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Chinese drama Ashes of Love on Netflix The novel reads xactly like a classic fairy tale which is my favorite genre Due to the simplicity of the writing it would have been difficult for me to get a clear image of the rich fantasy world of gods and magic in which the story takes place if I had not already watched it on Netflix Even the show took a few pisodes for me to fully grasp the world but the imagery was breathtakingly beautiful and the descriptions in the book simply could not compare Therefore I recommend binging Ashes of Love before reading this as it will be a lot asier to njoy after seeing a gorgeous visual representation firstI also thought the main character was likable in the show than she was in the book Jinmi was given a magical pill as a baby that made her incapable of loving and while the book takes that to the highest xtreme the Ashes of Love series limits it to romantic love only Therefore she has very strong feelings toward her friends and family in the series and sheds tears when she loses them whereas in the book she is described as not shedding any tears during a critical loss In both versions she is hilarious and adorable and you can clearly see the appeal of all the men who fight for her heartI know it sounds like I m bashing the book men who fight for her heartI know it sounds like I m bashing the book little in favor of the show but I did give it five stars and that s because it s an incredibly original and creative idea that originated with the novel but was Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One executed better in the Ashes of Love series The idea of a magical girl having her magic and true identity repressed all her life isn txactly new but having her love suppressed to the point where she lives thousands of years without knowing what it means to love someone is a fascinating conceptYou might assume that someone with this curse would become cold and aloof but Jinmi is warm fun cute and Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) everything you wouldxpect from a fairy tale princess heroine minus the desire to love Unfortunately when she ULTIMATELY DOES LEARN WHAT MEANS THE does learn what means the between her and the Phoenix falls a little flat The Ashes of Love series remedied this by including a beautiful seuence that was not in the book at all in which Jinmi and the Phoenix Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe experienced a lifetime on Earth without their memories of their former lives and shared a beautiful romance that they carried back with them when they returned to the Heavenly RealmBasically the book feels like a simplistic Brothers Grimm fairy tale and the Ashes of Love series feels like anxtended Disney movie that added gorgeous visuals and Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time enhanced subplots to the simple and sweet story within the novel Whether or not you read the book Ashes of Love is definitely worth looking into It s an incredible 63pisode One Wild Weekend emotional roller coaster that s full of the most amazingye candy I have Forgetful of Their Sex ever seen in a live action series I should have known it to not read this book in the morning I couldn t do anythinglse Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing except reading for thentire day The Chinese classic romance really got the pulling to suck me in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby every time The same old brand new story but always manages to hook me nevertheless And look how pretty the title is sighThe interesting part is how the writer writes the analogy of unfated love with making one lover she is a water goddess is cursed to be a tear in theyes of her lover so she can feel him but can t see him since she is inside his Walled (The Line, eye D he alsoxperiences the same It is the payment for her not appreciate his love while she still could see him and vice versa And the only time she can finally see him is when he finally cries over her memory and then she. ? เป็นหมึกที่ซึมลงไปในกระดาษฟาง เป็นเม็ดทรายที่ปลิวไปตามสายลมเป็นสิ่งใดก็ได้ที่เล็กกระจ้อยร่อยพอจะแทรกเข้าไปอยู่ในสายตาและอกอุ่นของเขาคนนั้?. ,

I read decembi s translation and it was great My first c novelIt s a pity that there isn t an official translation of this book but I m so glad that people have sacrificed "Their Free Time To Translate It I "free time to translate it I t imagine how hard and time consuming it must be I heard that Dian Xian s writing is really beautiful and it s sad that I couldn t Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany experience it myself but I found a good translationI watched the drama before reading this and let me tel you that I absolutely LOVED it The novel was surprisingly short I don t say this often in fact I don t know if I vever said this but i liked the dramaadaptation better than the book I felt that the book was too short we didn t have a chance to bond with the characters or learn about their backgrounds However I was still able to njoy it and ven teared upOne of my favourite things about the drama was Phoenix and Night s relationship I felt that the book version of Phoenix didn t really care about his brother and the same goes for Night The drama version of Phoenix was calmer and kinder in general I have to admit that I liked drama Phoenix hides under a rockI know that a lot of people dislike Jin Mi and her personality and I can see why but I really liked her and thought that her innocence made the book funnier although I glad that she was smarter in the drama version Moreover I think she is one of the few characters that have a good reason for acting the way they do Edit 12 august 2018reread the novel while waiting for the ongoing drama Truly amazing pic love story it s worth to nter my favourite list and deserve the 4 stars Despite the MANY ualms I have with this book the romance is truly heart wrenching near the nd I love