Latter End

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A special thank you to my Booklikes buddy Tigus who steered me towards this particular Miss Silver mystery as it is by far the best of the three that I ve ead as it is by far the best of the three that I ve ead FAR THE SET UP FOR far The set up for End has been used dozens of times before Lord of the Manor Jimmy Latter marries Lois a jumped up younger woman slash self centered floozy who decides to be the new broom that sweeps out the old She proceeds to throw out the old etainers and impoverished GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany relatives then gets into a blazingow with the husband after he finds her trying to The Confederate Privateers rekindle an old flame with his cousin Antony who is having none of itealizing that he made a narrow escape indeed and ends up dead of poison in her Turkish coffee The suspect list is loooooong indeed because everyone had cause to hate Lois Including Jimmy he s just too obtuse and taken with her fragile form to figure it out She was truly awful Not Mrs Boynton from Appointment With Death awful More like I m so pretty and young and everyone should do exactly what I demand otherwise I will get bored and mope around and behave generally like a spoiled child Oh and I m the center of the universe so no one else s needs are important at allFrank Abbott one of Miss Silver s old pupils who is now the younger half allFrank Abbott one of Miss Silver s old pupils who is now the younger half a Scotland Yard detective team shows up with DI Lamb to investigate the crime Jimmy distraught hires Miss Silver to come to the country house and dig around because he is convinced that the lovely Lois committed suicide because she was upset about the fact that he d been giving her the silent treatment for two days after he found her practically mauling cousin Antony in her negligee Did I mention that Jimmy is obtuse Jimmy is obtuseMiss Silver s contribution to the mystery is very Marple esue she uses her knowledge of human nature and her sharp eyes to figure out when the various and sundry occupants aren t telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then worms it out of them in the nicest way possible I am pretty sure at this point that I like Miss Silver than I like Miss Marple although continued investigation is Big Bad Detective Agency reuired to confirmI came up with a solution at 70% which turned out to beight on It was a pleasing solution because this is one of those mysteries where the victim is extremely hateable and everyone else actually seems pretty nice if a bit dramatic at times The Miss Silver mysteries do not seem to need to be The Placer read in order so I decommend this one over either of the other two I Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism read I ve nowead 19 of the 32 Miss. Things had never been uite the same at Latter End since Lois had taken over Suddenly life see. Silver mysteries This is the 11th in the series They are all pleasant cozy eads with different
and new personalities for Miss to observe and analyze but other than giving a synopsis of the plot it is hard to give a meaningful eview of each one It does seem that each one has at least one Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness really disagreeable character that either becomes the victim of murder or turns out to be the perpetrator and in a way that makes them satisfying Patricia Wentwortheally knew how to make you dislike certain characters It Also Seems That Often seems that often not blackmail is involved and central to the crime than the other big motivators of greed and hatred I particularly enjoy how the elationship between Maud Silver and the Scotland Yard man Frank Abbot continues to developRecently I viewed new presentations of a couple of Miss Marple stories on PBS Masterpiece Mystery and do think there are some similarities between Miss Marple and Miss Silver It has been many years since I ead the Agatha Christie mysteries but I am finding that I eally like Miss Silver as a personality better and I think she is much clever and subtle and not so doddering I wonder why PBS has not done these mysteries and if they did who would they get to play Miss Maud Silver Delightful little mystery with did who would they get to play Miss Maud Silver Delightful little mystery with of stunning banter complex elationships lovely characters perfect pacing and of course our evered perceptress Miss Silver Exactly three stars While the manner in which Miss Silver collects her final clue to the murderer s identity worked in the 1940s it s so utterly incredible today that it d be cause for the MS to be firmly ejected by any publisherThe standard country house Lois Latter likes getting her own way and her easy going husband Jimmy usually gives in to her But she wants to get Der Bilderwächter rid of his two step sisters and the woman whose mother brought him up in childhood and Jimmy has just caught her propositioning his young cousin It s not surprising that Jimmy is the chief suspect when Lois is found poisoned Miss Silver comes to stay and persuades people to explain their secrets which leads her to the improbable yet obvious solution to the crime Not Wentworth s best but at least there s less of Maud s piety than some of the books contain Another charming book in this series However1 How can the author name the main characters Mr Mrs Latter then introduce other characters named Mr Mr Latimer What was the author thinking Thank goodness they only appeared for a few pages but why employ such similair. Med to be an endless succession of bitter familyows which Lois invariably won But when Lois.
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Names2 I am not convinced that the ending held up view spoiler Couldn t Lois tell that her coffee already contained sugar and cognac and be suspicious If she didn t know and proceeded to add them again wouldn t her coffee have been oversweetened Either way I can t imagine her dranking that coffee hide spoiler Latter End a large country house outside of London is the setting of Patricia Wentworth s 11th Miss Silver novel I was happy to see that there were some great strong female characters once again 11th Miss Silver novel I was happy to see that there were some great strong female characters once again Miss Silver is her etired governess self brilliant and fact oriented with a strong intuition about what lies between the words of people she speaks to there were others in this novel They were all strong in their own individual ways and as is characteristic of Ms Wentworth s writing care has been taken that there is congruency in each character s psychological makeup Lois Latter was a nasty piece of work and nobody is upset when she dies unexpectedly from an overdose of morphine but was it suicide or murder Miss Silver *Is Called In To Solve *called in to solve case and gently coughs her way to victory leaving the police trailing in her wake The family living at Latter End has always been a bit of a hotchpotch step siblings old family friends old family Letters to Rollins retainers the stray cousin but it worked wonderfully until Jimmy Latter owner of the house married the stunning bututhless Lois After putting up with the mishmash household for certain values of putting up with that include extracting as much work as possible and imposing as much humiliation as possible Lois decides it s time to send the whole lot packing and start over When it s her body discovered poisoned however Miss Silver has to pack up her knitting once again and sort through a whole houseful of motives to find the murdererThis classic English manor house murder gives just what it promises a classic murder mystery with myriad suspects an intriguing murder an intelligent detective who still needs to learn to carry cough drops or see a doctor could be tuberculosis if she s coughing that much to learn to carry cough drops or see a doctor could be tuberculosis if she s coughing that much knitting as she cogitates and a pair of hapless young lovers In addition especially listening to it aloud I found that there s uite a lot of lovely lyrical language that doesn t alliterate uite that much sorry that moves Wentworth s writing from the workaday to a higher level Eminently satisfying Enjoyed this a lot but I would have been interested in a HEA for Jimmy and Minnie than Antony and Julia who I did not much care abou. Latter is murdered it's shocking to discover just how many people might have wished her dead.