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Not only was this exciting and moving

s so beautifully written I no less but this was just wonderful The amount of research put into this is just astounding It is so reat to see an mm book with so much research and careful writing behind it I LOVE Roman history especially about their legions so this book was made for me It starts off a lot faster than the first one I uess because the first one set the whole relationship up and there was a lot romance mixed in with a fantastic plot I wasn t sure how to feel about Drusus but by plot I wasn t sure how to feel about Drusus but by end I loved him And poor Dardanus and Valerian My heart was ripped out so many times during this I think Domin might be writing another seuel I sure hope so It was certainly a ood book and a decent seuel It was also however less endearing than the first book and Dardanus and Valerian s relationship issues are less compelling this time around Nonetheless I still enjoyed it and both the writing uality and historical accuracy remained intact which I was very thankful for For anyone who saw my review of Heather Domin s The Soldier of Raetia you may recall one of the many things I loved about it was the writing itself Domin s voice of the many things I loved about it was the writing itself Domin s voice mesmerizing the sort of wordsmithing that allows her readers to disappear into her characters lives their trials and tribulations and to feel their Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans grief when they lose a brother in arms in battle or in betrayal This is not a soft sell romanticized portrait of what it meant to be a Roman soldier in 10BC Rather it offers Six months after the events of Soldier of Raetia the 24th is invited on campaign with Rome's most famouseneral Drusus Germanicus the stepson of Augustus who will stop at nothing to subjugate the north Dardanus and Vale. .

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The Heirs of Fortune Valerians Legion #2S not a happy book And I really liked it better than The Soldier of Raetia That said it did not live up to my hopes at the end Well the Drusus storyline did The duty vs feelings storyline did not I just felt like it ot wrapped up far too uickly I was excited to read this continuation of Dardanus s and Valerian s adventures Well written novel of the further maturing of a young man fighting with the legions in Germania under Drusus Germanicus I liked the personal story between Valerian and Dardanus their differences over the ambitious Drusus These and other attitude differences bring them to an impasse How will they repair their tattered relationship The author brought in Dardanus s friends and OTHERS FROM THE FIRST NOVEL AND from the first novel and introduced us to sympathetic characters especially the young slave boy Karwe I loved Heather s descriptive nature passages reminiscent to me of bryher nature passages reminiscent to me of Bryher her Roman Wall A Novel Highly recommended The politics ambitions conflicts and loyalties of Rome are vividly brought to life in The Heirs of Fortune Manilus Dardanus and Cassius Valerian legionaries of Rome defend the borders of empire in Germania and elsewhere under the fraught and charismatic leadership of Drusus Germanicus The relationship of Cassius and Dardanus matures and changes in this second book in the Valerian s Legion series as together they and changes in this second book in the Valerian s Legion series as together they battle societal expectations and the shifting loyalties of an empire maintained and expanded by near constant warfare I enjoyed it even than the first book. Multiple roles and his admiration for two very different leaders Drusus' ambition will call everything they have chosen into uestion until both begin to wonder if love is worth the risk and what price they will have to pay. Believable impression of what it was like 35 StarsThe tale of Drusus Germanicus is told from an interesting perspective I will not focus on this overall just
in the first book the depiction of the setting is reat What I expected was maybe to see the characters as humans not so much as heroes I wished they would surprise me I hoped to think and feel with them In stead I felt like wished they would surprise me I hoped to think and feel with them In stead I felt like bystander and they were untouchable than ever Which I didn t really expect since the first book laid the foundation for different understanding on the image of the Classical Hero As far as I checked the author is planning on writing a third book Valerian s Legion The War of Illyria maybe that s where the surprises I hope for will be It took me a while to finish this because it kinda lost it s touchIn the beginning was what I thought and hoped it would beValerian and DardanusBut with the entry of DrususIt ets too complicated and abruptly endedSo if you want to keep the magic of book 1 then stop theredon t proceed or else be disappointed only like me 355 The Heirs of Fortune Is A Stronger Book a stronger book The Soldier of Raetia The writing just feels assured The plot is twofold The Heirs of Fortune is about Dardanus Valerian and the rest of the 24th joining Drusus Germanicus in his march to subjugate the north And it s also about Valerian and Dardanus struggling to balance duty and their relationship If you are familiar with the fate of Drusus Germanicus then it ll come as no surprise that The Heirs of Fortune Rian after spending the winter isolated from the outside world now find themselves facing the realities of their relationship while Valerian tries to reconcile public duty and personal feelings Dardanus struggles with his. .

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