the finale so much Although I still don t understand what makes Jin Mi so attractive to Xu Feng the groveling sacrificing and genuine motions jerked the tears right outta me I felt like the nding was a bit abrupt and overall the novel was a little short Some parts could ve been longated 1rst problem Random ass sex scene out in the open no less I didn t realize I was reading One Giant Leap erotica And did I mention she is betrothed to ANOTHER man who is actually this guy s half brother Cheater much Not a huge fan of the second lead but did ya have to cuckold him like that2nd problem insta love because the girl is beautifullll Literally has no reason to like her but is still possessive as crap and has wet dreams about hercringe Yes he actually does dream about her like thatnot long after meeting her for that matter 3rd problem Girl is so tstl bc she is so sheltered As a r Anpic tale of profound and rare love in the xianxia genre The novel is ven better than its drama adaptation Even the dialogues are poignant as seen in this uoteThat day when you came to the demon realm you actually told you loved me My heart stopped beating in that momentI forced myself to say THOSE CRUEL THINGS TO YOU SAY ONCEKILL ONCE BUT cruel things to you Say oncekill once But knew if you said it once I would give up verythingthrowing the deepest revenge to the back of my headThe dialogues everythingthrowing the deepest revenge to the back of my headThe dialogues laced with delightful banter as inJin Mi I have comeBut I have already accepted the little mperor s bride giftsAh what a waste of the six thousand years of divine ssence I preparedIf so then I guess I just have to make doThe novel is worth reading a thousand times It s been a long time that I didn t A Bride for McCain enjoy read a fantasy romantic story The story takes place in the prehistoricalra in a time when the six realms were reigning independently in harmony The realms featured in this drama are celestial realm floral demon and human realm นางคือองุ่นน้อยลูกหนึ่งถูกปกป้องไว้ในที่ที่ปลอดภัยที่สุด มีความสุขที่สุด สงบและร่มเย็นที่สุดนางไม่รู้จักความงาม ไม่รู้จักความหลงใหล ไม่เคยร้?. Lthough the members of the first three realms njoy immortality who rules supreme on all six realms is the implacable god of FateIt follows a sweet yet tragic love story that will have to go through
The Trials Of Life And 
trials of life and in order to be purified this is not a sappy love purified This is not a sappy love It is well written and it comes with as much action as romance Heavy Sweetness Ash like frost without a doubt falls into the category of classic fairy tales it has all the reuired lements the battle between good and vil an incumbent tragic fate and the attempt to avert it the forging and purification of the heroes through pain and suffering the need for a sacrifice in order to restore balance to the world and the presence of a hero willing to do soIf love a chinese stories and want read a beautiful romantic story I recommended it without a doubt I m actually inclined to give it 5 stars but I guess I ll go with 4and only because I wish we could ve gotten of the main couple together towards the nd They needed screen timepage timeHeavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost is one of those few c novels that s translated by fans YAY for fan translations Those people are awesome Hurray to them One can read it herePrologue and chapters 1 7Chapter 8 Final piloguesFinal pilogueThe blurb is actually pretty accurate For onceWe ve got the heroine Jin Mi Who was fed the Unfeeling Pill right after birth thus the girl can t feel motions not truly and certainly not those like love Neither can she comprehend them Add to that her growing up in isolation in Flower World which results in her being ignorant of plenty thingsand you can have lots of hilarious scenarios DAnd also drama And Jin Mi being pretty awesome in a laid back way The girl just doesn t care Tragic fun They do say the tragic things are rather hilariousof the teary kindAnd lets not forget her birth is a secret of itself That s pure plot materialThen we ve got the hot headed hero Phoenix h he s got a name too but since he s mostly referred as Phoenix throughout the novel let s just stick with it Of course he s powerful Of course he s handsome And of course he falls for Jin Mi Not right Away With Time But He with time But he Poor guy Falling for the girl with no ability to truly feel You can see the added plot materialAnd the other herocan you call him hero Whatever the other main guy Night that s also not his real name but same as above The ldest sonprince of Heavenly Emperor Phoenix is 2nd sonprince If Phoenix is all flame and temper Night is all calm and coolness And of course he also nds up meeting Jin Mi And falling for her Maybe So the plot thickensThere are other awesomegreatinteresting characters but not gonna go in there just go read the novelSo with 1 girl and 2 princes it might seem that daaaamn a freaking love triangle there s a love triangle right Not uite How can there be a love triangle when the girl cannot feel love RightBut hell A Love To Remember even without it sort of doesn t mean it wasn t d I decided to give this one a shot after finishing the drama The drama has 63pisodes but to my surprise the novel has only 25 chapters and I was like seriously I don t really like the drama because honestly JinMi frustrated me so much there I know I know it s not Her Stolen Past (Family Reunions exactly her fault to not be able to feel so I thought I might like her a bit in the novel but seriously this novel is too friggin short and it s notnough to get to know the characters better I mean have you seen Poison Genius Consort That novel has like 600 chapters and the drama just 48eps I read a translation of this book because I fell in love with the. ??งไห้ และไม่รู้จักรักเพราะเจอเขาโลกของนางถึงเปลี่ยนไป เพราะเจอเขา นางจึงรู้ว่าความรักนั้นมีรูปร่างเป็นสิ่งใดก็ได้ เป็นผีเสื้อที่ขยับปีกโบยบิ?. ,