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OH MY GOSH WHERE DO I BEGINI was first introduced to lance in book one of introduced to Lance in book one of series Watching Fireflies and I ll be honest in saying that he was not my favourite cowboy I then met him again in Dragonfly Awakening and seeing how he had hurt the female lead really added to my dislike of him BUT our dear Lance changed Dare I say he won me over He certainly did Seriously Again the author amazed me with her words and had me falling in love with this handsome cowboy Each page held my attention and pulled me in never letting me page held my attention and pulled me in never letting me There was no doubt that I could read this book in one day and it s all because it s something I COULD NOT put down The characters were relatable and their pain their joy and their love could be felt on each page The beautiful passionate pillar of strength that is Katherine Klein has been through a lot over the past year and she handled it the best way she knew how yes there were those days where it took its toll but she did well she handled it like anyone of s would People have always said that love makes you do crazy things In this case love made Lance a better focuseddetermined person A year ago Katherine walked out of his life and he knew exactly what he had to do It s like his eyes had been opened to see what he s been missing and what he could have He knew a change was necessary and boy did he work to win her heart and gain her trust I made it my personal mission to win her over and show her that I wasn t a stupid farm loving country boy I truly enjoyed the journey of Lance and Katherine and if you haven t read the other books in the Love Bug series you are missing out on soooo much Jaycee keep Cirsova (Issue up the hard work hon It s been a pleasure being on this journey with you I look forward to wonderful stories Keep em comingARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review Love this series The book cover is gorgeous so original and follows the story The passionate men and strong women make this series electrifying andnstoppable All the books are happening simultaneously sort of The couples connect during book one Jordan and Tom s love story Book two is the reunion story sort of The couples connect during book one Jordan and Tom s love story Book two is the reunion story high school friends Paul and Ellie with an overlapping storyline with book one This is the third one as womanizer Lance falls head over heels for Katherine they met in book one We witness the heartache they feel and the proud moments when they connect Truly a moving book I could not put down Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú unless forced by mom duties I was thrilled to get an advanced copy for an honest review his book should in my opinion be read after reading the first two books to get the full benefit of Lance and Katherine However you could read it on its own but you will not feel as passionately for the characters How far would you go to show someone you have changed let me tell you Lance will go the distance to prove he has changed for Katherine This is the sort of man i love to read about those that will know no boundaries to their pursuit of the woman who has gotnder their skin Katherine is a character i love she loves her life her friends and has feelings for a man who she knows will be hot stuff I like the fact that she lets go for one night with him even though she knows what he is likeGot to say Lance is my fave cowboy from this series i feel 5 star for this final book in the series This is the 3rd book in the Love Bug series and my personal favourite We follow Lance Olde Town s biggest player cowboy and Katherine Jordan s best friend from Charlotte Can they find happiness together like their best friendsBoth protagonists know all about one another before they set eyes on each other so Katherine is determined not to fall for this cowboy s known charm However with a lop sided grin and green eyes it is going to be difficult to resist such a gorgeous man Lance has always had an eye for a pretty girl and he s gotten to know most of them in his town since messing p his relationship with the only woman he s ever loved Is he going to follow his friends and find. Katherine Klein has been warned Stay far away from Lance Walton After one night in the country the intessential city girl has the nwanted attention of the infamous country boy For months she’s been dodging his advances but a moment of weakness changes everythingLance Walton felt immediately drawn to Katherine.

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The perfect woman for a happy ever afterThe pair finally meet in person nder nforeseen circumstances with Katherine trying to not fall for Lance s country boy charm Besides she s a city girl living and working in s country boy charm Besides she s a city girl living and working in She has a sassy mouth and is an eual match to anything Lance says He knows that they appear opposites but so are his parents so he feels confident that he can find happiness with this auburn haired accountant Nothing is clear cut and lines of communication cease lead to confusion Luckily stars begin this auburn haired accountant Nothing is clear cut and lines of communication cease lead to confusion Luckily stars begin align when Lance begins an accounting job nbeknown to him that it is the same company Katherine works for Will Katherine resist Lance s cowboy charm once In the previous books in the series Lance is portrayed as a Jack the lad guy but just below the surface we glimpse a man who has loved and lost before he has a big heart and knows that his past behaviour and reputation could ruin his chances with Katherine I love his determination in his attempt to win Katherine over even when she delivers devastating information which rocks him to the core Somehow three words let him know what he missed and what he wants in the future But Twisted (LOST, underneath all the bravado is just a guy trying to protect charm and win his girl s heartWhat I singularly love most about the three books in The Love Bug Series is how each time line is close together giving the readers the opportunity to see some scenes from than one point of view It adds greater depth andnderstanding to pivotal plot lines which makes this a truly 5 star seriesarc received courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review Arc copy received in exchange for an honest review Hornets Nest is book 3 of the wonderful Love Bug series and as such it needs to be read as part of the series to achieve full benefits nderstanding Ford starts the book cleverly interweaving this novel with her previous books in the series At the point where Jordan MC from book 1 has been with her previous books in the series At the point where Jordan MC