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Simply WOW This debut novel is simply amazing It totally blows me awayThis book is HOT HOT It takes you on a nonstop twisted journey you won t see them comingDaisy is totally adorable you simply have to love her She has her whole life planned out on paperWhen her fianc Landon is to go on tour with Shaft as their manager Daisy agrees to along as the assistantLandon FIVE STARSEscaping Me by Cat Mason I was given a copy of this book for exchange of an honest review I m total class all about the sass and not afraid to beat your ass Escaping Me is the first book of The Shaft on Tour Series And To Put It and to put it I AM IN LOVE AND IT IS AN BEYOND BELIEF GOOD ROCKSTAR BOOK Hands down one of my favorite rock star romances out there Okay so fan girl moment overWe meet sweet Daisy and her steady dependable boyfriend Landon it is the summer before they start their new jobs after they finish college Daisy and Landon are going to the spend the summer going on tour with Landon s brother Grayson and his band What follows is a tour of betrayal chaos love lust unseen twists and groupies We go through a lot of trails with the boys of Shaft and Daisy we see if Landon is really the safe dependable boyfriend or not Also I will say I am not fan of a main girl playing brothers against each other and Daisy does not do thisWho doesn t like rock stars This girl does and I must say the boys in Shaft are hot Hunter is my favorite Cat Mason wrote a story that made me laugh feel betrayed and caught me off guard I loved this book and I CAN WAIT TILL THE SECOND BOOK Here are a few uotes to show of Cat s hilariously awesome writing style I don t see anyone with you Wildflower You shouldn t be left alone in here someone could come along and pluck your petals Grayson Fill er up and shut er down Daisy I d be happy to critiue your sexual performances for reference Like the X factor we can just call it the O factor Hunter Daises are wildflowers They can thrive even in the worst circumstances because they are stronger than the others Probably even come out beautiful for it Roses are shady bitches They look all pretty

"Sure But Have Those Thorns "
but have those thorns stick ya when you aren t looking Grayson I freaking LOVED this book Talk about a book hangover I am still telling all my friends they have to read itThis story is about a girl named Daisy or Wildflower as Grayson calls her She has her whole life planned out that is until she meets Grayson Cole aka Sex and Sin the lead guitarist for the band Shaft The problem isshe is engaged to Grayson s brother Landon Landon and Daisy are about to go on tour with the band for the next 6 months You can tell there is something up with Landon from the start I just couldn t put my finger on it He ept himself distant from Daisy And I Didn T I didn t it and then once you find outOMFG I did not see that coming at allI loved the secondary characters in this book First you have Aiden he is the drummer of Shaft OMG I can t wait for his story I love that Dom side he has Librarian's Note This is an alternatenew cover for ASIN B00HFFD54Daisy Shayne has a plan for everything Her life has been planned out down to the smallest detail since she was a child With her list nearly complete she decides to tour the country with her fiancé Landon and his brother’s band Shaft Grayson Cole has spent his entire life shielding himself from letting people get too close Moving from city. Escaping Me Shaft on Tour #1

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Y on that Grayson is attracted to Daisy Anyways I m not going to spoil anything all I will say is this book is one I couldn t m not going to spoil anything all I will say is this book is one I couldn t down Between the amazing band shaft and the sexy steamy scenes I couldn t stop reading We also meet other characters who make this book that much enjoyable I loved this book and can t wait to find out what happens with the rest of the characters If you like sexy rock band tour bussteamy hot sex this book is for you Absolutely love love love shaft Recommend it 1000% If you don t put somethin on those fuckin amazin legs you got goin on I can t promise I won t wrap them around my ears and eat you alive Well hellllloooo Grayson Cole Spoken like a true rock god sighs dreamilyStory 55 Let me jus put it out there I really do NOT enjoy love triangles They suck I just feel there is always a loser at the end and it there is always a loser at the end and it me sad However this love triangle was nothing like that It was of a love suare Pentagon even at one stage And the loser really was a loser so I didn t not feel bad for him in the slightest Anywho the story was awesome and original Daisy and her fianc go on tour with fianc s half brothers band SHAFT While they are on tour shit goes down and she falls for Lead Singer Grayson All wrapped up that s pretty much it But a lot of stuff happens in between which leaves you shocked and hooked and crazily turning pages to find out Amazing Sex 55 Well let me tell you Sex does not seem like the appropriate word to use here Fucking Yes Throw me up against the wall you hot as fuck rock god and screw me six ways to Sunday You fuckin bet Heroine 45 I really liked her She was sassy sexy and all things I love in a h But this