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The relationship builds slowly through small moments f herding sheep cooking dinner and Newborn Daddy offering comfort so the falling in love is utterly believable TWO It s really really funny Hank is the narrator and he is initially infuriatingly clueless see 21% status update but also insanely sweet He tries to resist Elliot he doesn t want to fish so close to home but his cock gets the betterf him One Diary of a Domestic Goddess of the things I love about gay sex There is no umming and ahhing Not really Of course things can playut whichever way you like but in my experience it was do you want to yes please great let s strip THREE It s sensual and steamy in all the right ways There is fondling kissing and plenty Bayou Dreams of slow burn yumminess and mann man action I can t wait until you re healedand can throw me down like Snowbound with Her Hero onef your sheep again FOUR The secondary characters are just right from Middy Hank s shy best friend to Neil the gossip monger to Murray and Jimmie Hank s hilarious gay uncles FIVE Best damn HEA I fuckin introduced you to my dad for heaven s sakeI punched my best friend s brother for calling you names I snuck around town like a fuckin thief just to hold you at night so you could sleepI gave you a lamb to name I m planning Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, on buying you a couple fuckin chooks so you ll stay What partf that doesn t say I love you SIX Australia as brought to you by Because There s never a wrong time for Hugh Jackman Finally it s fficial I am no longer the last sad fucker n my friends list who hasn t read this book FistPumpI was initially worried that the book wouldn t live up to all Her Man From Shilo of the crazy hype and it actually was a bit different than I expected but definitely not in a bad wayMy expectation was that the whole shearing gun aspectf the book was some type The Agents Secret Past (Military Investigations offficial competition circuit which it really wasn t Instead it was just a bunch Champagne with a Celebrity of really fast sheep shearers who got hired by various local farmers to help shear their sheep but they did keep scoref who sheered the most sheep in a given time period So there weren t any actual trophies and suchOur tall toned and country hero Hank is 25 and Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, owns a relatively small sheep farm in the middlef nowhere Western Australia He was thrown The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer out a few years back when his embarrassed father finds his gay porn stash so he moved away to begin a closeted small town lifef his Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, ownHe never fishes in hiswn pond which reuires that he ccasionally drives 3 hours to Perth when he has an itch to scratch because it s both easy and uncomplicated But Hank never saw the town s cute new young doctor Elliot coming when they meet after Hank s collar bone is broken during a weekend footie matchI liked how there was no insta love here thank fuck instead Elliot gets caught semi *Non Discretely Checking Hank *discretely checking Hank then goes to Hank s farm to apologize and they become friends Slow burn people Slow burn Mmmmm my favorite Hank s biggest fear is to be uted and lose his livelihood and therefore his farm but he also has a deep seeded desire to be loved which eventually wins Mustang Wild (Wild, outver fearI also really liked how unlike so Many Other Closeted MC other closeted MC Hank didn t throw Elliot under the bus when his closet door slowly began to come unhinged That was very refreshing Instead Hank puts The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea on his big boy panties and fights literally for his man when the arseholes start arseholin Another difference in this story is that there was never a reuisite breakup scene Instead there was a major conflict at the endf the book was a life threatening event that pulled both main characters and their feelings for A PHYSICAL AFFAIR one another firmlyut f the closetAhhhhhh the scene where feelings are spoken Sooooo goodview spoiler Hank I love you Elliot I ve loved you for ages Of course my heart is involved I fuckin introduced you to my dad for heaven s sake Why would I do that if I didn t love you I punched my best friend s brother for calling you names I snuck around town like a fuckin thief just to hold you at night so you could get some sleep I got tested and told Doc Larsen I was gay and that was not the easiest bloody conversation in the world I gave you a lamb to name I m planning n buying you a couple Brief Lives of fuckin chooks chickens so you ll stay What partf that doesn t say I love you ElliotHe was speechless for a moment before smiling and saying Chooks Really You re going to buy me some chooks Of course he had to pick up Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas on the least important bitf information I love you Henry Woods I grinned and pulled his head down to mine so I could taste the words Condor on his lips Now why would someone as cute and as smart as you go and do a dumb thing like fall in love with a woolly headed shearer He smiled lovingly I couldn t help myself Nother man has ever given me a lamb to name Deception or started a fightver me I was attracted to the Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß outsidef the man from the start but The Bride in Blue once I got to know the inside then it was too late I ve known for ages Hank that you re the man for me. S sexuality was revealed and since none would ever hire a gay shearer Hank has remained firmly closeted ever since Elliot is the newbie doctor in town city born and somewhat shell shocked from his transplant to the country When a football injury brings Hank to Elliot’s attention an ,

