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Julio Cort zar Cronopios and FamasCort zar turns his rifle against routine the addiction everyday life brings to small things that we repeat day after day until we die and which are according to Cort zar the source of our self destruction Now for a man of routine like yours truly this can be a pretty upsetting if highly entertaining read The notions behind the absurd goings on of the book soaked me to the bone and hit home since I m at a period where a tendency to reevaluate how I spend my free time has already occupied a big chunk of my mind and psychology Good timing Sure But Cronopios and Famas will not sit on your chest like Hopscotch It s a short and light read although in order for the whole of its value to reach the core of the reader a re read is mandatory Apparently Cort zar won t be leaving my world any time soon What the deuces is a Cronopio or for that matter a Fama These Latin American countries theres no end to the trolls and LGMs they ll concoct so is it a chupacabra An imbunche a cheesy musicalA play on words from CronosNo its Cortazar s Seussian like latino simulacras the Spanish euivalent of Bippo No Bungus the Grinch Biffer Baums and what nots and others except its geared for adults Important distinction this because if you are an adult who likes to vacation in Disneyworld without children in tow then this book may not be for you This is silly sausages for adults as the Cronopios Esperanzas and Famas battle it out ad absurdum Prior to that its essays on the mundane but through a scanner darkly no wait through the looking glass if you now There s no such thing as prose poetry because poetry is writing in short lines that s the only thing that makes it poetry if it s not in short lines it s not poetry That s why I like the directions for microwave pizza But when people say prose poetry this is what they meanI don t always understand what Cort zar s banging on about but it s pleasant anyway And it s usually really funny which is nice That s also evidence that it s not poetry poetry is almost never funny Poets are writers who are too overwhelmed by angst to write full sentencesExcept for the old timey ones They had to write in short lines because long ones hadn t been invented yet It s no coincidence that the guy who invented novels was idding Here are the three paintings referenced on pages 10 13Sacred Love and Profane Love by TitianThe official theme is the bride of the commissioner of the work Cupid and Aphrodite There has been some debate over which of the two women is profane and which sacred Lady and the Unicorn by RaphaelIt s unclear who the woman is In 1958 only four years before the publication of this book restoration work on the painting revealed that the unicorn was a later modification the woman was originally holding a dog If I paint a horn on my dog will he be a unicorn Only one way to find outHenry VIII by HolbeinWell I think Henry VIII was a dick too Instructions on how to Climb a StaircaseBe especially careful not to raise at the same time the foot and the foot 22Now I want to be an artist who makes impractical staircases Given Cort zar s fearful loathing of watches They aren t giving you a watch you are the gift They Re Giving You re giving you for the watch s birthday 24 I d hate to hear how he might feel about cell phones Well now I m overthinking the fact that I m or less lying on my back Is this Kafkaesue Sortof We were not really sure of our ability to lodge a tiger and that was depressing 46 Yes That s what I always say Borges was pretty sure he couldn t do it It s unfortunate that this story has never been read by a single Zanesvillian I plan to read the story on page 71 several times Either there s been a typo or Cort zar has chosen to replace the title of the story with a paragraph fragment from the previous page which also seems reasonable ETA It s a publishing mistake The title of the story is The End of the World of the End Established that ants are the true rulers of creation the reader may take this as hypothesis or as a fantasy in any case he will do well with a little anthropoescapism 80 While reading Plan for a Poem you Should Of Course Refer of course refer this image Cronopios and Famas the last section of the book is typical of the whole At first you re mystified many of these are made up words and the stories seem to lack internal consistency in any case Before you now it you find that some of them make sense after all or else you ve made sense of them like The Public Highways 132 and Story 135 But some of them still don t and some of them might have if you d been paying better attention or were of a cronopio and less of a fama and some of them are just Cort zar fucking with you My pi ata is overflowing Julio your Cronopios are driving me crazy Read Julio Cort zar Transform the gray matter of your brain into a sparkling pi ata especially when reading Julio s Cronopios and Famas an assortment of dozens of the most micro of micro fictions And not only read but let your pi ata burst with streams of words glittery twinkling flashing let your reading of each mini serve as a call to respond yes yes you respond with your own shinny micro Give us an example says a tiny Cronopio Most certainly I reply as I take the shape of a Fama Here are two plus two INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO SING Julio sBegin by breaking all the mirrors of the house let your arms fall to your side gaze vacantly at the wall forget yourself Sing one singe note listen to it from inside If you hear but this will happen much later something like a landscape overwhelmed with dread bonfires between the rocks with suatting half naked silhouettes I think you ll be well on your way and the same if you hear a river boats painted yellow and black are coming down it if you hear the smell of fresh bread the shadow of a horseAfterwards buy a manual of voice instruction and a dress jacket and please don t sing through your nose and leave poor Schumann at peace THE SPEECH mineI m a guest speaker at a banuet I start delivering my speech Judging from the audience s respons. Historias de cronopios y de famas es uno de los libros legendarios del escritor argentino Postulación de una mirada poética capaz de enfrentar las miserias de la rutina y del sentido común Cortázar. ,

