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Baby Peter LEGACY OF ABUSE dShe keep it to herself She felt so strongly that Jane had written Pride and Prejudice But what if she hadn t Whatid it all mean Had Jane really written Pride and Prejudice And if she hadn t what would Sophie Shards of Glass - A Little Girls Journey Back into Her World of Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse doFor every step forward in the plot we take twenty backwards into Sophie s brain while she wonders over and over and over and over who s telling the truth who s lying what she llo to save Jane s honor blah blah blah blahAGGHHHHHHThis book goes on and on and on while Sophie Buying Power: A History of Consumer Activism in America does absolutely everything she can think of to learn the truth And Io mean everything She commits several acts of theft breaking and entering grand larceny trespassing put people s lives in Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms danger and she lies to everyone and all of this is okay because she just loves books and Jane Austen soooooooo much you guyyyyysssss And also BOOOOKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSParadoxically she gets incredibly angry with anyone whooes the exact same things to her Just in case we Geographies of Learning: Theory and Practice, Activism and Performance didn t find her annoying enough I guessThe only reason this book even has two stars is because of the one thing Lovettoes right in this atrocity Horrid Sophie and her stupid friends and crappy story are intertwined with a fictional flashback account of Jane s relationship with Richard Mansfield an 80 year old curate who she meets one BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 50 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 50: Billionaires Secret Baby 5 (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) day while out walking The two begin a passionate friendship Lovett goes out of his way to repeat that she is NOT in love with him born of their mutual love of literature and writing The chaptersevoted to their story are honestly wonderful written very much in Jane Austen s style I would have happily read an entire book about the two of them provided Lovett acknowledged the notion that Jane Austen might very well have fallen in love with a man regardless of his age who shared her uniue view of the world and her passion for literature Instead I had to suffer through Sophie s endless internal monologues about how uniue she is because she likes to read and how no one understands the value of books and who should she choose Eric or Winston interspersed with Lovett bending himself into a pretzel to remind me that Jane loves Mr Mansfield but she Unequal Profession doesn t LOVE love him This was an incredibly maddening read because Lovett can write a good story with lovely characters so Ion t know what the hell was going on when he wrote this horror show Nothing is helped by the wackadoo narration provided by Jane Entwhistle who has a lovely name but a voice that sounds like your 125 year old grandmother Ormus Modern Day Alchemy dealing with a serious head cold and therefore isn t exactly appropriate for aashing young American Eric who sounds a bit like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs or handsome mysterious Winston who sounds like an 85 year old man Her general narration is fine if somewhat The Archaeology of Mothering: An African-American Midwife's Tale distracting since her voice is soamn cutesy and gravelly it made me grit my teeth but both love interests sound positively creepy the way she Lo pienso bien y lo digo mal does them About the only character who comes out right is Mr Mansfield since he is in fact an 80 year old manFor gods sake go read actual Jane Austen if you need a regency fix Hell go cut your toenails but for the love of all things holyon t read this Note I stopped reading First Impressions at 20%Contains spoiler y comments on the beginning of the book First Impressions was one of my most anticipated fall releases As a HUGE Jane Austen fan I wanted to read it as soon as I saw that it was a novel of old books unexpected love and Jane Austen It sounds like everything I love and I was thrilled when I got a copy on NetGalley As much as I love Austen s work I also enjoy spin offs and variations I m not an Austen purist I m totally open to new interpretations So I m typically not bothered by an author taking some liberties Unfortunately I was unable to finish this book and I think it s because I m almost too familiar with Jane Austen and her lifeFirst Impressions alternates between two time periods present The Illustrated Anthology of Sorcery, Magic, and Alchemy day and Jane Austen s time 1790s 1817 In the portions seturing Austen s time near the beginning of the book Austen is in her twenties She meets an older man named Mr Mansfield he s in his eighties and If you are a Bibliophile You Will Enjoy you will enjoy book As you enter the world of second hand books with that old musty moldy smell in the search of a rare Jane Austen raft of books with that old musty moldy smell in the search of a rare Jane Austen raft of and Prejudice y I would have liked this if Sophie had not been such a complete idiot Really she was a very unlikeable and even moronic main character The rest was good I liked the idea of Jane finding inspiration for her novels from a friend and I really enjoyed all the references to books and libraries In fact all the chapters about Jane were interesting but then we were inflicted with the terrible Sophie which pretty much ruined it for me Not a bad book but not a