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Hide spoiler 425 StarsWell this was yet another case The Life Lucy Knew of judging *a book by it s blurb The whole shearing thing kindf turned me The Lone Sheriff offf this ne to begin with *book by it s blurb The whole shearing thing kind f turned me The Troublesome Angel offf this Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: Dev Driver Win Driver Fou_p1 eBook: Penny Orwick, Guy Smith: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. one to begin with again I was proven wrong as thisne turned The Desert Princes Proposal out to be a really enjoyable read Was it a bit too farm y I know that s not a word Perhaps yes I got a bit lost at times with allf the farming lingo and whatnot I mean there was a glossary The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho of terms at the beginningf the book But despite all The Million-Dollar Question of that Hank really won mever Don t get me wrong I liked uackle toobut without his POV I wasn t as connected to him I guess Still this ne was super sweet It was a slow build with some nice steam in the middle with not much towards the end Very low angst Several LOL moments I pretty much smiled like a loon the whole time I was reading this neOne thing I was really disappointed by was the fact that Hank s whole cherry popping scene was completely skipped The Book of Pride over He decides to bottom and we don t even get the deets 45 STARSHank is a twenty five yearsld young man who lives in Dumbleyung a small town in Australia He s a shearer a good The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) one and a farmer Hank is gay but he s in the closetnly a few people knowing about his sexuality He doesn t came The Counts Blackmail Bargain out because he thinks none will hire a ueer shearer He lives alone for five years since his father throw him Conscious out now having a cordial relationship with him Elliot is the new doctor in the rural town He moved in Dumbleyung signing a government contract he works in the rural areasf Australia and the government supports him through school He doesn t have any family in the small town and he feels he s an utsider in the community Elliot is in the closet too but nly in this small town because he doesn t want to be judgedHank and Elliot meet each Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, other when Hank is injured playing football and he needs a doctor They become friends when Elliot is kinda unprofessional and he pays Hank a visit to apologize Hank and Elliot start to spend their free time with eachther knowing each Violentology other betterSoon they start to spend some hot time together having a friends with benefits relationship not a realne Shortly after they fall for each Run Forever other both being worried they need eachther and What a great story It was everything I expected and wanted to be funny sexy with a great developed story and lovable characters I can say for sure this is my favorite book by this authorReading the prologue I was hooked immediately a doctor and a shearer both gay both in the closet in some way with a great setting like rural AustraliaYep I m in Reading a story with a setting like this and with a character who is a shearer was a first for me I expected to enjoy it because I m *familiar with this author working but i didn *with this author working but I didn expected to love it I even enjoyed all the farm talk Being a city girl for me was refreshing and interesting I actually learn Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle one thingr two about life n a farmThe storyline was fantastic kept my interest for the entire time When I finished this I truly wanted
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story is told from Hank POV which I didn t liked too much because I really really wanted Elliot s POV too There were than a few times when I wanted to read what Elliot is thinking and feeling Both main characters are well developed through the entire story I loved both Hank and Elliot Hank is such a funny guy and his inner monologues are just terrific He cares about his town he s sweet with Elliot and he s a hardworking guy Elliot is cute funny smart pen and he s a decent person He also is a great friend He doesn t even know Hank at the beginning but he wants to help him with his farm With a big heart he doesn t care First Night Memories (Rot Ruin, only for Hank he cares for all the community He s such a good guy I loved and I smiled every time Elliot blushed You can imagine whyI really liked their relationship as friends and I loved their relationship as lovers They comfort eachther they help each ther they care for each ther Their relationship evolved slow and easy which I really liked and nothing felt rushed Everything progressed natural and felt real Their banter is fantastic fun and entertaining The side characters are not too many and I enjoyed reading about all The Shadowhunters Codex of them and I even wanted to know about a fewf them I loved all the sexy moments between Hank and Elliot They are hot sexy sometimes intense and enough detailed If you want a good mm story funny sexy low in angst with endearing characters great storyline and fantastic writing I really recommend this The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs one Favorite uotes Like a freight train the knowledge that I wanted to suck his dick and virtually everyther dick in my immediate vicinity hit me I wanted dick I liked dick I was gay Hank I d seen you a couple Damnable Grace: Hades Hangmen Series, Book 5 of times around town before you came into my surgery Hank I d seen I d liked I d dreamed Elliot Oh thank you JesusIf Elliot thought that it was Jesus between his thighs then he had a holy epiphany about to happen Han. Nappropriate sexual glance and the stuttered apology afterward kickstarts their friendship Romance and love soon