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Royal Heirs Reuired by Cat Schield tells the story of Prince Gabriel *Alessandro and his fianc Lady Olivia Darcy Gabriel has found the perfect *and his fianc Lady Olivia Darcy Gabriel has found the perfect royal wife because he needs to do as any ood royal and ensure their line continues The only thing that can potentially ruin this relationship is the discovery that Gabriel already has twin daughtersThis was a Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attack and Cyber Warfare (Zones of Religion) great story about love that evolved between two friends who became so much Olivia wasreat and her willingness and the strength needed to become the mother these two little irls so desperately needed was admirable Gabriel was another one who rew on me because he was able to see himself beyond just being the spoiled royal This story also touched on a surprisingly personal ISSUE WITH GRACE AND MADE FOR with Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement grace and made for excellent story Good fun read and I would highly recommend it as a uick story to curl up with one afternoon I received a copy of Royal Heirs Reuired through NetGalley It is areat story about an arranged marriage between a prince Gabriel who is the heir to

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thrown and Olivia This is a reat story that depicts how the rules of marriage for Prince Gabriel s royal family have a controlling factor in who they marry The Sherdana law reuires that the heir must marry someone who is royal and is able to have children Prince Gabriel had a long term affair with a French citizen with whom he unknowingly fathered twins several years before his engagement to Olivia He finds out one month before the wedding and fears that this news will cause Olivia to cancel the wedding especially since the marriage is reuired before Olivia s father will build a plant on Sherdana that badly needs the jobs for its citizens Olivia also has a secret that threatens the marriage It turns out that Olivia is a wonderfully iving person and accepts the twins and still plans to move forward with the wedding but her secret is still something that threatens their marriage One of the reat things about Olivia and Gabriel is that they have chemistry It could be that this chemistry can row into if Olivia s secret does not derail their upcoming marriage despite her acceptance of Gabriel s secret the twins It was a wonderful experience watching Olivia and Gabriel The Craving go from not spending than 5 minutes with each other torowing into what could possibly be love even if neither of them realizes it Another fun part of the story is the interaction between Gabriel and one of his fellow triplet brothers Christian who supports Gabriel s upcoming marriage though he is very anti marriage for himself He is hilarious in his comments about keeping himself as far away from the crown as possible because he has no desire to marry We do not The Murder Exchange get to meet Nick in this book who resides in the US As we see Gabriel and Olivia s story unfold and hope that they find a way through the secrets I can t help but hope that we see what happens to Christian and Nick I love this series I ve read this book and the second book A royal baby surprise and can t wait to read what comes next Gabriel is a prince to the small country of Shadana He is a triplet but has always carried all the responsibility He is set to take the throne In order to do so he has to marry someone that canive him a male heir In order for his child to be eligible to take the throne the constitution reuired that the mother had to be either a Sheranda citizen or a member of Europe s aristocracy Gabriel has made his choice He was set to marry Olivia It was suppose to be like a business arrangement He was shocked to feel the chemistry that simmered between him and Olivia The romance in this story just melted me into a puddle It was so sweet The book also had suspense Someone was out to scare or harm Olivia She didn t want to express her worries She was not one to over react This turned out to be very bad when she was almost attacked I feel in love with Gabriel s twin daughters Bethany and Karina were 2 years old and filled with energy and hugs I laughed that the Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove girls wanted ice cream for breakfast The instant bond between theirls and Olivia was endearing She was protective of the The Million Dollar Goal girls the first moment she met them I loved the way she had the nanny fired before she even knew who the parents were My heart went out to Olivia with her medical problems Olivia has fought with endometriosis for years She had surgery and hoped that part of her life was over When she stopped taking her birth control she had the most painful periods She worried that she would not be able to have Gabriel s children When faced with the worst I was touched on how the couple faced it Hard choices had to be made Will Gabriel chose his country or the one lady that stole his heart He was pulled in two different directions You will just have to read to find out This book was a reallyreat book to read it is Securing Caite going on my list of favorite books I do adore romances with babies the couples are usually normal and very sweet with the family around and weet a different sense from the story This time was not different and I adored those twin irl. A prince's surprise twins may turn his royal marriage into something Prince Gabriel Alessandro's top priority is continuing the family line and he's found the perfect bride to be in Lady Olivia Darcy While thei. Royal Heirs ReuiredLd and would love to see what else she has to Rating