is a doozy for me I don t condone cheating At all Yes she had and I use this term loosely broken up with her fianc It s really hard to explain without ruining the story I #Loved Daisy She Jus # Daisy she jus a star from jumping on one guys dick to the other without a second thought Hero 55 Who can resist a tatted up rock god with piercings Not Fuckin Me Overall 455 Sex Sin Stars Perfect I absolutely love love loved this book From the beginning it had me glued to it I loved everything about it The characters were all great the dialogue between the Shaft boys was hilarious at times It was hot sexy I liked Daisy I loved Gray but all the Shaft boys were great and I can t wait for the author to publish the next book in this series If you want a book that has great interaction between the characters plenty of romance humour and some of those OMG moments I thoroughly recommend this book 15I see all these 4 5 star ratings and I just wonder howJustNoThe smut scenes were meh It felt like a little of everything was thrown in this book There was a love triangle a bit of dominance thrown in sprinkled with a dash of mm Daisy was so wishy washy I wanted to hit her I didn t connect with any of the characters They had no depth to any of them The nicknames ugh Sex and Sin Cunter Really So stupidNo I will not be reading the rest of this series. Having to make choices that will alter everything she once new Can she stop hiding behind a list and come to terms with what she really wants in life or will she be left in the rubble of her own conseuences This book is not a normal romance Things happen fast and with no regret Rockers and all There are MF scenes of course but there is MFM hints of MFF possibly a little MM and plenty of vibrator discussi. Unter aka Cunter lmao is the vocal and bass player Then there is Henry he is the driverbody guard to the group Then you have the ladies Cam and Chase I loved these two ladies and I loved the relationship they all had together There is several scenes in this book that had me laughing so hard MY KIDS THOUGHT I WAS LOSING IT I LOVE kids thought I was losing it I love banter between all of them I did not want this book to end at all If you love a good rocker laugh your butt off story you have GOT to read this book asap Cat Mason I cannot wait for the next book You now have yourself a new stalker 3 DNF 10%I m liking the tensionbut I can t get into itMoving on I ve gotta review this but HOW The main characters are Landon and Daisy but then it s Gray and Daisy Ok but they aren t the BEST you now who is Cat Mason cause she gave ME Hunter aka Cunter This was steamy sexy realistically told and I hope will go on and on Renee Advises readers Tell someone who needs to get laid they gotta read this it s as good as sex I liked Camaron as my second fave OMG Apple FritterNOW This cracks me up I look back on my updates on Goodreads and laugh so hard So not spoiler Landon and Daisy are engaged and they are ending the summer with a six week tour to help Shaft the band on tour Now Landon and Gray are brothers well it is complicated Anyways when the meeting between Daisy and Gray happens it sort of screamed at me I was not pleased It was predictable It was one of those male big band ego guys coming up to get some from a cutie Burst the bubble now it is Daisy your future sister inlaw you turd Everything that happens after the predictable moment is totally UN predictable There are so many curve balls thrown into this very steamy novel We have all read the famous rock God type novels you 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, know the Olivia ones we all drool over Well this is a rival for surePlot wise there are a few reveals that make you spit characters some you expect most you nevernew you would lovebad characters the ones that you love because the author creates them in a way that you love to hate them Lots to love here I totally recommend it Awesome book I hardly give out 5 but this one was so worth it I will definitely be waiting very unpatiently for Aiden Cam s book If you haven t read it are on the fence then wait no this is going to be #a great series Hunter had me cracking up at times that my husband ept asking what I was laughing at # great series Hunter had me cracking up at times that my husband ept asking what I was laughing at book Ok ok ok This book is the epitome of HOT This is the firs book Ive read from this author but it definitely won t be my last This book has so many twists and turns that you don t even see coming We have Daisy who I loved throughout the whole book We have Landon who is a little shady in the beginning I didn t really now what he was doing or what he was up too But when you find out it s an OMG MOMENT And then there s Grayson Ahh Grayson is sooooooooooo freaking sexy it s hard to write this and not get all hot and bothered in a good way Anyways Grayson is apart of the band Shaft We learn earl. To city left no room for any attachments Entirely focused on bringing the band into the mainstream Gray devoted his whole heart to writing lyrics and rocking the stage night after night Until one night changed everything Temptation betrayal and lies are all mixed with booze tattoos sex laughs and love as Shaft commands stage after stage With her life’s plan unravelling before her eyes Daisy finds herself. ,