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A redemptive intentionality that pushes back against our culture s rampant transience and selfishness these are the kind of challenging yet xciting objectives that Crump presents to readers Challenging because putting these principles in action will reuire humility sacrifice and perseverance Exciting because this is an invitation to see and to take part in the unlimited redeeming power of God poured out into the brokenness around us in ways we may never have dreamed were possible As is always the case when Christ calls us to come and die there awaits us a richer fuller glorious life on the other sideOne section that I found particularly helpful was the xposition on the brutal impact of gentrification on indigenous communities Pastor Crump xplains how freuently the urban renewal of gentrification comes at the xpense of the vulnerable for the benefit the stable and mobile He laments how many Christians and churches are mbracing gentrification for the sake of the benefits they receive with no thought for the dire implications for those who are being displaced With this practice so common and so often celebrated we must soberly consider the uestion Crump confronts us with is this redemptive 148 And if not what should we do about it I found this to be one of the simplest most compelling xaminations of gentrification from a Christian perspective that I ve come across and plan on returning to it in the course of conversations about the topicRenovate is a worthwhile read for any follower of Christ and will be of particular interest to those who are seeking greater understanding of how to pursue gospel centered cultural ngagement which is rightly no small number considering the current mphases on both church planting and social justice in modern vangelicalism The uestions and conversations sparked herein promise to be stimulating likely convicting and hopefully fruitful for the glory of GodChurch planters do you really know and love the city God has called you to or are you simply infatuated with an idea of place Does your knowledge go deeper than demographics into the hearts and minds of the people you ve been sent to serve You cannot have a plan for a people you don t know 138Church leaders in discipling your people are you teaching them to see themselves as sent and to ngage redemptively in the places God has them Is your discipleship holistic nough to bring the gospel to bear on all aspects and decisions of lifeChristian how do you relate to your place Are you there only to reap the resources or also to take ownership of the problems Are you willing to leave behind transience for permanence What if God has you right where you are for a purpose a glorious REDEMPTIVE PURPOSE AND IT S TIME FOR YOU TO purpose and it s time for you to in and accept the invitation Just last night I was discussing about the increasingly A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, expensive price of homes in Singapore and how I desired to buy 2 room flats the second smallest type of public housing available but they were only reserved for those about aged 55 My friend was cautioning me about whether my wife would feel safe coming home given the demographics of the neighbours and if I would be atase letting her return aloneUsing the case study of his own city of Atlanta he proposes that we should find out the history of our cities Like Greenfield in Subversive Jesus Crump Jr intentionally uprooted his family to live in an area that was unsafe for his family to live in an area that was unsafe for family and how they persevered in spite of seemingly bleak situations He candidly shares about his mother s accounts of racial discrimination and his struggles with The Shadow Reader encountering such treatment todayGrowing up as the majority race in Singapore where thentire city state underwent concurrent third to first world development Crump Jr helped me gentrification in a whole new light not just as a theory from my human geography syllabus but the real life impact to the people undergoing it While I Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies especially appreciate thefforts to ground the book in Scripture I was not persuaded that the author is truly zealous about the cause he is writing about At least it did seem to be conveyed through the pages of the book I did not sense that the primary was one of his consuming passions Hence I give it 3 out of 5 starsI received this book from the Crown Publishing Group s Blogging for Books program for the purposes of providing an unbiased review All views are my own Renovate challenges the church to consider not just their ffect on their communities but their real motives toward their communities Speaking from much personal xperience Pastor Leonce shares what he s learned about getting to know the place you re sent to before being able to do any The Power Of A Choice effective or heartfelt ministry As page 46 says you can t make a plan for people you don t know. Himself learned the hard way after planting a church in one of the most violent areas of Atlanta Léonce and his family found that before we can preach or reach others we must first know the story of a place and its people – especially since skin color cultural norms andconomic status often isolate us than bringing us together. This book is a great telling of the tale of the work that Has Gone On In Urban gone on in urban It lays out the heart that the pastor and the church has to reach their community and gives a lot of insight into urban ministry My only complaint about this book is that it is weak on universal application to any setting The book tells theiir story but does not seek to ngage the biblical and theological underpinnings of why they do what they do so that others might apply it in their context Very inspirational account but a biography of a church than anything lse Renovate by Leonce B Crump Jr is than anything lse Renovate by Leonce B Crump Jr is great survey for the inspiration behind a specific ministry in downtown Atlanta that then branches into a call for all Christians to ually accept all people as creations of our loving and creative God The message of this book is fantastic and the vision that Crump puts forth is inspiring Crump invites his readers to The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right explore his personal history along with the ways that God has worked through him instablishing Renovation Church Unfortunately Renovate does not truly accomplish what it claims to accomplish The front cover claims to help readers change who we are by loving where we are The book then goes on to claim assistance in helping us all renovate our world and specifically our place in the world Renovate does help me gain sympathy toward the plight that faces the city of Atlanta The sketch of Atlanta and its surrounding communities grants knowledge of the need for social and spiritual renewal within that community This does not translate to the community to which I find myself very Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling easily Atlanta being a very urbannvironment with its own history contrasts sharply with the rural area in which I live There are pointers that can be taken from the book such as understanding that we all have to realize that God sends us to our place of ministry and that there is a need for people to know the history of the place to where they have been sent Renovate also offers a great reminder that we all need to reflect Christ by being incarnational Yet the book falls short in helping me translate the concepts it Monsieur Pain espouses to my placePeoplendeavoring to follow Christ in this world should still read this book though It offers great insight into a wonderful ministry It also offers a call that the ntire church needs to hear over and over again the call to uality within the body of Christ and within the world I received this book as a part of the Blogging For Books program with