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With the exclusion of Caroline His ppity ex fianceecurrent sister in law and smarmy brother got on my nerves repeatedly Hassie was so right to not sister in law and smarmy brother got on my nerves repeatedly Hassie was so right to not live with them Who would want to subject themselves to such abject snobbery on a daily basis The epilogue showing the Sterling family s latest addition was just so adorableI loved Ellen s writing the nforgiving yet beautiful background painted in the aftermath of Civil war such genuine and lively characters and their love story beyond beautiful even without words I love Ellen O Connell s writing Without Words was a great read The romance had a nice slow burn I really felt the connection between Hassie and Bret I loved their relationship had
A Nice Build Up And 
nice build p and of meat to it There was plenty going on in the plot to keep it from getting boring Bret was an amazing hero Hassie was different as she couldn t talk I always have had Mismatched in every way the sterling man and petty woman travel the West together hunting thieves deserters and murderers Wary traveling companions friends and partners lovers Bret and Hassie must decide what they want what they need and the price they re willing to pay for love Enjoyed this one Started off a bit slow but really got into it after a whileI really should do reviews straight away after finishing a book I have read other books by this author my namesake actually O Connell 45 Stars We re in 1871 Missouri and the book opens with newly minted widow Hessie Petty burying her husband Rendered mute by a terrib Reread 2019Ellen O Connell is my most favorite author for western historical I Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical usually read her books at least once a year And looking at my review below it s obvious I need topdate it it s an old one from way before I started blogging lolI don t think Ellen O Connell can do anything wrong Again she created a couple that is so niue and wonderfully perfect for each other I m still thinking about them long after being done with the bookThe story was beautifully written Slow built p the heartwarming getting to know between the characters that I m sed to from her other books It s the perfect blend of attraction but not falling instantly in love getting to know each other trusting and depending on each other WITHOUT THE DRAMA AND MISUNDERSTANDINGS VERY the drama and misunderstandings Very heroine and protective but not overly overwhelming alphas Usually the authors couples are two halfs of a whole nusual individuals that meet Nascars Wildest Wrecks under less than perfect circumstances to compliment each other to fight for their HEA 45 starsHassie Petty s husband a man old enough to be her father has just died Her husband s son is a wanted man a bounty hunter is on his trail When the lawman catchesp with him and kills him Hassie is left with no family and nowhere to go Making a living on the rundown farm by herself isn t an optionBeing a bounty hunter is dangerous work But after failing to secure Hassie s safety in the local town leaving the widow to fend for herself isn t what bounty hunter Bret Sterling can do After killing her last known family Bret offers to take Hassie with him planning on. The five hundred dollar reward several times over Hassie doesn't mourn Rufus but the loss of the ten dollars he promised her for supplies is a different matter The bounty hunter gives her nothing takes everything ties the body on one horse and orders her on another Afraid if she defies him he'll tie her down tighter than Rufus. Ellen O Connell is a guaranteed good read Low angst and pointless drama Beautiful meaningful romance Tough cowboys tougher women both flawed Loved it This book in one word Heartwarming The hero Heart stopping The heroine LionheartedWestern romance novel by one of my favorite authors in this genre Rated R with explicit sex bloody violence and some cussing but not much to my relief A mix of action tenderness steam heart pounding danger and humor Some really great dialogue even though Hassie can t speak well now that s A Land More Kind Than Home uite a trickThis mostly mute heroine stole my heart and the hero who learned how to read Hassie the first person to try in all her lonely life is fully worthy of her This withered widow literally blossoms in his companyBret may seem brusue and ice cold at first but he s indeed sterling and kudos to Ellen O Connell for creating such a truly sweet yet credible romance and for her deft handling of speech impairments and its associated social stigmas Andfors animal lovers Hassie s mind reading mutt is an absolute must Yellow dog and faithful Brownie bring humor and pathos while advancing the plot O Connell does animals wellSet in the wild west Colorado Texas etc post Civil War about 1871 ish The setting felt authentic to me The language societal conventions and customs felt real The plot is based on bounty hunting for big bucks to rebuild the war torn South with some vivid danger scenes and some truly sweet stuff learning to communicate to shoot a gun her new floaty dress etc Bret gives Hassie so much but he gains even in return
Warmth And Joy Freedom From 
