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One needs to be under the influence of unaccountable doses of intoxication to write like this The brutality of Altaf Tyrewala s depiction of Bombay is that I was laughing all along as I was reading Either I imagined these stories in my head or this uy is the utsiest young writer at work today When HarperCollins releases a 211 pages hardcover book costing Rs 450 with a such Engglishhh you presume that the book would be surely a costing Rs 450 with a title such as Engglishhh presume that the book would be surely a classic or something so epic that it would be remembered for a long time After reading the book now I can say that I enjoyed the short stories based on characters based in different class cities situations circumstances etc The tagline of the book says Fictional Dispatches from a Hyperreal Nation Author of the book is Altaf Tyrewala who s critically acclaimed and respected for his previous works Altaf has a very ood writing skill that hooks you to a story even when it s of just 10 pages The way he explains and introduces When I saaat too wriit a peemTh woords wooulldn’t cmeWhen the didd the wooulldn’t rhhymWhen.

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Be said as one of the best works of Altaf Tyrewala And the book ends with a wonderful chapter that makes you iggle It makes fun of Literature fests and authors Something only an author who have experienced it himself could have written I just feel that the book does not deserve to be priced at Rs 450 Rs 250 could have been fine because very few people would like to read an anthology by spending such a huge amount Also a Paperback version should be released That s all Thanks ABHILASH RUHELA VEERU nella normalit che si ritrova l eccezionalit anche la vita che sembra pi ordinaria straordinaria nel suo essere semplice Cos pu capitare di vedersi passare davanti un clown mascotte di una famosa catena di fast food che ha preso vita e sta cadendo dal tett Amazing and very underrated Possibly nobody in modern English writing captures tett Amazing and very underrated Possibly nobody in modern English writing captures nuances of Mumbai as well as Altaf Tyrewala And this book outdoes his previous prose The best book read this year so far Strongly recommended. I aaa scccorchin skLik msc frm soomewh ii th ded off niiigtGorges mirraclees impssble too expln. .

Is characters are enough to impress you I did find problem in Getting Used To His used to his in the first two stories New and Second hand and Engglishhh But after I completed reading the whole book I read them again and ot the essence of it For me the real fun of the book started from Nice Water a story that tells an autobiographical description of a maid Few portions surely makes you emotional and some scenes are too hard to digest but that s the fact with which Altaf is trying to make us aware of On the same lines all the stories are written depicting some or the other crisis in someone s life The Watchman is a funny story where a watchman on the basis of few past experiences predicts that someone is oing to die in the society and the laughter moments are created throughout the story Thirteenth Floor is again another story with which I related The reatest surprise came when MmYum s began It s the longest story covering almost 40% of the book divided into sub plots That can. The rhhymeed the maad n seenseeLik aaa red rose #Ii Aaa Blaak Annd Whit #aaa blaak annd whit aaa rinbow aaa red rose ii aaa blaak annd whit fiilmmmLik aaa rinbow .