Multnohmah Press L once Crump has provided an xcellent resource for the church Renovate is a challenging treatment of the problem of transiency in the pursuit of transformation in communities I recently moved neighborhoods which was part of the reason for the book being so challenging A theology of place is something I will continue to xplore and chew on moving forward Crump presents very good probing uestions that the reader will benefit from wrestling through whether they arrive at the same position as Crump or not Renovate is about becoming an active part of your community It s mainly targeted at people who live in big cities The author advocates putting down roots rather than moving freuently and getting to know an area s past and present so you can ffectively impact the future Instead of coming in to do what you think needs to be done you discover what the locals want and need to help them flourish He talked about avoiding classism racism and gentrificationBut much of the book was a look at Scripture to argue that our faith should have social as well as spiritual aspects He argues that the belief that we will go to heaven has focused our fforts on saving souls while ignoring the physical world He argues that there will be a physical world after Christ returns so we should join now in God s restoration of his physical world That God will remove the infection of sin from the world and bring about a complete healing of creation While I agree that the Scriptures talk about a new heavens and a new Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. earth I understand that to mean new not just fixed up or disinfected Yet I think other verses support the idea of helping improve people s physical circumstances along with meeting their spiritual need for Christ I have put down roots and gotten to know my community I live in a rural area without a lot of diversity though I was disappointed that I didn t get much useful to my situation out of the bookI received an ARC of this book from the publisher for review purposes Excellent book on place as it applies to your faith and the building of God s Kingdom Over the past few years Leonce Crump and the team at Renovation Church have been among the most influential voices in my life and ministry Naturally I wasxcited to pick up Renovate in which Pas. God is not wiping this world away He is in the midst of renovating it Léonce Crump lead pastor of Renovation Church in the urban core of Atlanta invites you to do what God did when He wanted to make a difference in this world – move in   Whether you’re a pastor looking to plant a church a missionary preparing to serve in

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Tor Crump details their story and lays out the convictions that God has refined in them during their church planting journey in Atlanta It did not disappointCrump starts by framing this book as a challenge to the reader His goal is to bring our attention to a problem and to propose biblical practical solutions That problem is transience And for many churches and individuals putting those solutions into practice will reuire a radical reshaping of how they consider the location they call home why they re there and how they relate call home why they re there and how they
"relate the place "
the place the people they have been placed amongIn many places certainly in most major American cities transience has become the norm The uestion of where to live is a uestion of where we can best access our preferred opportunities and amenities Limitless options and unfettered mobility reign supreme when it comes to determining where we ll call home 3 As soon as the perceived costs of a place outweigh the comforts many of us are looking for a new ZIP code Crump identifies this transience not as a neutral cultural proclivity but as a serious obstacle to the mission of God In his own dire words he proclaims transience to be the obstacle standing in the way of our lives and our communities reflecting the glory of God 2 These are the stakes if I am only connected to a community to the Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 extent that it can sustain me we have a parasitic relationship and I will siphon its resources without regard to its well being 4 If this is how I relate to my community I am not a good neighbor I am falling short in reflecting the redemptive reign of King Jesus I am a leechor at best someone who is only investing in the good of the world around me inasmuch as it directly benefits meIn contrast to this culture of transience Pastor Crump lays out the case for Christians to realize the value of permanence develop a theology of place and live with a sense of sentness wherever God has placed them He calls us to a ministry of presence in which we move in not merely for the sake of ourselves but as good neighbors as co laborers for the flourishing of transplants and indigenous communities alike and as agents of God s redemptive purposes in our cities 9 Crump urges Christians to see themselves as placed by God on purpose sent into their communities as his ambassadorsBefore touching on practical implications Renovate begins with a theological Scriptural foundation built upon God s revealed intentions for his creation Crump builds his argument for Christians as redemptive agents in this world on God s promises to redeem not just individual human souls but all of creation as well as on humanity s God given mandate to be stewards over the rest of that creation 13 These biblical truths anchor the rest of the book as Crump returns to Scripture again and again in order to show that the practical outworkings for which he advocates find their origin in the heart of God as revealed through the Word of God Hendeavors also to show the central place of the gospel in the ministry of presence as it was first modeled for us by Jesus The Son of God moved in taking on human flesh and living a life on arth not for comfort or convenience but to accomplish the redemptive purposes of God Pastor Crump calls Christians to ngage redemptively within their communities not because it is necessary for salvation or as an alternative to Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, evangelistic ministry but as a response to the finished work of Christ on our behalf and as a witness to those around us of our compassionate restoring just powerful GodOne of the most compelling aspects of this book is how itxtends beyond the academic into the autobiographical For Crump these matters are not merely theoretical they are the result of years of refining as he and his wife labored to start a church in Atlanta The openness and humility with which he shares the mistakes the setbacks and the pain through which these convictions were clarified makes his writing Il morto di Maigret engrossing and his arguments compelling By so vividly illustrating the story of Renovation and the context of Atlanta Crump also gives us anxample of how we can begin to know and relate to our communities in similar ways the ways reuired to holistically fulfill our redemptive potential as the people of GodWhen it comes to practical suggestions Renovate is peppered with the poignant principles and though provoking uestions necessary for readers to begin to formulate a faithful ministry of presence for their context Seeking to know not just the demographics but the personal stories sufferings and hopes of your community acknowledging the pursuit of human flourishing through cultural renewal as an outworking of the gospel applying a holistic biblical worldview to all of life planting our lives with a permanence and. Far off land a family preparing to move into a new community or a follower of Jesus simply looking to ngage deeply in your current neighborhood Léonce reveals how our agendas can often sabotage achieving real change in our world   Léonce takes you on a journey to understand what he calls “the ministry of presence” which he.
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