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Good An marriage can it that into loveWhen I read the synopsis of this book I knew I needed to read it and now that I have I m so lad I love reading romance stories especially when there is a scandal oing on and this one had that Then this being the first installment in the Sherdana Royals it was even better because I didn t need to catch up with the royal family Prince Gabriel Alessandro has selected his bride but he really hasn t had time to The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss get to know Lady Olivia Darcy This is a business marriage but can it be something They really haven t had time together toet to know each other when the first bomb hits The royal family was hosting a celebration at the palace when an attorney showed him letting Prince Gabriel know that he had twin irls I love him letting Prince Gabriel know that he had twin irls I love this happened at the very beginning of the story so I could see not only the father interact with his daughters but also Lady Olivia Prince Gabriel is attracted to the future princess but he knows that he can t have any feelings for her because of how bad his last relationship ended Now here he is having his romance with his daughter s mother broadcasted all over Sherdana Lady Olivia cares for the twins from the moment that she met them and now she will stand behind her future husband in coming out and telling his country about his daughters Lady Olivia and Prince Gabriel s relationship is developing very nicely and they have actually otten very close and they share passionate night together Only that someone is happening in the palace someone is leaking private information and Prince Gabriel wants to know who is doing this Lady Olivia has not told Prince Gabriel her secret and she notices that maybe someone had tampered with the place where she had her documents It is only a matter of time before everything comes crashing down Will they be able to marry and live happily ever after Who is the person that is leaking this information within the palaceRoyal Heirs Reuired was an excellent read that I enjoyed immensely The characters are extremely well written as well as the storyline The writing was vivid passionate and emotional I can t wait to see what is in store with his other brothers especially Christian Oh and did I mention he is a triplet wow I totally recommend this readReceived ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review Very ood book As crown prince it was time for Gabriel to marry and provide some heirs for the royal family He selected Lady Olivia for two reasons First she has the pedigree the sophistication and also the kindness of heart to be the next ueen Second her father is willing to open one of his factories in Sherdana providing badly needed jobs He s a little bitter about having to marry a stranger but accepts it as necessary Thanks to a failed relationship in his past he isn t willing to fall in love but the zing of attraction he feels for her Prisoner of Midnight gives him hope that there will be some pleasure to be found Then Gabriel is hit with a surprise His exirlfriend has died and left him with custody of twin daughters he knew nothing about He is somewhat concerned about the scandal but worried about how Olivia will react He s amazed at how uickly and completely she accepts the little BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. girls which adds fuel to his hope for a successful marriageAs a child Olivia had dreams ofrowing up to be a princess but as a teen Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor gave them up for the realistic ones of simply having a husband and children of her own and working with the children s charities that she loved Marrying Gabriel is a combination of those dreams but they haven t really spent any time together toet to know each other I loved seeing her confront him and or less force him to see her as the woman she was It was Mr. Jelly's Business great to see him start to realize that there was to her than he had expectedWhen she accidentally stumbles on the littleirls she takes to them immediately I loved her first encounter with them and the protectiveness that she felt for them I really liked the way that she supported Gabriel s intent to make their existence public I really enjoyed the way the 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, girls brought them closer together As they spent time together the attraction that they felt for each otherrew stronger Gabriel continued to try to convince himself that what he felt was only physical but it was etting harder to do so Olivia was also falling in love with him but she has a health crisis that could end her dreams completely A confrontation with Gabriel has them both exchanging harsh words and their future looks impossible I loved seeing both of them face their issues and decide what was important to them Gabriel s big moment was sweet and romantic and just what Olivia needed I liked the realism of the way Olivia s problem was portrayed and dealt with I am looking forward to the other books in this series and hope that they will include updates on how she and Gabriel are doing I also liked the two little irls who were uite adorable Their behavior was also pretty true to their ag. S irls making him believe their loveless union could blossom into something But Olivia's agreement conceals a devastating secret In danger of losing the dynasty he so desires will he risk choosing love over du. ,

