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Hat I got lo those many years ago Leon Stover my reuired anthropology class at Illinois Tech It s got few good science fiction stories t but t was most nteresting as a sort of time capsule glimpse at 19501960 worldviews We ve come a long way baby an outstanding anthology one of my favourite ever. Illiam C Hall• Omnilingual • Federation • 1 • 1957 • H Beam Piper• For Those Who Follow After • 1951 • Dean McLaughlin• A Preliminary Investigation of an Early Man Site Cabal in the Delaware River Valley • 1968 • Charles W Ward and Timothy J O'Leary• Body Ritual Among the Nacirema • 1966 • Horace Miner• The Wait • 1958 • Kit Reed• Everybodyovskyismn Cat City • 1968 • Lao Shaw• The Nine Billion Names of God • 1953 • Arthur C Clarke• The Captives • 1953 • Julian Chain• Men n Space • 1968 • Harold D Lasswell• Of Course • 1954 • Chad Oliver• Afterword • 1968 • Leon E Stover. Apeman Spaceman

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This book confirmed for me the old school style science fiction books really aren t my thing so much so that f you asked me to even summarise the story of this book I couldn t I read t at 3am Young Junius in a desperate attempt for something to help me sleep I ve no doubt this book has delighted many but I m glad to be done wi. Whatf Homo Sapiens was just a rather special breed of galactic wild rabbitOr a high class form of goldfish Homo PiscisWhat f he were spiritually nferior to a resurrected version of Neanderthal Man Who Can Even Beat can even beat at American footballApeman Spaceman Tales From Greenfuzz 3 is a collection of anthropological SF stories which all pose the uestion whats man's place Ambush in the universe To someone somewhere we arenferior perhaps even unnoticable and yet here we are teaching dolphins cheap tricks But one day• Foreword • 1968 Carleton S Coon• "INTRODUCTION • 1968 • LEON E STOVER AND "• 1968 • Leon E Stover and Harry Neanderthal • 1956 • poem by Marijane Al. Th Leaves and Stems from Fossil Forests: A Handbook of the Paleobotanical Collections in the Illinois State Museum it Placeholder review here for The Man Of The Year Million by HG Wells whichs not a story but a short article or essay postulating what man will be like that far n the future It mostly sticks to physicalbiological changes as opposed to social projections Okay I guess 3 future It mostly sticks to physicalbiological changes as opposed to social projections Okay I guess 3 out of 5 I re read the hard copy Len• Throwback • 1949 • L Sprague de Camp• Apology for Man's Physiue • 1968 • Earnest A Hooton• The Renegade • 1943 • Lester del Rey• Eltonian Pyramid • 1952 • Ralph W Dexter• Goldfish Bowl • 1942 • Robert A Heinlein• The Second Class Citizen • 1963 • Damon Knight• Culture • 1944 • Jerry Shelton• The Man of the Year Million • 1893 • H G Wells• 1000000 AD • 1893 • poem by Anonymous• In the Beginning • 1954 • Morton Klass• The Future of the Races of Man • 1965 • Carleton S Coon• The Kon Tiki Myth • 1960 • Robert "C Suggs• A Medal For Horatius • 1955 • Brig "Suggs• A Medal for Horatius • 1955 • Brig
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