"Very Good One Either This "
good one either This is ridiculous The writing could be cliched and cringe worthy and I came close to abandoning the book several times If the story had not involved Jane Austen I would not have finished it Despite these irritations there were a few things I liked about First Impressions It opens in 1796 in Hampshire with Jane Austen meeting Richard Mansfield an elderly clergyman Eventually the two become good friends sharing ideas about books and literature We see the fictional version of Jane becoming confident as a writer and sharing early Lego DC Super Heroes drafts of her novels with Mr Mansfield Lovett invents numerous letters taken from the text of Austen s real novels and even though I thought it was twee some fans might get a kick out of this Meanwhile Forms and the joys of a life lived in books Charlie Lovett is a writer teacher and playwright whose plays for children have been seen in over 3000 productions worldwide He served for than aecade as writer in residence at Summit School in Winston Salem NC He is a former antiuarian bookseller and he has collected rare books and other materials related to Lewis Carroll for than 25 years He and his wife split their time between Winston Salem and Kingham Oxfordshir. ,
First ImpressionsI love reading books I love collecting and owning books and am a fan of Jane Austen That indicates that this book should be at least a 4 star read But it was not to be Much has been said by other reviewers with whom I agree Jane Austen is one of literary histories most influential writers Her small number novels have not only proved very popular bu A good book is like a good friend It will stay with you for the rest of your life When you first get to know it it will give you excitement and adventure and years later it will provide you with comfort and familiarity And best of all you can share it with your children or your grandchildren or anyone you love enough to let into its secrets First Impressions is the fourth novel by American writer teacher and playwright Charlie Lovett After Sophie Collingwood s beloved Uncle Bertram ies and his treasured book collection is sold off she eventually consoles herself by working for his favourite bookseller Augustus Boxhill at Antiuarian Books in London uite soon after she starts there she is presented with a reuest to source a rare second edition of an obscure little book of allegories written by Reverend Richard Mansfield in 1796 But what is most intriguing is that two ifferent customers ask for the book in fairly uick succession And Renaissance Emerge Series distracting her from her search two things the memory of a moonlight kiss from a rather cheeky American and the nagging feeling that her Uncle seath was not accidental The present ay narrative alternates with chapters that escribe moments in the real and imagined life of Jane Austen as she was about to embark on her second novel tentatively titled First Impressions and events in the lives of Richard Mansfield and of a certain eighteenth century printer Gilbert Monkhouse Lovett has extensive experience with book collectors collections and all manner of libraries and his expertise in antiuarian bookshops and rare editions is apparent on every page He imparts a wealth of knowledge about books about printing and about Jane Austen and presents it in an easily From a Whisper to a Shout digestible manner There are some parallels between the two timelines an older mentor whoies the haunting sight of empty bookshelves and meetings Alt 10 Retrospect Prospect during a waterside stroll Lovett skilfully blends fact with fiction and the what if scenario on which the plot hangs generates than enough mystery to make this a real page turner with an exciting climax Lovett creates a marvellous cast of characters some of whom will certainly have the reader wondering about their honesty and their motivations Contrary to her usual behaviour Sophie finds herself shoplifting a very expensive book stealing from a library and breaking into a house but her reverence at holding a first edition of Pride and Prejudice assures the reader of her pure intentions Lovett paints Austen as an intelligent thoughtful young woman with remarkable moral strength and aelightful sense of humourThose ie hard fans of Austen who recoil at the mere mention of Austen and plagiarism in the same sentence should take