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Ere separate from what happened a man does not like to feel manipulated but afterward I remembered your face and it didn t seem right You have always been honest with me I liked this book I really loved Derek ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review the continuation of revealing ruby honest review The continuation of Revealing Ruby hones the focus on the famous Madam Rouge or rather her ton alter ego Emma So please read Revealing Ruby first so you famous Madam Rouge or rather her ton alter ego Emma So please read Revealing Ruby first so you get the full effect and a lot of the backstoryRavishing Ruby begins 3 months after Revealing Ruby The Affair With Derek Is Over And He Is Gone She with Derek is over and he is gone She him but continues to live her life as we have come to know itwith an added wrinkleapparently Madam Rogue is an aler egoshe is really a lady of the ton Emma Scanlon whose ton life is still very much under scrutinyEnter hard to please grandparents that demand she maintain respectability by marrying well or lose their affection With her inside knowledge of the depravities of most of the ton s eligible males she finds that she is longing for her deep connection Although the book is very sexy which by the way is a plus for me there was ust something about Derek and Ruby that didn t really click Ruby s occupation wasn t all that believable to me At least under the circumstances that it was presented Derek didn t seem to consider Ruby a serious possibility until the absolute last second and even then it was barely glossed over so I didn t truly buy in If you don t expect a lot of character growth and ust want to read sexy scenes it s good ARC received in exchange for an honest review Okay so yes ony three stars why well because of the other books I have read from this series This one moved the slowest I ust was not totally sucked in That is not to say that the story and the characters were not good I have been looking forward to this book to Ruby s full story I I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads3 Ravishing Stars Finally a complete novel dedicated to the intriguing madam of the series after giving readers a small taste in an earlier short novella After so much buildup there was a lot to live up to in this novel Was it a success Ravishing Yes Ruby No I will admit I have a lovehate affair with this series There are elements I absolutely adore while there are I don t I love historical romance and prefer one that is characterstory driven versus insta lovelust driven So keep that in mind during the following review In previous books I loved the underlying story until it became a between the sheets fest that buried the plot underneath the bed Ravishing Ruby is lacking any and all development buildup Ravishing Ruby begins 3 months after Revealing Ruby Emma s pining away for Derek as she counsels one of her clients I was actually interested in his particular story but knew it was The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States just a lead in In. Ean to disappoint her family in fact there’s uite a bit about theob she would gladly leave behind but she cannot bear the thought of losing her most beloved admirer Captain Derek Price What would she do without his muscular arms encircling her waist or his rough chin scraping her cheek No marriage is out of the uestion for Ruby and for Emma Beckoned back to England to assume his role as heir to the family fortune Derek will Walks Derek who throws himself because Ruby is touching the Hand Of Said Client From This Point From This Point It Was of said client From this point forward it was definitely page after page of "Ravishing Ruby 2 Scenes Before The 10% "Ruby 2 scenes before the 10% Which leaves little time for the reader to connect to the characters or understand why they re always connected to each other This is coming from a reader who also read Revealing Ruby Unless I read it immediately prior this story felt instantaneous with no build up So fast that instead of hot I felt whiplashNarration RubyEmma s narration was enjoyable to read because she was serious and developed in the beginning then uvenile and wishy washy While at first Derek had a one track mind that left me feeling as he is was written one dimensional So I had a hard time buying their intense connection past the shallow lust because Derek showed no interest in anything but Ruby s dumplings rear view Derek says several times over how Emma is not the whre Ruby portrays yet all he sees in her is his sexual fantasies playing out and instant gratification Frankly other than playing together I felt nothing between these characters even with a previous novella dedicated to them As a reader I was disconnected emotionally As a female reader my mind and emotions are connected to the heat source the author is trying to spark in me With my mind not engaged and not connecting to the characters none of it came together The underlying story itself felt drawn out and bogged down with repetition All conflict could have been resolved if the characters didn t drag their feet every step of the way except to the bedroom The story was the