy This book is full of uirky anecdotes interesting secondary characters and a Hh who are so comfortable with each other you can t help but ove them Sebastian Cabral is a a beta male than alpha male A beta billionaire And he is so damn sexy because of it He gives his heart is open and full he s understanding and supportive Sebastian Cabral reminds Chelsea to ive and Le valeureux guerrier love at her full capacity Chelsea is broken yet full of vigor Her smile andaugh are infectious to even the reader her uirks and acceptance so honest The two are uite the match Their ride to their HEA is a ride worth taking Starting this book I had zero expectations and what I got from it was just a fun story All of the pieces fit together perfectly and the added enjoyment of the wacky world of women s roller derby was such a treat Jessica Clare holds a great story telling ability with a real niche for uniue and satisfying characters to carry her plots Though the writing in places got a bit wonky and there were a few transitions that threw me as to who was speaking making it necessary to go back and re

read overall though 
Overall though was engaged from beginning to end If you Snowflakes on the Sea like contemporary romance books that are fun and flirty with veryow angst and great characters I highly recommend The Billionaire Takes a Bride Chelsea s character was uirky but as the book went on and you Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy learn about her I wanted to see what came next I still prefer the original series however. Ebastian into fast friends they realize they can solve both of their problems with oneife changing ie a uick trip down the aisleBut with one kiss Chelsea and Sebastian suddenly realize that their pretend relationship is real than either of them expected. 3 STARSFans of sweet romance with a sexy kick and beta heroes will adore this atest from the fabulous Jessica Clare This was my first book in the series by t I am between 4 and 5 stars for this book And at the end decided on giving 5 stars I am amazed with Miss Clare On how she can make a horrible horrific event becoming a fun and sweet healing without osing the sensitivity of the topic She creates Chelsea She is a kick ass character She is vulnerable strong and brave sensitivity of the topic She creates Chelsea She is a kick ass character She is vulnerable strong and brave She takes charge when she is needed too I Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival love she is showing her vulnerable side to Sebastian Sebastian is a character of patience man The perfect patience man Plus he is a billionaire What else a woman can ask for 5 stars This was such a great story really entertaining and super hot Sebastian is the sweetest Iove him I think Sebastian has got to be one of the most amazing guys ever He was awesome So supportive and Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, loving and I just wanted to sueeze him and hug him Ioved Chelsea She was so strong and a The Fix little broken but her heart was in the right place and she got stronger every day she had a great attitude Iove how Sebastian was there for her They had such a great attraction but on different evels I oved everything building earning all the details and them coming together and when they do it s swoony hot I thought this was a really fun enjoyable read There were some really cute parts that made me smile and augh There was a bit of drama but not super heavy but there was a tough subject matter involved and I greatly appreciate the author dealt with Not to in depth but it was emotional and made you feel for Chelsea Sebastian s mother was a piece of work The kind of woman you want to slap and also think is this chic for real I really Desire in Seven Voices liked her character though she was a great addition to the story Definitely whack job material thoughol I flew through this It was fast paced but oaded with details really drawing you in I thought it had a decent balance between the ighter moments the sexy times and emotion It had a great mix of everything Complimentary copy received for honest review Apparently I have a sweet tooth I didn t know about because Sebastian totally won me over with his sweet beta ways Chelsea Hall is a part time artisan soap maker by day and a roller derby superstar by night She meets billionaire Sebastian Cabral when she was paired with him for her best friend s upcoming wedding For the first time in a The Casa Mono Cookbook long time Chelsea felt safe with Sebastian For his part Sebastian just wants peace and uiet He s a very private person and reluctant to take part in his family s reality show shenanigans So he strikes up a marriage of convenience deal with Chelsea What follows is a beautiful steamy sweet romance that I really really enjoyedI adored this story Loved Chelsea the heroine She s tough but vulnerable She went through a very horrific ordeal that