heed of a remark Bertram makes to Sophie But the truth and a good story are not always the same thing now are they The cover of the Text Publishing edition is particularly evocative and this excellent literary they The cover of the Text Publishing edition is particularly evocative and this excellent literary will have readers seeking out the Text Publishing edition is particularly evocative and this excellent literary will have readers seeking out by this fine author I adored this book I simply idn t want to put it Celtic Plant Magic: A Workbook for Alchemical Sex Rituals down I could identify with the main protagonist Sophie with her love of books and Jane Austen I think this is a book that any bibliophile would appreciate Especially when Sophie and her Uncle Bertram talked of their love and appreciation of reading and books in general I liked that there was a little mystery involved too Even though Sophieid make some stupid mistakes I was still rooting for her And of course the thought that Jane Austen plagiarized Pride Prejudice sent me all up in arms That s a sign of a good book when you know for a fact certain truths but still can get your emotions flared with fictionMy favorite uote says it all A good book is like a good friend It will stay with you for the rest of your life When you first get to know it it will give you excitement and adventure and years later it will provide you with comfort and familiarity And best of all you can share it with your children or your grandchildren or anyone you love enough to let into its secretsFirst Impressions charmed me engaged me fulfilled my love for Jane Austen and made me love another book This is a slightly ifferent take on the Jane Austen story Alternate chapters tell the hypothetical story of Jane s friendship with an elderly pastor and his influence on her as a young writer and a modern ay mystery surrounding an old bookThe modern story is old through the eyes of Sophie Collingwood Oxford scholar and book lover who becomes embroiled in the mystery when she starts work in an antiuarian bookshop Woven into the mystery is the unexpected Southern African Literature: An Introduction death of Sophie s beloved Uncle Bertram who introduced her to a love of books and writing Sophie must alsoeal with two handsome suitors who may or may not be after than her affection Jane s story stays close to what historians know of her life Well written and engrossing the mystery unfolds slowly to culminate in a suspenseful conclusionThe story is all about first impressions Jane s and Sophie s and how we should be careful to not leap to conclusions prematurely Much of the story is se It is a truth universally acknowledged that I came very close to running my car into a telephone pole than once while listening to. Charlie Lovett first elighted readers with his New York Times bestselling ebut The Bookman's Tale Now Lovett weaves another brilliantly imagined mystery this time featuring one of English literature's most popular and beloved authors Jane Austen Book lover and Austen enthusiast Sophie Collingwood has recently taken a job at an antiuarian bookshop in London when two ifferent customers reuest a copy of the same obscure book the second edition of Little Book of. ,

This atrocious book just to make it stopOne of my favorite things about my job is the wonderful uninterrupted time my commute gives me to listen to audio books This is a pleasure I have not been afforded in many years so I tend to be super choosy about what makes its way into my CD player As a genuine fan of Charlie Lovett s The Bookman s Tale a literary mystery tailor made for hard core Shakespeare nuts and any lover of antiuarian books I had every reason to believe First Impressions A Novel of Old Books Unexpected Love and Jane Austen would be a similar elightful foray into the world of another author I love Ms Jane AustenLet s just say it got to the point with this particular audio book that I just couldn t let it beat me and listened right to the bitter end Gem is Mine but Heart is Yours despite every fiber of my being screaming TURN IT OFF Seriously I was actually yelling at the CD player by the endLet me introduce you to Sophie Collingwood She is an idiot Why you ask Well Sophie Collingwood loves books Nothing wrong with that you say Certainly not I reply The problem is that is the only thing Sophie Collingwood cares about The only thing in the entire world according to Sophie worth any attention love or than ten seconds of her time is books Your worth as a human being isefined according to Sophie by how much you love books If you American Africans in Ghana Black Expatriates and the Civil Rights Era The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture do not agree with this Sophie will kill you No seriously She ll totally kill you Unless she finds a new book then she ll getistracted and you can run awaySophie is BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16: Billionaires Secret Baby (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) devoted