Historias de cronopios y de famas

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Tions of Famas Cronopios and Esperanzas indeterminate constructions feeling so new that they seem to have been devised only as they were being written down Somewhat overwhelming and I really should have taken my time and read these slower a few a day spaced out with other books But it s good to now that Cortazar can be so playfulPreviously This is brilliant I can t believe Hopscotch steered me away from further Cortazar for an entire year Jimmy I m seeing what you mean about the perfection of Cortazar on a sentence by sentence basis now too I was impressed at the ingenious invention in this selection of weird and innovative stories Opening with a seuence of what Brian Eno might call obliue strategies for living in Instruction Manual on essential topics like Instructions on How to Comb the Hair and Instructions on How to Kill Ants in Rome the selection moves into slender improvisations of a surreal and fantastic nature such as The Tiger Lodgers a droll rumination of the business of lodging a tiger to Marvellous Pursuits which offers anarchic suggestions for hobbies to a torn out extract from an ant ruled future in Geography These stories are terrific for their looseness and sheer sense of play mixing the scholarly prankishness of Borges with the intellectual impishness of ueneau or Barthelme The titular final section becomes the most formally experimental with odd poetic lyric like or playlet pieces zinging from page to page on cronopios the anarchic folk and fomas the cautious folk not to be confused with Wampeters or Granfalloons This is a fucking pearl Some of human beings are cronopios and some are famasThere are also esperanzas they are the silent majority And if asked I would always choose to be a cronopio because it s fun they are by themselves and they don t conform and being a fama is just a boreWhen famas go on a trip when they pass the night in a city their procedure is the followi One of my best friends told me I am Cronopia but have some of Fama too I guess he s right Why do I love Julio Cort zar and by proxy 20th century Latin American lit so much Let me count the ways Joao Gilberto s version of Desafinado playingOk I m done 3297 ways ThereMy friend peer First Among Euals and all around Mr Dynamite to my Mr Matchstick Nathan NR Gaddis once advised somewheresometime on Goodreadorelse that a reader who finds themselves tired of the same old claptrap is advised to head south of the United States border for replenishment and a headchange I paraphrase obviously Truer words never spoken Don Nathan There was some serious Magick afoot and afield in the minds and pens of my hemispherically opposite yet also America d brothers and sisters The rules of European stodge while inspirational to varying degrees were merely the base from which these manticores took pan dimensional flightLet me try that again The Latin American writers of the classic period ripped up the Rule Book and made papier m ch devilmasks out of its leaves Their panoptical vision and ability to imagine and ensnare an almost pantheistic uni view remains without precedent or peer Their unilateral dedication to ground breaking is as idiosyncratic and natural to each writer s work as the whorls of their fingertips Taken en masse the work is peacock feathers shim shim shimmering refractory light dancing off the chiaroscuro of the omni spectral coloration inherent to their plumes Cort zar to me is the greatest embodiment of this thesis No one did to challenge l acad mie of convention nor did so with half the panache Looking for all the world like a cinema star but blasting emeralds out of his typewriter Cort zar brought theretofore unheard of components to the contemporary canon absurdity and humor And that s what gets me the playfulness The serious subtext festooned with fantastic creatures and truly odd whatsit Cronopios and Famas is a damning examination and critiue of class systems but what with all the groove heavy Cronopian mutoid shenanigans you could read it as a bedtime story to your gender neutrally Christian d spawn Name another book that accomplishes that impossible task Reader s Digest Tip top of the absolute tippity toppermost of the pip pippity poppermost The first person that says Orwell Animal Farm or any combination thereof is gonna get shanked You ve been warned I think I should yet work at some aspects of my personality to become better cronopio Unfortunately I observe some fama in me either and at times too much to my liking sigh You could say there is nothing wrong with them Obviously Famas are tidy and organized and prescient and cautious And I d add boooring yet Cronopios for a change are depicted as sensitive creatures imaginative rebellious even greenish frizzly wet objects You may think what you want now And there is yet a third category esperanzas and they are majority I assume and one could characterize them as indolent and plain and dull individuals So if you don t now what type you are please read Turtles and Cronopios Now it happens that turtles are great speed enthusiasts which is natural The esperanzas 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales know that and don t bother about itThe famasnow it and make fun of it The cronopios now it and each time they meet a turtle they haul out the box of colored chalks and on the rounded blackboard of the turtle s shell they draw a swallowand if you still can t define yourself you can always try Make yourself at home view spoilerAn esperanza built a house and plastered up at home view spoilerAn esperanza built a house and plastered up tile which read WELCOME ALL WHO COME TO THIS HOMEA fama built a a house and plastered up tile which read WELCOME ALL WHO COME TO THIS HOMEA fama built a and did not put up a tile in the first placeA cronopio built a house and following the custom set into the porch divers tiles which he bought or had made The tiles were cemented up in such a way that they could be read in order The first said WELCOME ALL WHO ENTER THIS HOMEThe second said THE HOUSE IS SMALL BUT THE HEART IS IMMENSEThe third THE PRESENCE OF A GUEST IS AS SOFT AS RESTThe fourth WE ARE POOR BUT STILL WE HAVE GOOD WILLAnd the fifth read THIS ORDINANCE CANCELS ALL PREVIOUS ANNOUNCEMENTSBEAT IT hide spoile. Los más grandes escritores de este siglo y un antídoto seguro contra la solemnidad y el aburrimiento Sin duda alguna Cortázar sella un pacto de complicidad definitiva e incondicional con sus lectore. ,
