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Akes for a great story nonethelessHere we Meet Ibn Battuta In The Turkish City Ibn Battuta in the Turkish city Konya where he is treated to anecdotes about Maulana Rumi the great Sufi saint and scholar and is then entrusted with a book on his exploits to read from to the people he meets on his travels Rumi was a scholar and teacher until he met the mystical dervishes who changed his life completely and transformed him into a preacher This book is a series of issas or anecdotes about the Maulana Rumi and about the philosophy of life narrated by the various people that Ibn Battuta meets in Konya as well as those chronicled in the kitab he carries Sufism presents a view of Islam that seems contrary to all that we believe and see of it today Sufi saints preached love and were revered by all religionsThe issas are lovely and beautiful and have great points to ponder however much of the beauty of the prose seems to be lost in translation Do I mean its a bad translation Not by a long shot Let me give you an example Remember the song Ajeeb dastan hey ye Its beautiful soulful and incredibly sad Now translate it into English and it changes into something as mundane as Its a strange tale Urdu and Persian were the languages of the poets As I read this book I could almost glimpse the poetry that the author has tried to bring into the prose again and again as he tries to remain true to the style of the protagonist and his times It is hardly his fault that he is hindered by a language that contains no hidden depthsSo would I recommend this book Absolutely Although I would suggest you brush up on your knowledge about the Maulana Rumi and Ibn Battuta from Wikipedia to better understand the beliefs and the times of which these tales bear testimony I can t believe I was so excited about this book but this was utter disappointment No book no author before has pissed me off but gee gotta say there s always a first time The story s confusing Narration techniue s confusing And then you manipulate the story Oh and of COURSE we HAD to talk about Rumi

S Sexuality Didn T We 
sexuality didn t we we know him so well We know what happened behind closed doors during the chilla between Rumi and Shams The heck In Persian Sufi poetry the word lover means ashi ie a lover of God alright The 21st century concept of ashi is very different from that of those times Urgh I m so frikkin pissed off How do people have the audacity to say filthy things about such pious beings Even if he was mentioning what other people had said about these two men I m still annoyed If I ve understood this book wrong then please do help me see it the way it really is Coz right now I m blinded by hate and biasness towards this author Also Rabisankar bro you were trying too hard There were things in this book that did impress me but they had nothing to do with the writer it was about Rumi s own words or a issa. Ese tales his listeners discover their own lives reflected in these stories fate has bound them and perhaps you to Rumi A Mirrored Life reaffirms the magical powers of storytelling making us find Rumi in each of our hearts.


This ambitious novel is as stated on the cover the Rumi novel It tells the story of his search for and ultimate union with Shamz of Tabrizi the man responsible for making Rumi Rumi The book delves into the concepts of selfless love and union with the ultimate beloved God Rumi often repeats Die before you die the essence of true love which involves shedding your expectations one by one as you go along the path of life How the Lord puts you through varying degrees of suffering cooking you in his kitchen till you are ready to be savoured readying in his kitchen till you are ready to be savoured readying for ultimate nirvana and then death I would need to read this one again in a few years because I m not cooked enough to appreciate the book in it s fullest glory Really disappointing incomplete narrations and then there is sexuality defining the love between Shams and Rumi as that of homosexual I wonder do people even read Rumi when they pen down I bought Masnavi ye Manavi Spiritual Verses the original Persian version along with translation by azi Sajjad I am afraid Mr Rabisankar would have suffocated of guilt had he read Rumi s poetry I wonder why this book even exists Had I been not reading it on my kindle I would have thrown the book across the room and never pick it upPeople who have read The forty rules of Love by Elif Shafak will have the same opinion as i do I like the plot of the book that Ibn batuta narrating the story of Rumi Maulana Jalaluddin balkhi This book contains everything that you need to know about Rumi and it must be read before anyone starts to read Rumi s poetry because one needs an understanding about Rumi I really enjoyed the small verses involved in between texts The book is well translated and the book kept me engaged for almost a week Though the book could have shared about Ibn as well and I guess then only it would be the masterpiece The kind of book that you want to start reading again as soon as you finish it Link to the Book Review at ALOPIn the words of Nimue I am so lucky I got to read this book that uestions the answers and answers new uestions It was a difficult book to finish within I still conuer after reading this Rumi Novel by Bal that Elif Shafak s version of Rumi s and Shams S LIFE IS THE BETTER ONE life is the better one others Maufroy s Rumi s Daughter also depicted the story in a very sufiyana manner but both of these falls short of Shafak s engaging life story of RumiBut it isn t to say that Bal has written a mediocre novel here He has rather written a very thorough and poetic novel that well narrates the life Rumi He puts Ibne Batuta as the main protagonist and through his ourney to Anatolia dictates the events of Rumi s lifeIn some ways Bal s version of this famous story is fulfilled than the other two I mentioned before Bal succeeds to write the most researched version of Rumi s life where he follows his parents and hi. On his way from Tangiers to China the medieval Moorish traveller Ibn Battuta arrives in Konya Turkey where the legendary dervish Rumi had lived danced and died More than half a century may have passed since his death but .

S childhood too making a thorough depiction of the storyThough the story doesn t seem linear in the first part of the book it does maintain an interest level until Rumi s tale begins Since it s Ibne Batuta s tale at first and his narration of Rumi s life throughout we do have two stories in this book Bal doesn t lack in his book the holistic and sufiyana way of literalism as he time and again talks about the weather Spring and Winter and about poetry that Rumi is known for But he also doesn t hesitate to put in sexual contents in his book tooMore than once did I feel uneasy reading this book when the homosexuality or sexual contents were talked about very openly it would show that Bal isn t shy of such topics nor afraid about what his reader s might think about such openly discussed what his reader s might think about such openly discussed It was bold and uncomfortable at the same timeHowever the theme is the same here mystical knowledge and wisdom spread throughout which most of the times is hard to understand or take in Madness is appreciated while wisdom is disregarded dance and music is thought necessary as the means of reaching Him love is declared as the most important thing in one s life being cooked or declared the most important thing in one s life while being cooked or before death are listed as the pre reuisite for love Whether it s another flow of mystic thoughts or something we can t comprehend still remains a mystery for me An ExcerptForgetting makes life bearableAll in all it s another depiction of the famous Rumi and Shams tale which is written very amusingly for the Rumi fans For any person in love with sufism poetry or Rumi or Shams this book would prove to be a good read Otherwise it s really hard to recommend to a general audience Shafak s book Forty Rules of Love I believe still has the most reader friendly story for an introduction to Rumi s and Shams of Tabriz s taleMy praise for the novela mirroed life The Rumi Novel is as the name suggests a novel for all the Rumi lovers out there Thorough and comprehensively written Rumi Stories within stories makes this a mirrored life A book that is easy to read but not so easy to cut through the layered meanings Probably like every Sufi thought needs rereading to unravel the mystic meanings The first I heard of Ibn Battuta was from a popular Bollywood song who says our movies aren t educational When I looked him up I was amazed at the extent of his travels at a time when travelling even short distances must have been a nightmare Try and imagine a man so driven by the need to explore that no ties either family or money or women were able to bind him down although it is said that he was nudged along this destiny by the words of an Imam in Alexandria who prophesied his ourney to Hindustan Sindh and China Whether this was the impetus that a wanderer s soul needed to ustify leaving behind all that was familiar will forever remain a mystery but it Is poetry remains alive inscribed in every stone and tree and pathway Rumi’s followers entrust Ibn Battuta with a manuscript of his life stories to spread word of the mystic on his travels As Battuta reads and recites th. A Mirrored Life