and joy freedom from a promising futureAnd her eyes are violet Bret Not blue Not blue violet or blue gray Purple Yup Violetuibbles I didn t fully buy the reason for their hasty marriage but methinks it wasn t his real reason He just wasn t ready to accept how much he loved Hassie yet it wasn t his real reason He just wasn t ready to accept how much he loved Hassie yet the end family entanglements rotten eggs and an old flame got a little too much press for my taste and hard to swallow but some scenes in that section are great Also pacing bogged down a bit in that section and at Gabe s homesteadThere s a surprising plot twist at the end Hurrah to Hassie for having a mind of her ownHappy epilogue set about 4 years in future Awww Oh my This was my first book by the talented Ellen O Connell I know I know Where have I been To tell the truth just afraid she would make me cry too much I shouldn t have worried any sniffles were worth itI cracked this book open planning only to get a taste by reading the first chapter expecting to get to it later Instead I stayed Outlaw Bride up all night reading non stop This book has everything a Historical Western Romance should have This is the second Ellen s book I read and I m so not happy about getting on the bandwagon this late Bret and Hassie didn t let me put the book down even to eat They were so amazing together And Hassie s self appointed defender Gunner won my heart with hisnwavering loyalty They made a picture perfect family Along with Brownie Jasper and Packie And of course their rifles Bret s real family was so selfish and terrible. Bounty hunter Bret Sterling kills Rufus Petty thief and murderer less than ten feet away from a frightened half starved woman Rufus should have surrendered The woman should have kin to help her But Rufus went down shooting and the woman has no one Bret figures by the time he finds a safe place to leave Hassie Petty he'll earn. .
Leaving her with his friends at their homestead But there s a long way to go and a lot can happen for these two mismatched people that fate has brought together on long way to go and a lot can happen for these two mismatched people that fate has brought together on roadtrip through the Old WestSet in 1871 six years after the end of the Civil War Bret and Hassie s romance simmers as they travel together across Missouri Nebraska and Kansas with her dog hunting down criminals and fugitives The slow seductive build p is a delicious torture watching Hassie s sweet agreeable nature gradually break down the walls around Bret s hardened and damaged heart The epilogue is delightfulEllen O Connell does something CONSISTENTLY THAT ALMOST NO OTHER AUTHOR that almost no other author do She writes memorable couples I ve probably said this in every review of her books Ms O Connell s heroines are as likable and as memorable as her heroesno mean feat She makes me believe that each of her couples is meant for each other and no one elseThough Without Words hasn t surped my all time favourite by Ellen O Connell Dancing on Coals and possibly no title ever will for me this is Another Turn of the Crank up there with Beautiful Bad Man and Sing My Name No complaints from this happy camperFor readers who love a true western a slowly building romance realistic characters believable dialogue in an authentically rendered setting and action and adventure aplenty Without Words is highly recommended Steam 25 375 StarsI have a hard time properly ratingreviewing Ellen O Connell books She penned what is probably one of my top ten books of ALL time which I originally read in 2012 Since that original read I have probably re read it at least four times a year if not I am truly not exaggerating and I know I will always continue to do so I just love it that much The flip side to that though is that I want every O Connell book to be as goodbut lightning just doesn t often strike twice does it As a result of this comparison I feel like my expectations when reading a new to me O Connell are irrationally high And I feel like I endp rating them lower than I would if I didn t have the ambrosia of that first book to compare them to Which Is Totally Unfair is totally Native Son unfair there it is That said I enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting always a good sign Persual O Connell s writing pulled me in immediately and I loved her fleshed out main characters especially the added nuance of Hassie a voice issuesHowever I must say that I didn t feel a connection between Hassie and Bret was even close to what was between Cord and Annieand I guess that s the crux of the above mentioned comparison issue I want every O Connell couple to have the magical connection and fleshed out relationship that Cord and Annie hadand being that those two are one of my ride or dies I know that s just impossible So take the above rating with a grain of saltand if you too consider Eyes to be one of your top favoritesI would imagine you might have the same comparison issues I have But I m not complaining The fact that O Connell gifted The White Paternoster, And Other Stories us with that previous magic makes her a goddess in my book And I still read and enjoy all the other books I ve read from her thus far. Hassie mountsp and follows the icy eyed killer Mismatched in every way the sterling man and petty woman travel the West together hunting thieves deserters and murderers Wary traveling companions friends and partners lovers Bret and Hassie must decide what they want what they need and the price they're willing to pay for lov.