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S but I also ot the feeling the important person in this plot was Olivia She was super understanding and made everyone think about what was really missing in the this plot was Olivia She was super understanding and made everyone think about what was really missing in the I liked Gabriel and don t blame him for anything that happened in the past but he suffered just like anyone else and his position made things hard for him but I liked the way he chose to embrace the new reality and how he treated Olivia He s a really nice The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River guyI adore this first book on the series and this family can be a real charmer so I can t wait for the next book Royal Heirs Reuired is Cat Schield s contribution to Harleuin Desire s Billionaires and Babes series From the moment I started the book I was fully engaged in the story line Yes the premise is one that I ve read over and over again but the way Ms Schield told the story I felt as though it was the first time reading a story of an arranged marriage Prince Gabriel Alessandro is the crown prince of Sherdana He is expected to marry and carry on the royal lineage Lady Olivia Darby is the daughter of a British Earl whose mother died during her childbirth She was the perfect daughter who neverot into trouble and one who knew how to hide her emotions well Gabriel is surprised when he is informed he has twin THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy girls from a previousirlfriend who has died and left them in his care Olivia immediately is drawn to the twins Slowly Gabriel and Olivia start to forge a relationship Then out of the blue royal secrets are being leaked to the media In fact one dealing with Olivia ends up having dire conseuences Can Gabriel and Olivia weave their way through the exposed secrets and find a happily ever after Royal Heirs Reuired was a heartwarming story of two people finding love the hard way They don t let the past or secrets keep them from finding what their hearts desire I have to say that I think this is the best book that I ve read out of the Desire line in uite a while I highly recommend Royal Heirs Reuired I d like to disclose that I received a copy of Royal Heirs Reuired in exchange for a fair and honest review The solution to their problem was sort of a duh moment like why did someone else have to tell you this is possible 4 touching starsI ve been reading uite a lot of books with an MOC trope lately and this book is one of the better ones I ve read Prince Gabriel Alessandro is the crown prince of Sherdana He is expected to marry not for love but for duty His intended bride is Lady Olivia Darcy To Gabriel she is the perfect ueen and mother to be But there are some hiccups along the way Gabriel s old lover died and left him with two year old twins Not only that Olivia is keeping secrets as well At first I wasn t uite sure about the chemistry between Olivia and Gabriel I was a bit worried especially when Gabriel s old lover dropped a bomb on him I m not fond of books where the hero is pining for another *Woman But Slowly But Surely Their Relationship Started Gaining Steam *But slowly but surely their relationship started aining steam we et to witness Gabe starting to fall slowly but surely in love with Olivia I loved how he protected her from the press and how he stood by her Olivia for her part came off as too saintly for the most part I mean she eagerly accepted another woman s children But her character River Bodies (Northampton County, got better well rounded as the story progressed and I understood why she was accepting of Gabriel s kids On the outside she was the perfect ueen to be but in reality she couldn t be wrong for Gabriel I won t divulge the details why but Olivia s struggle made me tear up a little bit But the best part of the book for me was probably towards the end when Gabriel sets out to prove that he loves Olivia not for the heirs that she could provide but love her for who she is Ohosh Gabriel s Dept. of Reproductive Management gesture made me swoon I could totally say it s one of the most romanticestures I ve read in a while It was perfect It proved once and for all that this two really fell in love with each other and it wasn t just a marriage of convenience to them ARC provided by Harleuin in exchange for an honest review See of my reviews ON MY BLOG THOUGHTS AT ONE IN THE MORNINGMY my blog Thoughts At One In The MorningMy this is a story I loved seeing a story with unexpected twists in it not only what s mentioned in the synopsis but also throughout the book itself Gabriel chooses Olivia to become his bride and provide him with an heir Their chemistry is apparent and everything seems to be Beneath This Ink going well Then he finds out about his twin daughters and it could easily create a problem but Olivia is amazing and accepts them without hesitation Gabriel and Olivia have something happening between them that s blossoming into than either of them expectedoing into this union However Olivia s secret could be the one turning point that could derail everything Is it possible for them to move past it Can what they feel for each other mean than anything elseRoyal Heirs Reuired was a typical yet unexpected love story Despite the speedbumps you can feel the possibility of love leap off the page for Olivia and Gabriel It was an honest and lovely journey I really enjoyed this book by Cat Shie. R royal marriage is not based on love he desires her Making a baby together will be pure pleasure Then Gabriel learns he is already a fatherto twins Olivia surprises Gabriel with her acceptance of his motherles.