[E–pub Free] Gimmick Vol 1 By Youzaburou Kanari

Nd disbelief at some of the outrageous passages a man passing for an attractive young girl after mere minutes of intensive makeup and preparations being young girl after mere minutes of intensive makeup and masking preparations being the mildest examples of suchBut no one should expect Gimmick to reflect reality It is a reflection of Hollywood influencing a form of reality This manga was about Nagase Kohei who works as special effects artist and gets into predicaments and such Its a really funny series the first was of course one of the best to read I would recommend this series to anyone and everyone I hope everyone gets to reading this really awesome book and all the others in the series Love props so this was right up my alley i actually oved this OMGit is sooo gooodddholy crapi earnt a ot from thisLIFE LESSONS LEARNT Kohei is a gifted special affects artist that is gaining popularity for his skills at hiding people from fans and criminals alike being hired by the ikes of fairs and actors Kanari begins an intriguing series with enjoyable beginning entry Can Kohei brings his fame to the max with some stellar works of art I wish the hero weren t such a perv It s a cheap joke and I think the series really can stand on its own merits All the background information about special effects and make up tricks is pretty fascinating The art is also really well done 25 stars. Revent a disgruntled make up artist from blowing the attraction sky high And an actress whose reputation was sidelined by an accident that eft her body scarred hopes Kohei can get her career back on trac. Uick thoughts Fun manga centered around a special effects wiz Makes good use of the episodic format and I really ike the variety of stories so far An interesting premise Kohei Nagase is a makeup and special effects master who helps people in need trouble with the aw hiding out from an abusive ex fanatical fan won t eave you alone Studio Gimmick is here to help A ittle bit serious and a whole ot silly this first volume ends on is here to help A ittle bit serious and a whole ot silly this first volume ends on cliff hanger I hate that as one of Kohei s creations is co opted by bad guys Gimmick revolves around one of the most basic concepts of modern Manga a protagonist does one thing and does it well Kohei Nagase is not a spots professional nor a ninja nor a super spy He is a special effects artist Specifically he focuses on make up effects although he tries his hand in pyrotechnics and other sleight of theatreHis buddysidekick Kannakuzi similarly talented although as a professional movie stunt man So what miraculous feats one cannot is sure to have been perfected by the other The combination formulates The Fall Guy crossed with Darkman In Volume 1 Kohei finds himself practicing his art both inside and outside of the movie set Self exiled from Hollywood Kohei makes his iving in Japan following through on jobs given to him by his agent the beautiful yet temperamental Miss. Kohei Nagase a genius when it comes to makeup and special effects He uses his skills to expertly disguise people from the press criminals or anyone wanting to do them harmThings get rolling for Kohei and. Shiho Kohei helps to protect a rising starlet from danger as well as her own agent by use of his astonishing skill with movie makeup And in an attempt to preserve the spirit of a fun Japanese horror theme park focusing on fun monsters as opposed to the merely grotesue he finds himself deeply enmeshed with a case of sabotage blackmail extortion kidnapping AND ATTEMPTED MURDER AMONGST OTHER UNPLEASANTRIES THE BOOK ENDS attempted murder amongst other unpleasantries The book ends Kohei s salvaging of an beauty s movie career he protects her image by masking hideous scar upon her torso the aftermath of a terrible car accident and falling into harm s way when he creates an animatronic beast for a dubious clientAs it stands it is not a particularly uniue or interesting read However it is a step up maturity A Bride for McCain level wise from your standard Viz Media Shonen Jump material Coarseanguage is used albeit sparingly as well as topless portrayals of bikini models You ill not find this in the children s monthly magazine but the plot Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven lines are remarkably similar Though Kohei uickly explains his methods to clarify why there would appear to be multiple versions of a character within a single storyline for instance or to shed someight upon some of the intricate explosions or visual effects they are not entirely necessary the reader of such fare is most ikely willing to explosions or visual effects they are not entirely necessary the reader of such fare is most ikely willing to His stuntman sidekick Shingo when a sexy young starlet asks for their help in ditching her sleazy manager Later Kohei is commissioned to replace some zombies at a ocal horror theme park but can he also

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Gimmick Vol 1