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Pitalized But Bethany is only allowed to stay for holidays then She Has To Go has to years ago Nick s wife left him for his best friend and business partner and Nick hasn t been as close to his children especially his little daughter who he doesn t even believe is his But he soon begins to change his mind with a little heavenly helpI really liked Bethany what a sweet heroine Nick wasn t very likable at first and was uite a jerk He wasn t very nice to his ids or to Bethany But he improved

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the book on I liked how the heroine was an angel It was different for a Harleuin PresentsA lovely fantasy paranormal romance good to read around Christmastime A darling story about a man who lost his way and the angel who came into his life just when he needed it most and showed him true love A perfect Christmas read and one that will be on my reading list next Christmas It s a uick easy read that left me lighthearted and happy I bought this one on a whim and I m glad I di. After Christmas she must go back But she never expects to fall for Nick and his children Now Bethany is the one who needs the miracle Can Nick save her in time for Christma.

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Heavenly AngelsWowzers I wasn t really expecting a story that had an angel in it but it popped up on my feed courtesy of Vintage it but it popped up on my feed courtesy of Vintage probably wont see this but it got me intriguedThere really wasn t enough background info on either character to suit me We now the H is bitte about his ex but its never really delved into properly about how their relationship developed or fell apart and she then copped off with his best mate real friends don t do that no matter what on top of which she was off with his best mate real friends don t do that no matter what on top of which she was by the H when she shacked up with said best mate which is tacky in the extreme as she must have been shmexing him up to get up the duff strange behaviour if youre in love with anotherThe H then acts like a total moron becoming a workaholic and ignoring his ids for years his poor last born doesn t even get a look in as he doesn t think he is the father How he got rich and tycoon I ll never now here in the UK we have Jezza Kyle like an Jerry Springer who would have been only to happy The tycoon’s Christmas miracleWealthy workaholic Nick Rafferty some Christmas help After his ex wife is involved in an accident Nick must step in and give his three. O sort out a DNA test on TV to announce he was the fatherh is a total Mary Poppins And We Find Out NOTHING Poppins and we find out NOTHING her announce he was the fatherh is a total Mary Poppins and we find out NOTHING about her before she mistakenly became an angelToo many plot holes and a horrible H to warrant any than 2 stars Cute little Christmas novella Nothing too complicated This was a bizarre combination of cavity inducing Christmas schmaltz with a touch of magic and a Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice swap No real swapping but the the backstory is the H bows out of his marriage so his wife and his EX best friendbusiness partner can hook up Somehow someway the H ends up the bad guy Luckily for him an angel with a great rear and awesome child wrangling skills shows upLet me add this to the others in the pile that makes me dislike holiday themed romancesBah humbug A really sweet other world romance Really cute short story about an angel heroine Bethany who has an assignment to help out hero Nick Rafferty and his three ids after his ex wife is in an accident and is hos. Children a Christmas to remember So when housekeeper and nanny Bethany shows up Nick believes she’s heaven sentBethany is only permitted to stay with Nick for the holidays.