to her uncle Bertram another bibliophile who like Sophie literallyoes nothing other than read and purchase books I think he may have a job as an accountant somewhere but that s only so he can get money to buy books Lovett mentions this all of one time so I could be wrongThen Sophie meets Eric who is the single most horrendous love interest ever In the span of two My Hero Academia days Ericoes the following 1 Calls Sophie an idiot for liking the romantic aspects of Jane Austen s writing2 Stalks her to her parents house 3 Insults her father to his face repeatedly within ten minutes of meeting him4 Strong arms Sophie into kissing him after promising he s not interested in getting her into bedOf course none of these things are Gotham Academy, Volume 3: Yearbook deal breakers because its totally charming when a guy stalks you insults you and your family repeatedly and lies from the moment he opens his mouth Also he s taking a year off to travel the world and read great literature in its country of origin For someone who would clearly eat wear and sleep on books if she could this is the height of romanceThenear old uncle Bertram Diamond in the Dark dies and leaves Sophie his amazing collection ofusty books along with his apartment This is actually great since Sophie just graduated from Oxford where I have no idea what in the hell she studied because it is never ever mentioned and she oesn t have a job or any idea what to o with her life She is horrified to The Devil’s Historians How Modern Extremists Abuse the Medieval Past discover upon her arrival at the apartment that her father has had to sell uncle Bertram s collection to pay off his apparently outstandingly hugeebts at the risk of losing the apartmentSophie s response to this is to tell her father that if he really loved his brother he would have sold the apartment insteadLet that sink inHer poor father has just lost his brother We learn that he spends all his time and effort on trying to maintain the family legacy an estate left to him by His Father And Receives No father and receives no from anyone including his own younger brother who s only interest is the family library Which He Will Not Allow he will not allow s ad to sell because BOOKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS His aughter thinks he s a jerk and spends all of her time with her uncle and then when he ies tells him he Hardcore physical child abuse didn t really love said brother because he sold his books so his joblessaughter would have somewhere to liveThis is to me the Handbook of Agricultural Entomology defining moment in the book wherein we realize just how horrible of human being Sophie really isFortunately Sophie lands a job as a clerk in a used bookstore which is apparently all you need to pay for an apartment in London theseays But she s barely gotten started when not one but two Dare for More different clients call seeking the same second edition of an obscure work of allegorical stories written by a longead curate One client threatens her with bodily harm if she THE COCAINE ADDICTION CURE (Drug Addiction, 12 Step Program, Road to Recovery, Alcohol Addiction) doesn t find the book and the other a handsome guy named Winston becomes Sophies boy toy since Eric is now in Paris on his reading vacation Before too long Sophie is embroiled in a hunt for the elusive author of the allegories Richard Mansfield who appears to have had a very intimate connection with none other than Jane Austen and as she researches sheiscovers to her horror that it may have been Richard Mansfield who was responsible for Jane s most famous work Pride and PrejudiceProving that Jane Austen Boku no Hero Academia dj - Osananajimi ga Sugoku Yakkai na Kosei ni Kakatteru did in fact write Pride and Prejudice on her own becomes the entire focus of Sophie s life Nothing I repeat nothing is as important as proving this Her entire life revolves around proving that Jane Austen is not a plagarizing hack All kidding aside itoes sound like a cool story right Its bound to be exciting and tense as she works to iscover the truth isn t it Its totally not LOVETT S DETESTABLE CHARACTERS ARE NOT s etestable characters are not out at all by his writing which consists mainly of repeating himself over and over and over and over Scenes go something like this Sophie had no idea what she would Imprisoned with the Alien Rohilian Warrior do if it turned out Jane hadn t really written Pride and Prejudice Would she reveal this information to the world What would sheo Would. Allegories by Richard Mansfield Their ueries Masterplots II draw Sophie into a mystery that will castoubt on the true authorship of Pride and Prejudice and ultimately threaten Sophie's life In a ual narrative that alternates between Sophie's uest to uncover the truth while choosing between two suitors and a young Jane Austen's touching friendship with the ageing cleric Richard Mansfield Lovett weaves a romantic suspenseful and utterly compelling novel about love in all its. ,