changed herife but she never et it define her Her strength and agency were evident throughout this book I iked how she slowly opened herself up to Sebastian on her own terms Sebastian was the perfect hero for Chelsea He was so patient with Chelsea and her issues that I gave him a nickname Sebastian Blue Balls Cabral He s protective yes but never to a point of smothering her or making ight of the trauma she experienced There s plenty of humor to be found here From Chelsea horrible nicknames to Sebastian s awful similes even Sebastian s crazy family had me aughing and grinning But what truly made this book for me was the. Billionaire Sebastian Cabral oves his family he just doesn't ove their reality TV show The Cabral Empire So when his ex girlfriend tries to rekindle their relationship on camera Sebastian decides that drastic measures are in orderBy day Chelsea Hall is Roller derby Oh my gosh I Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) loved how Jessica Clare wrote this part From the players to their player names Tail Her Swift anyone the roller derby sub culture came alive in this book And absolutelyoved itOverall this book definitely hit the right spot for me I would recommend this to readers who ove sweet beta heroes humor and of course roller derby ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Wow Supportive strong and sexy hero with a sassy emotionally damaged and struggling heroineJessica Clare s Billionaire and Bridesmaids series is very hit or miss with me I have noticed that the Billionaires and Bridesmaids series is all about Gretchen and Hunter the Beast of Beauty and the Billionaire and their attendeesI have a nanowrimo to write so I m keeping this shortThe H is awesome REALLY awesome The h is cute and has some major damage as in a rape as part of her backstory Sadly the H is saddled with the Real Housewife of NowhereKardishian esue mother from hell who damages the story with her cutesy but truly damaging antics A copy of this book has been provided by the author in exchange for honest review45 starsFull Review To Come Reviewed For to come Reviewed for cats burning soup wow Clare delivered a spectacular romance that had me completely invested and rooting so hard for these two to find ove passion and healing I was expecting a fun ight hearted read A ittle fluffy sexy romp And I totally got some of that yay But there was so much little fluffy sexy romp And I totally got some of that yay But there was so much as Sebastian and Chelsea become each other s safety dates to survive the ordeal of a friend s wedding and found so than either was ooking for or ever expectedman candy hot guys men in suits sexy menThe uick of it is that Sebastian and Chelsea have been paired up as bridesmaid and groomsman for a wedding they re both attending And it s a BIG wedding with a year of events eading up to it and ord help em it s gonna crack em Everyone is in match making mode and these twoNOT on board with it Sothey strike up a deal They re gonna be each other s Safety Dates and pretend they re a thing so people will getofftheirbacks These two Yall Gah they about did me in I adored them Both Down To Their down to their Chelsea is a cheerful roller derby badass that s hiding some deep down fears and she just made me ache I oved everything about her and how strong she was even if SHE couldn t see her own strength She was fun sweet broken a survivor and a fighter And Sebastian This guy He s what all men should be He may be a ittle aimless in ife but he s such a good man and was amazing with Chelsea and being there for her when she desperately needed someone to help her find peaceThis one does have some triggery issues Chelsea was raped years earlier and she s still very much dealing with the trauma and fear It s hard to watch her terror when it overtakes her see her struggling with being intimate with someone again healing and falling in The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant love But it was also amazing seeing her work through things with Sebastian Seeing him with her and how much he cherished her and was there for her no matter how broken she feltThe Billionaire Takes a Bride was just aovely story Beautiful heartbreaking full of hope and sweetness Clare simply wowed I enjoyed every second of these two as they dealt with family friends their Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) lives unexpectedly changing and all of the wonderful things that brought themLurves this series and omg so good so far She s a derby girl And it s the whole fake mates thing HappyReviewing for herding cats burning soup Enjoyable series Ms Happy goucky rough and tumble roller derby skater By night she's still iving in fear of her past Most of all she just doesn't want to be alone And she really really doesn't want to date So when their mutual friends' upcoming wedding turns Chelsea and

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