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Laila Ali Û 2 Review

R rough childhood and teen years Camp Rex for most of the pages then rushes through her boxing career to end her story in 2002 The updated version adds three pages that summarize 2002 to 2017 So the book is incredibly incomplete and despite what the title claims there is little strength to beound here Ali comes across as a thug a bully and a woman who thinks she has incredibly good looks which others should appreciate She brushes aside her teenage abortion blames others or her being in jail or months and never seems to accept who she really is Most of the book ends up being whining about how she Touch of Enchantment felt mistreated or ignored by parents that werear rom ideal In truth she made a lot of bad choices and there s no Evidence Here That She Every Really Turned here that she every really turned life around It needs a complete rewrite with an emphasis on the positive instead of the negative and needs lessons learned rom the mistakes she made Otherwise the way it s written now makes it worthless and disappointing I read this book in a day Whenever I would see Laila speak to the media I was always moved by her honesty assertion and positivity So when I saw this book I picked it up and couldn t wait to reach it In Reach Laila talks about her childhood her parents and the obstacles she overcame I was inspired by her honesty I think alot of people will be able to relate to her because she doesn t present the picture perfect youth She has a very mature way of thinking about her parents Some people would be angry because they were neglected by their parents but she
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t carry or bitterness She recognizes that parents are humans too with complicated lives But even though she went through some rough experiences she came out on top by Miles from Kara finding her strength spirit and Personal Power I think this is a great bookor young women to read If I had a teen book club I would recommend this book Although this book is no literary masterpiece it is an honest heart Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, feltast read If I wasn t reading or work I probably would never have picked it up but I m glad I did It is both insightful and interesting. Ty and defeatism and achieve success in all arenas diet amily personal relationships physical training and Combining spiritual inspiration with practical guidance Laila Alis program will show readers of all ages and backgrounds how to transform the demons of self doubt into positive winning energy. ,
Course there was resentment Things happen no one is a saint and it takes two to tango but you can hardly be surprised that takes two to tango but you can hardly be surprised that was bitterness regarding saint and it takes two to tango but you can hardly be surprised that there was bitterness regarding situation Any way that was just "MY TAKE ANOTHER PERSON IN MY BOOK CLUB FELT "take Another person in my book club elt the exact opposite So to each their own She definitely was instrumental in bringing women s boxing to the orefront and has lived through many hardships and came out the other side I just didn t particularly enjoy reading this book I ve never been a boxing High Heat fan but when a 9th grade non reader said she liked boxing I looked aroundor something appropriate This was a pretty good read Laila Ali is the daughter of Muhammed Ali so of course there were multiple layers of interest She describes her journey through life her goals her relationships and how she achieved what she did The language is accessible and very concrete Love Muhammad Ali So that s why I read this Laila is a beautiful strong woman Growing up with amous parents cannot be easy But she came out the other side with grace and style You go little sister good book a good summer read or teenage young ladies My husband checked this book out or me rom the library after hearing an interview with the author on a sports podcast because he thought she would be someone I would admire He was right It s a ascinating story about a uniue childhood and a troubled but iercely independent young woman s rise to success I loved this book Although it started off extremely slow I could still relate to a lot of things she s experienced in her child hood She spoke about a lot and mentioned things in her book that she hasn t mentioned before If my book was a This book was a lot interesting then I thought it was going to be I had no idea about the struggles of Laila Ali I envy her A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas for her confidence and her boxing career I love how real she is in this book I expected a little dishonesty in order to protect herathers name There are good lessons to be learned rom her especially or young women There s nothing inspirational in this book Ali defensively goes through he. A motivational memoir that delivers 15 rounds of straight talking hard hitting advice She reveals how she overcame child abuse weight issues isolation and overall bad behavior by tenaciously developing a talent that she enjoyedprofessional boxing She demonstrates how to sidestep eelings of self pi. ,
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Have to say didn t really care or this book I d be interested to #read it if it were written by Ms Ali now as opposed to when she was only #it if it were written by Ms Ali now as opposed to when she was only I was disappointed that the vast majority of the book ocused on her childhood As a pioneer in women s boxing I was hoping there would be coverage and emphasis on her training career etc I mean of course people would expect her to at the very emphasis on her training career etc I mean of course people would expect her to at the very touch on her childhood given her lineage but than half the book covers a period of time before she even started training And between you and me the writing elt uite amateur although I suppose that s to be expected given her age at the time I elt that the tone to be argumentative and combative in a way that turned me off almost immediately It would be one thing if she was telling of certain events with the explanation of how she handled it at the time with a certain attitude but there never seemed to be any reflection or admittance that it probably wasn t right or this is howwhat I learned One such passage recalled how she was caught shoplifting and while in custody and at the hearing was defiant and putting on airs cause she was strong and wouldn t take anything Don't Hex with Texas from anyone Ummm you broke the law There s nothing morally ambiguous here say your sorry Or now that you re an adult at least admit it was wrong I alsoelt that that was a degree of disingenuous throughout much of the book Obviously that s just my own eeling But many things just didn t ring true and elt staged Some of which includes how she talked about her parents Everyone of us has Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation flaws some of them BIG but you can still be a good person I certainly don t dispute that but she went on and on about what a hero her dad was and how great her mom was with the exception of a period of time when she was in a certain relationship She referenced how some of her step siblings really her half siblings not step harbored resentment towards her mom No offense but can you blame them Her mom started an affair with Ali years before he and his wife at the time were divorced and also got pregnant before the divorce Of. With an undefeated 100 boxing record Laila Ali can definitely hold her own in the ring She has received airestorm of media coverage and her recent bout with Jacui Frazier was the most highly publicized Pajama Party female boxingight ever Now she offers her Bunco Babes Tell All formulaor physical emotional and mental power in. .