from book 1 has been Katherine arrives at the Blue Ridge Mountains to help with the search party This is where the perpetual player Lance first lays his eyes on Katherine looses his heart forever Unfortunately for Lance his reputation proceeds him but makes trying to win Katherine around a welcomed challenge one he s not sed toLance who is known as the gorgeous green eyed player becomes tamed by the auburn haired beauty that is Katherine After a boozy night celebrating at their best friends wedding Katherine can no longer resist her attraction to Lance happily spends a hot night with her favourite cowboy One night that s all it takes to change the course of their lives forever Lance is determined to show her he s a changed man and sets out an action plan to prove himself to her A year on from their passionate night Lance moves to the big city after he s re trained as an accountantThis is really where their true journey begins Fate insecurities missed opportunities office politics misunderstandings all play a part in their journey of self discovery with a few shocks thrown in for good measure It s another well written heart warming tale of true love winning overcoming adversity It s definitely going to be another BIG hit for Jaycee Ford These gorgeous cowboy s Ford can do no wrong Favorite otes I was obsessed Lance Walton was obsessed with a woman Hell had frozen over I pulled out of the kiss and stared at him For the first time in my life I felt complete I was in love with this man I wanted to always remember this moment because I was petrified this would be our last My ReviewI adore Jaycee Ford I nominate her to be exalted as a Writing Goddess and suggest her computer be converted into an altar At this altar I vow to leave her offerings of Victoria s Secret gift cards chocolates and beer in hopes she would then w FIVE SHE MAKES ME WEAK STARSI have been a fan of Jaycee Ford s since I picked p her debut novel Watching Fireflies I ve been consistently impressed and entertained with the A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing uality of her writing Her stories are full of From the moment she knocked on his best friend’s door Christmas morning Winning over this city girl is a mountain of a task for any country boy but Lance isp to the challenge He never expected the morning he left her naked at The Inn would be the last time he would see herIn the aftermath of her bad decisions. Hornets Nest Love Bug #3Hat sweetnees that rush of new love that excitement when you meet that special someone She s such a descriptive author I felt everything along each of these couples journies Her books are always a pleasure to read and I ve enjoyed every single one so far Really though what s not to love about some sexy romantic country boy cowboys Hornet s Nest is the third book in the Love Bug series This book features notorious womanizer Lance Walton and intessential city girl Katherine Klein Their attraction was immediate although Katherine tried to fight it hard They watched their four best friends pair off and find their happily ever afters and they were left on the sidelines both wanting what the other two couples had and hoping to find it in each other Oh God I m going to fall so hardLance did a lot of growing p in this book It was necessary for him to feel worthy of Katherine I think just how much he grew Tewasnya Dewa Iblis Awan Api (Long Hu Men The Next Level 01) up surprised her in a good way but she had a hard time trusting it Through a series of misunderstandings and miscommunications these two part and do not have any contact for nearly a year Lance took this time to focus his life and lay the groundwork of his future so that he could go after his girl And go after her he did All I have ever wanted was you Their story wasn t all smooth sailing There were bumps There were bruises There was manipulation and interference But Lance and Katherine never lost sight of the fact that each truly wanted the other They held on to that and they persevered How the hell was I going to do this CowboypI truly enjoyed Lance Katherine s story I ve enjoyed the entire series so far This book this series is a definite recommend and Jaycee Ford is an auto buy author for me It has been a pleasure watching Jaycee s talent grow and flourish throughout this series and I m excited to see it continue ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review First there was Tom Jordan than Paul Ellie came along and now we have Lance and Katherine All six of them became best of the best Jaycee this Love Bug series is a beautiful roller coaster ride full of intrigues misunderstandings laughter and tears I got to know Jaycee through Wattpad and from the very first line of reading Watching Fireflies her first Love Bug novel I fell in love with her stories They are all so well written with each and every book leaves you longing for the next oneHornet s Nest the third novel in this series is a sweet love story between Lance and Katherine Lance a country boy that loves having women by his side or should I say in his bed whilst Katherine a city girl that simply loves her life Lance got to know Katherine through Jordan and from there their story starts to build p lance their story starts to build p Lance Katherine but she will do her very best to keep her heart away from Lance as she always believed if she gives her heart to him he will badly crash it down for her Lance wanted desperately to be part of her life Will he change for her and prove how wrong she has been towards him Who knows What will happen when he finds out the secret she kept From Him Will It Be him Will it be painful for him to handle and run away or will he move closer towards her than ever before Will Lance come to her rescue when she really needs it or will someone else take his placeThey watched their friends tying the knot and now they wonder IF the day will come for them as well and settle down Will they find their happy ending together and tie the knot once and for all I strongly believe that one has to read the first and second Love Bug novels to truly appreciate the third one They definitely complement each other I totally recommend not just this novel but all of the Love Bug series I can assure you that you won t be let downAn Arc was supplied to me by the author for an honest review When I read Jaycee Ford s exceptional Dragonfly Awakening I was immediately addicted this series I was excited for Lance s book given the role Very touching story worth reading Suitable for those who loves romance. Katherine returns to the city Haunted by what they shared and all she lost she vows to never return to the country But the country finds her Chance Encounter unexpectedly when Lance showsp in the most nlikely place But does he have the country boy charm to break through the walls of her heart and outshine the big city competiti. ,