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Angus and SadieNe thing about this book that I wished happen is that there will be a seuel One thing that I wished happened differently in this book is that the story had a little backstory about the pups growing p at the adoption center where Mister and Missus adopted them This book is really good I love it One of the reasons I love it is because I love dogs Also because it is my favorite type of genre Books take me places and some are hard to connect to and some are easy this one was easy I highly recommend this to you or your friends Especially if you or they love dogs Oh and one thing I will say is that Angus and Sadie get into a big fight and my estion to you is what will happen next Will they makeup Or not To find out read Angus and Sadie Same setting and some of the same characters as this year s Toaff s Way I liked this one even better because the anthropomorphism was dialed back a little compared to Toaff s Way and I thought it effective This is young and optimistic and charming and every so often you see these Flashes Of Insight Voigt of insight Voigt t ite make vanish even when writing in this simplified perspectiveThen Missus bent down to pick

Up Some Snowing But Instead 
some Snowing but instead throwing it to Angus she threw it at Mister You fetch she said Hey he said and threw some right back at her Hey yourself She laughed You shouldn t tease Angus that way Or any way Or any dogOkay Mister said You re right Angus come I want to show you something Angus came and Mister gave him the Snowing instead of letting him fetch it and that wasn t nearly as much fun It s just water he told Sadie No it s Snowing she told him Try eating it he advised herSo she did What happened to the Snowing It s water she said I shouldn t tease you that way Angus saidIt s weird to call a deliberately simple book narrated by two dogs elegant but this IS And funnyAnd the last sentence is really beautiful and such a perfect ending This review is in memory of my Border Collie mix Chloe who passed away on May 21 2016 at the age of 16 and my other mixed breed Nadine who passed aw Well written and entertaining children s story a little silly for older kids but an excellent book for younger readers or people who love dog stories and books with Maine settings The front cover was wonderfully illustrated too An homage to border collie mixes And fun But also very reflective of the issue presented in Men Explain Things to Me Sadie needs smarts strength just to stand p for herself against Angus patronizingI did like "This Observation Even Though "observation even though s inserted somewhat randomly as the dogs aren t generally presented as so very philosophicalI don t nderstand weird Sadie saidIt s what s not normal Angus explained It s what s different from meI will look for in the series and I might even go back and try so. T mean they're the same Angus is black and white and bigger He is a good brave and clever dog and he likes that Sadie on the other hand is red and white and small She isn't as ick to learn or to obey Angus thinks she's scared of everything but Sadie knows that's not true She's just differentThis heartwarming story of two. Angus and Sadie are pups when they go to live with Mister and Missus frankly I found calling the people Mister and Missus annoying and it s one of the reasons this book didn t score higher the book gives a description Suffice to say that the pups have very different personalities and this is the main theme of the book along with various and sundry other activities Voigt did a fairly good job of writing from a dog s POV but I am hard pressed to love it after reading the Chet and Bernie books Spencer inn to my mind is the master of the dog s POV and most of those books are also 3 stars for me I haven t tried reading his books for younger readers which would give a fair comparison between the twoI suspect that it has been too long since my kids were the ages to read this book so I a Angus and Sadie Author Cynthia VoigtAngus and Sadie the two curious pups the ones that love adventure the ones that sometimes get in trouble Angus the brave and courageous Sadie the shy and curious And living together as brother and sister might change the story Maybe even themCynthia Voigt lives in Maine USA and has two grown children Also she is the author of 20 books and is a Newbery Medal winnerThe setting in this story takes place on a farm 20 books and is a Newbery Medal winnerThe setting in this story takes place on a farm a big forest by a river and creek The main characters of this story are Angus and Sadie that are two curious pups Border Collies Angus characteristics are a tough and brave pup and he tries to be the best and work his "Hardest Every Day He "every day He really hard and likes to be the best Now Sadie is another story she is very curious lazy and shy Also she likes to wander off and explore Sometimes it is kinda hard for her to stay on taskThe two owners Mister and Missus adopted two Border Collies and named them Angus and Sadie Now remember these two pups have very different characteristics Now comes the training Angus he was great at it just say the command and he will do it All it took was first time practice then he knows it all Now Sadie on the other hand did not like training at all Lets just say she was stubborn After that those pups started to get comfortable with their new home They knew that their sleeping place was in the barn and knew places where they could and couldn t be The pups are starting to get older and bigger now And starting to get curious All I can tell you is that some Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers unexpected things happen I love this book because I love the way the two main characters Angus and Sadie have two totally different personalities but are still brother and sister Another reason I love this book is the adventure part I love how the author turns the story about two pups with totally different personalities living together into an adventure In my opinion these pups are on the adventure of life which I personally love Newbery Medalist Cynthia Voigt presents this charming middle grade novel about two border collie puppies growingp on a farm a brother and sister who couldn't be different from each otheror so they think Voigt's touch with dogs is as deft as it is with humans raved The Horn BookAngus and Sadie are siblings but that doesn'.

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Me of Voigt s famous old problem novels Disclosure I ve not read the essay yet and I expect I ll criticize it but the meme does refer to an issue that is valid to a lot of people s experiences 4 StarsThis was a cute simple kind of book to read I loved everything about this book I will definitely have to look into the rest of
The Series Because It Was 
series because it was to cit to pass Present Pasts up I definitely loved the relationship between Angus and Saddie It is so adorable and cute and also very sweet I would definitely read this book again and hopefully read the rest of the series I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a cute sweet simple book to read Fairly disappointed by this While there were lovely bits of writing especially the descriptions of the farm and the puppies early life the dog training bits were just plain wrong I don t know what time period this was but the men Mister and Angus were so damn chauvinistic The narrator made this a better book She had terrific voices and added energy to an otherwiseiet story I think that if you spend much time doing clicker training or raising puppies or acting as a foster parent to rescue animals you get very critical of books with dogs especially those told from the dog s POV I liked a lot of things about this book the sweet tone the way Voigt writes the puppies dialogue the pastoral setting And bonus points for showing the owners adopting instead of buying although it would ve been nice if it had been because they wanted to save a dog and not because the wife liked mongrels better than purebreds That last bit felt like an endorsement of irresponsible breeding albeit a totally accidental one However I had to give Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie up Isually do with dog books I just get so dang irritated with the stupid mistakes of the owners in the books like getting mad at puppies for eating furniture and THEN realizing oh I should get them toys Why didn t they get toys in the first place When the farmer got a choke chain out and taught Angus to sit by pulling the chain shut and pulling The Possible Police up NOT how you correctlyse a pull chain in the first place Leaving Aside All Arguments About aside all arguments about vs positive reinforcement I gave A Letter To Pakistan up Inderstand that Voigt is probably trying to show farm dog life accurately and to be fair it s still a rose colored glasses version I just don t like the impression it gives about "how to train your dog Yes it s fiction but it still gives "to train your dog Yes it s fiction but it still gives impression Here are these nice farm people who really love their puppies so this is how you treat a dog if you care and want to do right by it I ve just seen it so much in the real world and it s sad and I don t want to read about it Maybe the farmer meets a behaviorist and learns about clicker training at the end of the book but I doubt it DNF at about 25%. Wonderful border collie siblings growing Before Our Eyes up on a farm in Maine is perfect for young readers who enjoyed Ann M Martin’s A Dog’s Life and John Grogan’s Marley books animal lovers of all ages and anyone who's ever had or wondered what it would be like to have a brother or sister just like themselves but very very different.