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Don t you just LOVE the cover Passionate Love StoryI was soooo excited to read this and it DID not disappoint le sigh I love historical romances for the passion the angst the desires the intensity the Hero and heroine feel you know you are reading a reat author when you can FEEL every emotion through the pages and Brownwen Evans does exactly that In this 3rd installment in the Invitation To Series You Are Introduced To Richard And Madeline Maddy series you are introduced to Richard and Madeline Maddy have known each other for many years Circumstances have Maddy saving Richard s arse and that in turn ends them up together As we know how critical and judgemental the ton can be and women cannot be caught in compromising positions without risking ruination I LOVE that word And alas Richard and Maddy embark on uite a journey of passion angst realization and drama of course no Les Innocents good historical romance could be without drama And it was of the delicious wickedest kind We see someone FINALLYet what was coming to them And another seemingly sane person not so saneI DEVOURED this in one afternoon Tears and Smiles Well worth the time and priceLooking forward to the next book from this very talented author She is an automatic one click for me Lord Richard is heartbroken when he loses the woman he loves to an arranged marriage to an evil man Desperate to be with Sarah he finds himself in a compromising position and the only one able to save him is Maddy who has had a crush on him for years Richard is now being forced to marry a I Was A Stranger girl he views as his sister than a wife I loved this book the story is exciting and fast paced and even though it takes Richard some time to figure things out I do like him Maddy was a bit na ve but she knew what she wanted Richard Great characters with lots of romance and danger a wonderful read to escape into Enjoy Ms Evans does it again I was raised on historical romance novels and it is still my favorite subgenre Give me the ballowns mansions lords and ladies and I m a happy woman But ive me a marriage of convenience between the hero and heroine and I m practically iddyThat s how I felt when I began reading Invitation to Passion by Bronwen Evans and I just The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States got happier and The Honorable Richard John Craven handsome white knight to damsels in distress and rake is watching his life turn upside down He is not sure what true love is and if he is capable of the feelingMadeline Knight sister of Viscount Strath is strong loving compassionate loyal and lonely She has only known life in the country and the censure of society as the daughter of a supposed traitor to the crown Regarding marriage she knows she wants a man to love that loves her totally and completely and wishes that man is RichardRichard and Madeline have a wonderfully uniue relationship they are friends and have been corresponding for six years Because of a shallow manipulation they find themselves married both bringing their insecurities with them Their road to love is filled with murder investigations ex lover manipulations fire lies and betrayal danger abductions and a flaming passion neither of them knew their friendship help With her usual style humor and brilliant characters we are on a wonderful journey of emotional discovery where the heroine must convince our hero he is worthy of her love We see the white knight rescued by her strong love Ms Evans brings the hero s into the open withrace and leaves you cheering as he comes to believe in himself and his capacity to really love another Throughout the story Madeline is steadfast in her love of Richard but her youth and secluded upbringing add a vulnerability to the journey The characters that support Richard and Madeline love are charming and in depth and add layers of emotion I enjoyedThe subplot that pulls the story together has excellent villains The shallow spoiled and spitefulness of these characters keep you turning the pages to see evil overturned by ood and loveI am a fan of Ms Evans writing and was not disappointed I recommend this and her other stories wholeheartedly I missed the book before this in the series but will be oing back to read it Once again well done Ms EvansI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review This was the first Invitation To book I ve read I ve read the Disgraced Lords series from this author and am in love with her work So I read this one and fell in love I seriously need to o back and read the rest This is one crazy powerful suspenseful series This book is fantastic There is a difference between loving me and being in love with me This book is so emotional It made me smile and I for real cried It wa. Consummate rake Richard Craven has his heart broken when the woman he loves is forced into an arranged marriage to a violent brute To make matters worse circumstances force him to marry Lady Madeline Knight a woman he views like a sister only for fate to play the cruelest of tricks Shortly after his wedding his former lover