passenger with the lust scenes as the driverEven with my critical review I highly recommend Ravishing Ruby to fans of the Bound Determined series who love smexy than story If this type of read is your thing guaranteed it will leave you flushed with delight Will I continue on with this series No it s obviously not to my taste I need I ust need than sex More Ruby is Madame Rouge owner and operator of a famous and if you will elegant pleasure house in London She takes very good care of her girls and creates an atmosphere that ensures all her patrons have a memorable experience with class comfort and attentionBut Ruby is also Emma Scanton the illegitimate daughter of a duke raised by her tradesman grandparents in the countryside She visits them whenever she can and they know nothing of her other life in LondonCaptain Derek Price is an occasional patron of Madame Rouge s The first time he appeared Ruby broke her own rule and seduced him for herself and now whenever he s in town though rarely he visits her In addition to smoking hot sex they have intense and often personal conversations They share their pasts their fears and their hopes and dreams For my full review on my historical romance and history blo. Oon enter into a suitable marriage But not without one last visit to see Madame Rouge During the long months away Derek could only think of Ruby her luscious lips and cobalt eyes the swell of her breasts against the bodice of her gown Derek’s rich attractive fiancée selected for him by his family is perfectly lovely But Derek wants the ravenous ravishing Ruby for far than one night Ravishing Ruby is intended for mature audienc. ,

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Ravishing Ruby Bound and Determined #3

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This story is made by the varied forms of sensual experience that Ruby and her leading man share Because there is so much time spent building the legend and the lore of the great and worldly Ruby The reality behind said legend is sadly left without adornmentThis relative mediocrity would prove refreshing in The reality behind said legend is sadly left without adornmentThis relative mediocrity would prove refreshing in face of Ruby s exploits if Emma was comfortable with EmmaIt seems as though "Emma wants to be Ruby than she wants to be herself Even though given the money that she has made as "wants to be Ruby than she wants to be herself Even though given the money that she has made as She has the power to live her life on her own termsBecause she refuses to stand up for herself however the fact that she must marry her leading man to unite the two halfs of herself under the shelter of the auspices of convention and social respectability is sadly a foregone conclusion A full book for Ruby Yes please I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This follows on from the novella Revealing Ruby and it would serve the reader well to read it before this book It is set many months after the first encounter between Derek Price and RubyEmma I would recommend that you read all the books in order as they build up the picture of Madame Rouge and her ways I really enjoyed this story as the plot developed the first goodly proportion is hot and steamy although it failed to move the story forward for me Once Emma is given an ultimatum by her Grandfather and with Captain Price also having some pressing issues it is a fight to get the story turned around before the pages run out but Ms Kent knows what she is doing and even the most cynical of us should enjoy how everything gets tidied up and moved forward After a number of stories where Ruby is helping solve other people s issues it was frustrating at times that she took so long to work out her own solution but at the same time it did make sense that she wouldn t see the wood for the trees when it came to how to resolve her future plans I liked this story which is why it gets 3 stars from me Derek and Emma are interesting in the way they met they way they interact and the way they can t stop themselves from desiring one another Emma is unlike any noble born women I ve ever read about and I found that refreshing Derek was noble born and a captain which I likedI found the story was ust likable I didn t fall in love with the story or the characters but the novel was interesting enough to be able to hold my attention I didn t struggle through the read and I didn t hate any of the characters I liked the dynamic Derek and Emma gave off where they accepted all sides of one another and the is what ultimately led them to staying together I suppose I wanted something From The Book I the book I when a man can admit when he s wrong Derek was one of those men yes And then a pause I admit my anger got the best of me at first for reasons that Eloisa James meets E L James in Lavinia Kent’s deeply sensual Regency romance Torn between duty and desire London’s most infamous madam fights for a future with the love of her life an insatiable ruggedly charming American sailor Emma Scanton’s grandfather wants her to marry Though he means well he has no idea that his sweet shy granddaughter leads a double life as the proprietress of Madame Rouge’s “Ruby” doesn’t