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E with recently to forward on to "Someone Else As A Gift Of Appreciation "else as a gift of appreciation one of the family s many children and I was given permission to read the book before passing it along since my habits at devouring books including books on personality is well known 1 At any rate I found that this book was broadly similar to other personality tests specially the animal personality test popularized by Dr Gary Smalley and that it was not uite as original and ground breaking as the author was trying to pass itself off as As in many cases this is a book that it would have been asier to approve of had the author been less sweeping in his claims But he wasn t so it isn tThe book itself is about 300 pages long or so and is divided into four parts After a foreword preface and interaction that try to hype up the author and his material the first part deals with personality theory I and looks at the fundamentals of personality 1 the modestly titled Hartman Personality Profile 2 the supposed magic of motive that this profile is supposed to uncover 3 and personality in perspective 4 The second part of the book looks at the color types of veryone lse II by cycling its way 4 The second part of the book looks at the color types of veryone lse II by cycling its way power hungry reds 5 do gooder blues 6 peacekeeping whites 7 fun loving yellows 8 secondary colors 9 and what makes us hot or not in dating based on one s color profile 10 The third part of the book tries to connect the reader with veryone lse III starting with red 11 blue 12 white and yellow 13 and complicated relationship building 14 The fourth and final part of the book looks at applications IV including business 15 ducation 16 and a discussion of character regardless of color type 17 after which the book concludes with some very salesy uestions and answers as well as an afterward and index There are at least a few ways that this book provides some information but not as much insight as the author seems to think For one the author appears overly interested in ngaging in negative attacks on the MBTI which has some details that this book does not include In addition the author does not do a good job at acknowledging his debt to Dr Smalley whose four animal types are almost if not ntirely identical to the author s conception of power wielding red lions busy do gooders blue beavers gentle peace lovers white golden retrievers and fun loving people yellow otters having to learn how to get along At some points as well the author seems to be promoting immoral and ungodlly behavior seeming to constantly advice people to divorce others if they are in love with someone A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, else acting as if the abandonment of one s covenant oaths of marriage is a brave decision made with integrity The author clearly doesn t speak with a great deal of moral character in such areas and it is also unseemly when he tries to promote his future books as well as his consulting business as ways of increasing his own bottom line by using this book as a marketingffort as well as an attempt to promote a supposedly original and groundbreaking personality test This book as a result has the feel of someone trying to sell too much when one would trust the author if he was honest and less pushy about it1 See for The Shadow Reader example This book is so much fun My very red husband read it and was criticizing it saying that it can t possibly pinpointvery individual He then read Hartman s words about red personality types who would be skeptical of the book and he realized that red pinpoints his personality to perfection We both learned so much about our personality types our relationship with Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies each other our relationships with others and about what we can do to improve our lives What a great book I would highly recommend it toveryone It is a delight to study and it makes you want to hand the test to veryone you know so you can find ou. Place and personal relationships As an author psychologist and leadership coach Dr Hartman offers a remarkably astute system for segmenting veryone into specific Motive types denoted by a color Red power wielders Blue do gooders White peacekeepers and Yellow fun lovers He then xplains how to. T what color they are and why they do the things they do "I like the idea of making this book reuired reading for veryone who "like the idea of making this book reuired reading for veryone who with humanity You have to remember this is just one theory on motivation and personality It has many similarities to other psychological theories just uses colors to describe the personality types i can see a lot of truth I can see a lot of truth it but I can also see some of the truth in Freud but it doesn t mean it s all true Perhaps I need to read it carefully but the applications he suggested didn t seem to motivate me to change This book came highly recommended to me but I have to say I was underwhelmed The basic premise is that veryone s personality can be defined by a uniue combination of 4 innate motivations Hartman also argues that you are born with your personality and while you may be able to make small changes throughout your life your core personality and motivations do not and can not change This premise in my opinion is a gross oversimplification of peopleYes it was interesting to read about the basic personality types or colors as he classifies them and I could relate to some of my color s characteristics but I can t help but resist the idea that my whole identity was determined at birth and I m powerless to affect it It was not a bad read and it was interesting to identify color types among people I know However it is of course not 100% accurate for anyone and I was left just a bit underwhelmed Extremely interesting and insightful I think veryone should have to read this It is a wonderful guide to improving yourself and your relationships with other people specially with those who are a little difficult to understand Highly recommend Jyl recommended this book to me when I was at a loss for how to describe my daughter s personality and why I think she s so difficult I ve been trying to figure her out for The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right eight years trying to figure out how to successfully parent this child of mine whose behavior I find baffling on a regular basisThe first step was to figure out my core personality I found out that I had already