is widowed and Richard learns. Invitation to PassionE uestion true love and is it possible He comes to love Maddy so much that he constantly uestions whether his love for her is enough Maddy is not the only one to be in love for the first time For Richard his history of superficial relationships in the past where he thought he was in love make him doubt his capacity for the real thing when he has it It s up to Maddy to show him the wayI really enjoyed the easy banter between the characters Maddy s openness with Richard was refreshing in the way she really could and often did ask him about anything Richard s attempts to always answer honestly even when the subject was something to always answer honestly even when the subject was something young Society lady should know nothing about were very amusing I really liked that they had such a strong physical chemistry to match their emotional one Sarah was definitely set up to be a bad irl but just how bad was the uestion running through the story and kept her interesting This is the third in a series and can be read as a standalone like I did but the ending was a bit murky although completely resolved with the sudden appearance and reference to characters and incidents in the previous books I look forward to reading those two now as wellThis a wonderful read for those who are interested in a Regency romance that offers than a series of misunderstandingsI received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review Madeline Knight has been in love with Lord Richard Craven for years but Richard has had his eyes set on the now married Sarah and even though she is married Richard has no ualms about having a liaison with her Madeline and Richard have been best friends since the time the now twenty one year old was thirteen Richard and Rufus Madeline s older brother have been friends and since Rufus was away clearing his father s name of treason he had nothing to say about the odd relationship between his sister and his friendRufus is having a party for his sister It s time for the sheltered Madeline to open up a bit and begin to feel out her prospects While at her party Richard whisks the well married Sarah off to an empty room with amorous intentions for his ex lover When Sarah s cruel husband seeks out the pair knowing they must have an affair oing on Madeline jumps in to save Richard from being called out but in turn ends up being compromised publicly Rufus insists on a wedding between his sister and his friend to save face and Madeline s faltering reputation Maddy feels she has trapped Richard into a marriage he didn t want but the time they spend in each other s company the the marriage feels right to Richard Maddy needs convincing because even though Richard makes her feel like a treasured wife when they are alone she also feels like the third wheel when Sarah is around When Sarah s husband dies in an apparent hunting accident Madeline is unimaginably distressed that through her own fault Richard is not with the woman he truly loves but with the friend he had to settle for When Sarah s husband s so called accident turns into an apparent murder Richard and his brother Anthony set out to find out who the culprit is In the meantimean old enemies appears and worms its way into the brother s lives carefully planning reckoning for the death of the enemy s loved one Time may be running out for Richard to save his wife from evil s hands and prove to her that she is all he really wants and needsINVITATION TO PASSION by Bronwen Evans is a face paced thrill of a ride Lord Richard Craven has been put on on a pedestal by the naive Madeline from a young age but with agecomes wisdom Although a rake Richard is a ood man who promises to never intentionally hurt his Maddy but intentions fall short sometimes The couple must work through their issues if only outside forces weren t always against them This third installment of the INVITATION TO series is a strong story with passionate budding romance Bronwen Evans has cemented her place as one of my favorite authors and I eagerly await each and every word she puts to pen I strongly recommend INVITATION TO PASSION as it is a wonderful bookKIMBERLY I am really loving this series One of my favorite things about this book is the Heroine She had to Moonrise (Snowfall, grow up fast in her young life Her maturity and strength at such a young age helped heret through the difficult things that happened to her in this book I love how every book in this series carries on the story with each book To be able to revisit the characters from the other books and see how their lives are oing and how their families are rowing It is almost like checking in with old friends I can t wait to see what happens in the next boo. E is not an option For if she fails she loses everything she loves him too much not to set him free While Richard and Madeline confront the reality of their marriage Madeline's life comes under threat A family enemy is set on revenge Will Richard learn the truth of his heart and what is truly precious to him before the unknown enemy destroys their world.

