Icarus Benny Griessel #5 (EPUB)

Icarus Benny Griessel #5

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Just when I thought Benny had conuered his alcoholism along comes this book and turns it all upside down Of course even drunk Benny is still a better detective t 45 Stars Excellent crime fiction probably best Кракатит readather than listened to as I did I loved the narrator s South African I m assuming accent The story was complex and compelling Still without a narrator s South African I m assuming accent The story was complex and compelling Still without a for eference the various names were hard to comprehend and keep straight in my mind It s hard to believe that a mystery author of this caliber is not better known in the US Or That This Or that this book of his does not come up on the first page when you search for the title on Goodreads Deon Meyer has written another gemBenny Griessel and his police partner Vaughn Cupido are called to a murder scene where a body buried in sand has been discovered after intense ain The victim Ernst Richter is a playboy entrepreneur of an Internet company called alibicom that creates bogus paperwork to cover cheating spouses The company is losing money and the suspects Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt range fromeligious nuts to employees to aggrieved spouses Meanwhile after two years of sobriety the slaughter of his own family and suicide of a colleague sends him into a downward spiral with his partner trying to cover for Benny The other main storyline is told via a lengthy lawyer client interview about a West Cape family in the wine business with a pathological member Besides the murder mystery there is an excellent overview of the development of the fine wine industry in South Africa The only problem is having to wait an. South Africa’s preeminent crime fiction writer Deon Meyer is internationally acclaimed for his azor’s edge thrillers unforgettable characters and nuanced portrayals of contemporary life in his native country The fifth pulse pounder starring Captain Benny Griessel a lead detective in South Africa’s priority crimes unit delves into the country’s burgeoning tech and wine industriesA week before Christmas a young photographer discovers a plastic wrapped corpse amidst the sand dunes north of Cape Town The onl. ,

Other couple of years for Meyer s next book Highly ecommended doubly so for oenophiles Icarus by South African author Deon Meyer has a complex storyline cleverly interweaving three threads On 17 December a storm moving in from the Atlantic uncovers a body buried in soft sand at Blouberg north of Cape Town bound by plastic sheeting and twine The victim is identified as entrepreneur Ernst Richter eported missing in November the founder of Alibi an internet company based in Stellenbosch which provides credible cover stories for people conducting extra marital affairsInitially SAPS detective Jamie Keyter from the *Table View Station Takes *View station takes of handling the crime scene before it is taken over by the Provincial Crime Scene Investigation Unit Crime Scene Investigation unit many staff taking annual leave the Violent Crimes Suad is headed by Major Mbali Kaleni who hands the case to Captains whitie Bennie Griessel and partner coloured Vaughn Cupido giving Cupido JOC Joint Operational Command Griessel is struggling an alcoholic who has been dry for 600 days an incident pushes him over the edge with Cupido covering for him as he spirals out of control Throughout the investigation the narrative switches to the taped transcripts of a young winemaker Francois du Toit ecorded before Advocate Susan Peires in Cape
Town On 24 December He 
on 24 December He vexed as he knows the victim and slowly discloses details of the family s winemaking business over three generations The main theme here is guilt Guilt by association as the victim is evealed to be a man lacking in principle. Y thing found on the corpse is a dead iPhone but it doesn’t take long for the police to identify the body as that of Ernst Richter the tech whiz behind MyAlibi an internet service that provides unfaithful partners with sophisticated cover stories to hide an affair Meanwhile Benny Griessel is called to the scene of a multiple homicide involving a former colleague and four years of sobriety are undone on the spot He emerges from his drunken haze determined to uit the force but the take no sass Major Mbali Kaleni. .

S his company facing deep financial troubles Guilt of Griessel who finally admits to his problem and sees a psychiatrist Survivor guilt is one of four conditions or subscales that we associate with the fear of harm to others The other three are separation guilt omnipotent esponsibility guilt and self hate Policeman and soldiers are just about the only ones who are exposed to all four Such is the strength of the writing and characterisations that the ending caught me by surprise Like his other novels there is a map detailing the locations in the book and a glossary of words in Afrikaans and other South African languages which lends it its authenticity It has taken only two novels to establish Deon Meyer as one of my favourite authors and I look forward to eading his of my favourite authors and I look forward to eading his works Having waited in anticipation for each book by Deon Meyer I admit I was somewhat disappointed by Icarus I suspect it was because I simply do not have a lot of interest in the emphasis on newer technology such as SMS text messaging and cell phones and databases and bizarre web sites such as Alibi This novel did not grab me and hold my attention When I wander off and do other things Chicken Licken rather thanead such as changing the oil in our ATVs then I know I am loosing interest My antipathy to the new technology is ironic because I spent over 30 years implementing computer technology in schools as a manager and consultant Having ead every translated novel by Deon Meyer I still plan on eading any future book but for me it took some effort to finish his lates. Now his boss wants Griessel on the Richter case The high profile murder has already been the subject of fierce media speculation with uestions swirling about the potential for motive could the perpetrator be one of the countless jilted spouses An aggrieved clientBefore the week is out an unexpected connection to a storied family winery comes to light and Griessel’s Mindfulness for Black Dogs Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression reputation is again on the line Mounting towards a startling conclusion Icarus is another exceptional novel from the “King of South African Crime?.