taken the online personality profile wwwcolorcodecom years ago I m 60% blue motivated by intimacy and 26% white motivated by peace no surprise and 19% red motivated by power hahaNext was the challenge of analyzing Ruby s personality to determine her core motive Ruby s results revealed that she is approximately 42% yellow and 37% red I love that this book provides detailed information aboutach core personality and critically Do s and Don ts for developing a positive connection with Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling each color I need to take some detailed notes and I ll need to remind myself to try some different techniues in order to successfully connect with and motivate my personality opposite daughterI couldn t leave Ellie out I did her analysis too She s roughly 40% blue 24% yellow and 22% white Now I wantveryone I know to tell me what color they are I find this all totally fascinating This book is about the People Code There are 4 color codes Red power Blue intimacy Yellow fun and White peace This collectively is known as the color code or people code Each person is born with one of these colors Dr Hartman talks about strengths and limitations of Monsieur Pain each code How to talk toach person and how these color codes are interconnected Each person is born with hisher own color code and it does not change Dr Hartman also talks about the paradigm of Passion Character and Peronality Each personality type has a role to play

"in society and "
society and colors are interconnected This book talks about life as series of mountains to climb and how best to do this in this world This book is insightful and gives a lot of tips on dealing with different personiality types and how they function in the world This book should be on very leader s bookshelf. Ensure that all possible alliances between them function at optimum ffectiveness If you struggle with self acceptance and have uestions about why you and others act the way you do Dr Hartman and The People Code can help you maximize your life success by improving your day to day relationship. What an accurate and insightful read After taking the test we discovered our whole family consisted of only two colors As I read through the chapters so much became clear about our personalities motives and relationships The central idea in The People Code is that very person is uniue but we all have similar core motives These motives help us to understand who we are and why we act the way we do This motives also help us to connect with others and their uniue traits Our motives also help determine our positive and negative attributes By understanding these attributes we can learn how to be ffective in our life pursuits and we can also learn how to ffectively collaborate with "others The word core was used freuently in The People Code This is "The word core was used freuently in The People Code This is the author freuently states that our personalities are our core and can t be changed Although they can be added upon This can be done by building and working on good habits and attributes from other colors When a person accepts there core personality they can live in harmony with their natural tendencies and become much ffective in life I really Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. enjoyed learning about the people around me and how to use my uniue personality to bring out the best in people I am a blue personality and am thereforemotional involved when making a decision Recently I was working with a good friend of mine who happens to have a red personality less Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 emotional involved Because I understood my friends personality I knew how to collaborate in anffective way and get the most out of our project I truly would recommend this book to my friends The People Code by Dr Taylor Hartman is a mixed bag of good and badThroughout the first part of the book it helps people understand themselves through identifying a person by one of four colors red blue white or yellow Throughout the remainder of the book it talks through the four personalities weaknesses strengths and how they interact with one another in both constructive and destructive waysIt s uite cool how Hartman was able to categorize so many people in just four groups and for most people it is very ffective at xplaining their behavior and motives and it can be uite Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, eerie how accurate some of these readings may be Hartman rarely talks about filters and charactered colors which is actually uite a disapointment as these are probably the most nitty gritty of any of the topics he covers Using these filters and charactered colors you canxplain how different distinct personalities are created and can completely satisfy the itch that Hartman creates by telling you your color but never fully Il morto di Maigret explains completely why you are that color and never really satisfies that craving you desire to be able to simultaneously understand yourself andveryone lse completelyIn sum The People Code is a wonderful book to introduce you into understanding you and others you interact with but it is by no introduce you into understanding you and others you interact with but it is by no comprehensive In addition it has some controversial ideas that readers may chafe at and doesn t fully cover some very interesting topics that deserve a follow up Truly what this book truly needs is to go out and interview people out on the street take that data back and perhaps reevaluate some of the theses because many of these ideas just seem to be part of a system developed by one man to try and simplify people to be as simple as possibleThis is a good book and would definitely recommend but it would be wise to take it with a grain of salt This book reminds me of one of those sketchy late night infomercials where an orange fake tanned spokesman with an ually fake smile attempts to oversell a product that promises to be very useful but where one cannot help but shake the feeling that it is not uite as useful as claimed This book was given to me by some friends that I was spending tim. In his life changing book Dr Taylor Hartman introduces you to the People Code and why people do what they do The concept of Motive is a fresh method for analyzing your own innate personality as well as that of those around you You then have the ability to utilize that knowledge to improve work.

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The People Code It's All About Your Innate Motive