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S so beautiful and well written Not to mention it was sexy Primal awareness shimmered through Maddy as he began Not to mention it was sexy Primal awareness shimmered through Maddy as he began sensuous assault all over again You ll fan yourself you ll ride the rollercoaster of emotion It doesn t matter if you haven t read the rest of the series This book can be stand alone and still fill you in I m in love with this author She has uickly risen to my top 10 faves whoa I loved this historical romance Maddy and Richard were so easy to fall in love with because each had their own set of flaws that made them human in my eyes Richard is this wonderful hero who doesn t know his own heart and never discovered what love really eyes Richard is this wonderful hero who t know his own heart and never discovered what love really meant Maddy came along and taught him Romance Intrigue and so much 5 stars I can t wait for the next one as this was my first invitation book as well I will need to Hello, Snow! go back and read the others because I also fell in love with the other characters such as Rufus Anthony Melissa and Rhedda A Myrt s ReviewInvitation to Passion My Lord s by Bronwen EvansThe Course of True LoveMadeline Knight thought she was helping her long time friend Richard Craven from being found in a compromising situation with married lady Sarah Wrentham only to end up compromising herself and being uickly married off to Richard in a matter of daysMaddy and Richard have been friends for years ever since he rescued her at 13 from bullies He has always been her hero and as sherew older her secret crush However she never expected to actually marry the dashing ladies man Richard thinks of Maddy as a little sister in fact the little sister of one of his closest friends He is in love with Sarah who had been forced to marry another man He never expected to marry his sweet friend MaddyWhile Maddy was A Little Dinner Before the Play growing up her brother Rufus had relentlessly worked to redeem the family name from years of disgrace by proving their late father had been falsely accused of treason During that time Richard had filled the void left in Maddy s life by befriending her and exchanging in a regular correspondence with her over the years setting the foundation for a deep friendshipMaddy had hoped to marry for love and despite her feelings for Richard she hoped to marry a man who loved her back Maddy knows Richard is in love with Sarah and doesn t want to force him into a loveless marriage Richard doesn t want to see his dear friend ruined in Society because of his selfish actions and wants do the right thing by her so he insists they marryWhen Richard really looks at Maddy as his prospective wife he stops seeing her as a little sister and sees the beautiful young woman she has become One of the best things in the book is the open and honest friendship the two have and how Maddy has always been able to ask Richard about anything over the years and he has alwaysiven her the respect of an honest answer As they discuss their marriage and what they want it to be they agree they want to maintain their special friendship and they both acknowledge they want than a marriage of convenience Maddy asks only that Richard continue to be completely honest with her and when he takes a mistress as she assumes he will eventually that he tell her Richard wants to tell her that this would never happen but he doesn t know if he can trust himself and instead promises her he will always be honest with herOne of Ms Evans strong suit is the intimate and passionate love scenes she writes Her heroines usually have a wedding night that virtually sets the reader s own room on fire and Maddy is no exception Her and Richard s first night together starts their new life off with figurative fireworks for both of them and helps to solidify their new relationship It also deepens Richard s resolve to always make sure Maddy is happy in their marriageBut there is still Sarah whose husband manages to die in a suspicious fall from a horse while Maddy and Richard are being married Richard ends up helping the needy Sarah who is now either a murderess or a potential victim to someone after her husband s estate Sarah also makes it clear she is very much interested in continuing their previous relationship In a nice turn Richard realizes he doesn t want to be with Sarah any and keeps Maddy informed of everything that is happening with Sarah Except of course for one little tiny detailThe story continues with the mystery of Wrentham s death a suddenly supportive and handsome new friend who shows up at the right times to rescue our heroine old Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies grudges coming back to haunt and it is never aood idea to break a promise no matter how much of a Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch good idea it seemed at the timeThe biggest issue in all this for Richard is th. She could be pregnant with his child Madeline Knight thought she was doing the right thing when she saved Richard Craven from his lover's irate husband Now her silly schoolgirl crush has left her married to a man who's in love with another woman Consumed withuilt over trapping Richard she tries her best to be the perfect wife and win his heart Failur. ,