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H teen outsider melodrama Give "This One A Shot It "one a shot It new characters and a new story that will remind you of classic stuff It s an all ages story with a creature that reminds me of Lockheed from X Men So that s a few bonus points right thereJoe Crowe Not my normal type of book and a lot of buildup But I Would Consider Reading The Next Book In The I would consider reading the next book in the Just how bad can a kid s life get When 13 year old Timothy Star discovers his dad is running a campaign to be mayor of New York City and planning to marry a woman called Jessie while his mother

locked away in a mental with a severe neurological condition that he is in fear of inheriting He also has a c Originally published at Novel EscapismAside from a few minor typing errors uiznot was an impressive story It was unlike any other book I ve read and thoroughly engrossing After several unexplained accidents Timothy Starr is given the option of going to ail or a special school called Smithson But when he arrives at Smithson something feels off and he is thrust into an out of this world adventure Imaginative and engaging uiznot is a fun YA sci fi novel Mr Stoll has a gift for world building and a knack for creating complex characters The story builds through a steady course using drama and plot in a balanced way Throughout the book I was felt both on the verge of discovering the over arching mystery and lost in the utter uniueness of the narrative I recommend uiznot as one of the best independent books I have readDisclosure I was provided a free copy of this novel with a reuest for an honest review This book is SOOOOOO GOOD This book was written by my dad s college friendIm 10 Excellent storyI chow this rating because the storyline was new and refreshing not a stale rehash of another old plot Good ob. K twice The Last Starfighter meets the X Men in an epic new series from rising author Russell StollGive this one a shot Its new characters and a new story that will remind you of classic stuff Joe Crowe revolutionsfcomAnd WOW I don't know how else to explain this book It has hit the Bethanie's Fave list Bethanie Armstrong Bethanie's Books Reviews and FavesWhat a wonderfully crafted story I was pretty much hooked from the start Catherine Putsche Catherine Rose Putsche Book Blog. ,

In the world of YA fantasy book world we have books that are written with perfection those that are somewhat confusing to say the least AND THOSE THAT ARE JUST DOWNRIGHT those that are ust downright written And if I read this book correctly from cover to cover I would have to say that this book falls between perfection and ust poorly written work IT WASN T POORLY WRITTEN I M NOT SAYING wasn t poorly written I m not saying at all Although it could have been in depth on highlighting the plot and conflict soonerTimothy Starr has an almost perfect life you could say He has money the perfect girlfriend and a father who is euivalent to being a well known politician What people don t know particularly is that his mom is a tad bit psycho And Timothy Starr is about to find out ust how alike he is to his mother He develops these strange powers that enable him to do freaky thingsOverall I liked the book as a whole It isn t my go to book for the genre of fantasy but it wasn t bad either A light read honestly I picked it up on one day and finished it on the same day You can t go wrong with a 200 page fantasy novel And surprisingly the author was able to fit everything in 224 pages If the author would ve extended the book I m sure we would have been able to read into the world of Timothy Starr For that minuscule amount of pages I would have expected the author to pull us straight into the conflict and but to my disappointment we were not It was definitely something different for me as a fast paced reader of high fantasy and paranormal romance In this book I was ust taking it slowA second installment I knew there had to be some kind of seuel or novella following this book It feels incomplete to me and I m glad "THERE IS GOING TO BE A "is going to be a book Maybe I can get some ustice with this ending because right now I feel so cold and los. An extraordinary event is predicted on a dark world called Earth a planet still ignorant of the thriving galaxy around it A rare being of nearly unlimited power called a uiznot will arise on its surface The powerful take notice and prepare for if you control the uiznot you control the galaxyWhich means nothing to thirteen year old Timothy Starr his life is in free fall After a chance encounter with a beautiful girl he’s developed psychokinetic abilities driven by his emotion.

Summary Quiznot AUTHOR Russell Stoll

Quiznot AUTHOR Russell Stoll
T like a starving childThis is a definitely a book worth checking out
haven t gathered enough thoughts compile in a final conclusion but I did nod my head from time to time while reading this book That s showing a good sign The cover is also pretty amazing and something I m proud to have in my bookshelf Great read Fun compelling creative and original At 46 I m probably not the target demographic but this was a "fun romp from Manhattan to a New Hampshire boarding school to nuclear silos aliens and other planets What a great time "romp from Manhattan to a New Hampshire boarding school to nuclear silos aliens and other planets What a great time m giving it to my 10 year old daughter next This was a different read It was good in its own wayAgain I wish it had illustrations of the differentcharacters Kind of hard picturing them in your headWhen is the next book coming out uiznot by Russell StollGenre YA Sci Fi And WOW I don t know how else to explain this book It has hit the Bethanie s Fave list I immensely enjoyed this book Each page I turned I had no idea what would happen next It was extremely unpredictable and I loved it Most of the time I like predictability but next It was extremely unpredictable and I loved it Most of the time I like predictability but time it didn t happen I was ust fine with thatI still wonder what happened to a certain character in this book but luckily this is only Book One I am so excited that I have to look forward to and will hopefully have my uestion answered Now I will have to say this The way the book started off I thought it was ust going to be another boring book about people doing strange things I was SOOOO happy to find out th uiznot blends elements of The Last Starfighter and X Men and a little bit of the sadly canceled TV show Tower Prep It s about a kid who discovers he has powers and enigmatic people at a mysterious school with kids who also have strange stuff The whole product is ust enjoyable a hero s uest mixed wit. S When his outbursts nearly kill two classmates he’s banished to the Smithson School a place that can help him he’s toldBut the teachers don’t seem interested in helping him get better and the few other students he meets with unusual powers are sullen and reclusive When he discovers that the school is built over the tunnels of an old missile base that may still be in use Timothy wants answers But he’s warned that students who ask uestions at Smithson don’t live to as.