blossom but it’s hard for eitherf them to hope for anything permanent As if the constant threat f being caught isn’t enough Elliot’s contract runs ut after nly a ye. The Shearing GunRe read Sept 2015 Loved it even the second time Such a wonderful bookThere is NO possible way I could have loved this Bravo bravo It gets all the bestest shelves and the romance shelf to boot Loved it Recommended 35In this book you will find ne hot farmer Play Something Dancy one hot doctor and a shitloadf sheepYou ll also find an uncommon setting sheep farming Really an awesome lesson in Australian vocabulary there s a glossary included you ll need it and an almost angst free plot Like Kaye s Stella other books there s a lotf humor and a great set Phoebe and Her Unicorn Activity Book of supporting characters Onef my favorites is Neil a friend f Hank s the aforementioned hot farmer who upon discovering Hank s sexuality saysI mean why the hell didn t you say anything It s likeIt s likeI dunnohiding who you are It s like lying to your friends Hank It s like saying you go for the Eagles but you re really an Essendon fan and you never told anyone It s like saying you were born in Australia but you *re really from New Zealand Shit You re not a Kiwi as *really from New Zealand Shit You re not a Kiwi as Re read January 2019Still such an epic read I was hesitant to start this I figured it would be a bit boring I mean sheep shearingBut I adored this book I fell in love with Hank and ElliotThis is a book about Hank a shearing gun and Elliot the town doctor Set in the rural town f Dumbleyung Australia I completely fell in love with Hank He was so sweet Not Unstoppable (Tracers, oneunce The Moon and the Thorn of him ever thoughtf hurting Elliot even unintentionally And Elliot was simply too cute for words I wanted to hug these guys and feed them cookies This was such a feel good book No crazy misunderstandings r angry sex to get the story goingThese guys started ut as friends and remained friends even after they learned they were both gay Hank s nr 1 rule was no fishing in his The Schooled Society own backyard Butf course Elliot was too cute and sexy to resist I loved the fact that there was no insta love But besides all the wonderful things there was Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography one thing that bothered me We learn that Hank has never bottomed in his life He and Elliot made a deal Hank would bottom if he sheared than 400 sheep that day But right when I was cheering for Hank and getting ready for this epic bottoming scene it gets skipped Yes you read it right we did not get to read about Hank finding his inner bottom I still don t understand why anyone would build up to this and not include it in the story But I eventually gotver my disappointment and added this ne to my favorites shelf 35 stars Hank he asked as I urged him to get back under the covers Yeah mate I like you I swallowed and tried to hide my smile I like you too *mate Now get into bed He bediently put his feet in the bed and I *Now get into bed He bediently put his feet in the bed and I up the covers Hank Yeah mate I mean
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really like you don t know what s happening It s like MM romance s got a hold n me See I was eagerly planning to start Under My Skin which has created some hype around the community lately but it s like The Shearing Gun was calling for me And I couldn tresist thinking how adorable MM romances usually are and what a great time I could spend with this book when I couldn t know for sure for the Oxford Examined other titleAnd it was a lovely storyFirstf all you should be aware that sheep shearing is i Audio5 Stars Story5 Stars Loved it Sweet sexy low angst feel good story I m blown away by how much I loved this book It was everything I wanted it to be and The characters were so amazing and I fell in love with them instantly They had great chemistry and I liked the fact they became friends first and from there it grew Hank and uackle lol you ll have to read the book to find Einsteins Generation out about that were so sweet and cute together I did worry about liking them together for the first couplef chapters but Engendering Song once they started spending time together and they got to know eachther better I knew I would love them I knew why Elliot uackle got annoyed view spoilerwhen Hank didn t tell him he was gay hide spoiler Prepare for closeted shearing guns country doctors nicknamed uackle by their teasing boyfriends good Come Hell or High Water ol blokes who break your collarbone by sittingn it best friends who knew all along homophobic fathers who come around sheep named Lily and the best uncles in the world certainly in all The Great Railway Bazaar of Australia I love Kaye s work Her writing is always consistent with prose that flows well and draws you right in I will never forget Jay But The Shearing Gun is my favoritef Kaye s books thus far And this is whyONE It s hugely romantic Hank who gets down and dirty Rue Marquis De Sade on his ranch and shears sheepn the side and Elliot a slightly awkward dedicated doctor with a trust fund are an unlikely couple Both are in the closet Hank since always and Elliot since moving to the country but Elliot accidentally Five Farthings outs himself to Hank when hegles his naked chest in the exam room Hank doesn t even think much My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, of Elliot when he first meets the new doc but their tentative friendship lights a spark that turns into a raging fire. At twenty five Hankwns a small parcel Historias de cronopios y de famas of land in Australia’s rural southwest where he supplements his income from the property with seasonal shearing Hank is a “shearing gun” an ace shearer able to shear large numbersf sheep in a single day His Pope Francis own father kicked himut when hi. ,