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E as a result In Secrets "of State by Mathew Palmer we meet Sam Trainor a character written on the page who "State by Mathew Palmer we meet Sam Trainor a character written on the page who with us and is larger than life Thus his persona enters the real worldTrainor deals with his path of both pain and pleasure and goes forward by taking the next step hill and mountain We accept all of him both his foibles and his short comings and his kindnesses both his foibles and his short comings and his kindnesses his caring which are at the center of his beingThe afterlife of a novel is when the Character Resonates And Intrudes Into Our Thoughts resonates and intrudes into our thoughts memorable fiction Secrets of State fits this bill Palmer has given life to Sam Trainor and has brought the reader into this celebration This talented writer has given us a memorable character who has trained us to be compassionateThank ou to Penguin First to Read Thank Notes sur la mlodie des choses you to Penguin First to Read for the opportunity to read and review this book by author Matthew Palmer Palmer is a 27ear veteran of the US Foreign Service so he knows a thing or two about it That certainly showed in his telling of the fictional story of Sam Trainor former South Asia expert with the State Department s Bureau of Intelligence and Research and how different he finds working in the private sector of a large intelligence gathering government contractor Sam is dating Vanalika an Indian diplomat of course it s against regulations but only if they are found out His daughter Lena is living in working in and trying to make the Dharavi slums of Mumbai a better place Sam happens upon some intelligence that seems to suggest that Pakistan and India are heading toward a nuclear war Can Sam trust what he s seeing especially since the intelligence involves a phone call fr Sound tingling political thrillerThe author s involvement with the State Department provides a realistic framework for what is a very engaging political thriller He keeps Le druidisme au quotidien : Guide pratique et philosophique you glued to the action with very authentic characters and situations A great read for anyone who enjoys mysteries involving world politics There s a lot of information there andou can tell the author has experience with how these kind of things work The plot plays out in a pretty straightforward way No unexpected twists I felt like the ending was way too easy The writing is decent. Ia and Pakistan from all out war Yet Sam knows that conversation can’t have occurred because he is having an affair with one of the alleged participantsAs he digs into the source of this misinformation he realizes that is at stake than just bad intel Someone is deliberately twisting the intelligence to stoke the simmering conflict between India and Pakistan nuclear armed rivals that have already fought multiple wars And Sam’s new employer could be up to its neck in.

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Almer weaves together a believable plot involving an US and Indian state conspiracy to militarily destroy Pakistan The story involves some classy character development beginning with the main protagonist Sam Trainor plot has ultra nationalist patriots in the US and Indian collaborate to launch a false flag nuclear attack on an Indian city in order to provoke an Indian military attack aimed at destroying Pakistan once and for all For the attack aimed at destroying Pakistan once and for all For the the motive is to protect the world by preventing Pakistani nukes from following into the wrong hands ie Islamic extremist terrorists Through chance coincidence or synchronicity a retired US South Asia specialist Sam Trainor gets a whiff of the plot and starts investigating through his network of Washington contacts Pretty soon Trainor finds himself in hot waters and realizes he is onto something big Meanwhile his clandestine love interest an Indian diplomat at her country s US mission and his daughter a do gooder socially conscious oung half Indian woman doing development work in the slums of Mumbai both find themselves sucked into the terrorist plot Despite what appears to be a far fetched series of events Palmer does a good job piecing the story together He even adds some historical make believe stories from time to time to give the novel greater believability It works Events in Secrets of State move uickly The reader is kept in suspense and will hardly notice the length 437 pages of the novel To be sure the author cashed in on post 911 conventional wisdom which conveniently placed every international terrorist incident at Pakistan s doorstep Nonetheless Secrets of State is nuanced than many post 911 terrorist thrillers Palmer s fiction is a good addition to the genre Anyone who enjoys a good geo political thriller will find Secrets of State a good read NB In the aftermath of 911 if an American in Washington DC caught the flu it must have been a conspiracy involving biological weapons hatched in Pakistan s governed tribal areas Likewise if a firecracker exploded unannounced on the streets of London it was an Islamic extremist attack planned and plotted by Pakistanis As readers we empathize with characters in books and become empathetic in lif. Has moved to the private sector working as an analyst for the consulting firm Argus SystemsBut Sam soon discovers that for all their similarities the government and their hired contractors have vastly different motives As he struggles to adjust to a corporate profit driven version of the work that had been his life he stumbles across an intelligence anomaly the transcript of a phone conversation about the fastest ways to upend the delicate political balance keeping Ind. Secrets of State is Matthew Palmer s second "novel as son of the late michael "As the son of the late Michael writing is certainly in his DNA In novel government analyst Sam Trainor has left his position and now works for Argus Security a private consulting company Struggling to adjust to a corporate version of what has been his life s work he stumbles across a strange bit of intelligence the transcript of a Telephone Conversation Suggesting The Delicate conversation suggesting the delicate A roller coaster ride of international intrigue and behind the scenes manipulation A veteran foreign services officer discovers a piece of Intel that doesn t uite make sense he has a oung colleague research similar Intel Then the Sami et Julie CE1 Sami et Julie font des crpes young man ends up murdered This is the beginning of a rollicking ride through the world of the intelligence and foreign service community Great characters outstanding settings a plot that never stops and a well written climax What could any thriller reader want This was a really fun read and I m not saying that just because I know Matt Palmer Although I am partially saying it because I rarely get to see Foreign Service Officers in print and Matt s novels star FSOs doing than writing and clearing cables and checking our outdated Blackberries I didn t think this book was uite as riveting as his first set in Congo but it was still a fun read with constant action There was a bit much explanation of inside the Beltway details and particular Foreign Service details but maybe that stuff is interesting to people or maybe it s not Ifou think the world is actually run by the Deep State and the Illuminati this book brilliantly shows how that might work The author has impeccable Foreign Service credentials He makes behind the scenes maneuvering on an international scale look very plausible and shows the limits of presidential power Palmer is a good writer weaving together a tale that invites readers into his created universe I enjoyed the background knowledge about India and Pakistan relations written in both an informative and entertaining manner This is the second of his books I ve read and I look forward to others Secrets of State a novel written by former US diplomat Matthew Palmer is a sophisticated work of fiction In his book An NPR Best Book of the YearFrom a veteran insider with over twenty ears’ experience in the US Foreign Service comes a taut insightful thriller of global intrigue and behind the scenes international politicsSam Trainor’s career of overseas work coupled with a penchant for being outspoken has left him on the outside of the competitive Washington establishment  Formerly the top South Asia expert in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research Trainor.

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