E not a word of what I say is being understood I try speaking louder No luck I try speaking slower Once again not a single word is being understood I resort to simply moving my lips The audience sits up and begins to understand I stop moving my lips and start waving my arms Everyone nods their head in approval I stop waving my arms and simply stand there I receive a round of applause I remove my eyes nose and mouth and tuck them in my pants pocket The audience moves toward the podium I can hear them and each member takes a turn embracing me We ve never seen such a speaker a deep voice intones I wiggle my ears as a way of saying thank you Really he utters you ve said enough alreadySTORY Julio sA small cronopto was looking for the ey to the street door on the night table the night table in the bedroom the bedroom in the house the house in the street Here the cronopio pauses for to go into the street he needed the The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle key to the doorHEAD GAMES mine I woke up head on the pillow but not anything else I mean to say that there wasn t any body attached I was only head nothing but head I turned my head my only me and saw one of my arms the left one I think on the bureau and my scrotum hanging on my clothes tree I turned my head the other way My toes rested like ten pale Brazil nuts on the windowsill the cheeks of my buttocks on the floor a calf andnee poking out of the pants I threw over a chair last night I looked up at the ceiling More of the same my neck another leg thumbs and yes my penis all dangle from the light cordBy the time I gather myself together and I m back in one piece I m really running late I open my bedroom door and the rooms of my house and the rest of the neighborhood are scattered on a wide grassy plain Now I now I m really going to be lateTHERAPIES Julio sA cronopio receives his medical degree and opens a practice in the calle Santiago del Estero A patient arrives almost immediately and tells him how there are places that ache and how there are places that ache and how he doesn t sleep at night and eats nothing during the day Buy a large bouuet of roses the cronopio tells himThe patient leaves somewhat surprised but he buys the bouuet and is instantly cured Bursting with gratitude he returns to the cronopio and not only plays him but as a delicate testimonial he presents him with the gift of a handsome bouuet of roses He has hardly left the office when the cronopio falls ill aches all over can t sleep at night and eats nothing during the daySTRIKE UP THE BAND mineTown doctors these days use band instruments for a surgical operation implanting brass from trombone tuba and trumpet to replace stomach liver and intestinesIn the recovery room its time to strike up the band Breakfast sounds like John Philip Sousa Nurses wave flags visitors toss confetti and the patient in the bed by the wall who has been bedridden for over a month gets up and starts marching around the room TURTLES AND CRONOPIOS Julio sNow it happens that turtles are great speed enthusiasts which is naturalThe esperanzas now that and don t bother about itThe famas Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance know it and make fun of itThe cronopiosnow it and each time they meet a turtle they haul out the box of colored chalks and on the rounded blackboard of the turtle s shell they draw a swallowFROG KITES mineOn sunny Sundays Billy Boy fills his bullfrogs with helium and uses them for Test logiciel en pratique kites The largest frogs he flies with a piece of cloth tied to one frog leg and string to the otherFor the smaller ones he uses four pieces of balsa wood to stick two frogs together to make a boxite The frogs can t croak since Billy seals their mouths closed By passing gas however the frogs eventually run out of helium and glide back to earth slowly trying to avoid tires of trucks and beaks of storks and Billy that naughty boy with his pathological nack for Constructing Frog Kites In His Struggle Against Pragmatism And The frog ites In his struggle against pragmatism and the tendency of reaching useful ends my eldest cousin proposed the following procedure to pull from the head a good thick strand of hair make a not in the middle of it and drop it gently down the sink drain Should the hair get trapped in the metal grate which used to propagate in such drains all you have to do is open the faucet a bit and it will disappear for good Without a moment of hesitation you must begin the job of recovering the hairPublished a year before Hopscotch and after presumably having served as an outlet valve for for of recovering the hairPublished a year before Hopscotch and after presumably having served as an outlet valve for for exuberant nonsense Cortazar needed to get out of his head but deemed unfit for that serious work Cronopios and Famas is a dense wild explosion of ideas mundane or insane The first two sections are essentially perfect First a set of instructions into the use of stairs on how to cry on the use of a comb and a slight strange gorgeous poem on the dissection of ground owls and I who almost never read poetry This is beating the surrealists at their own game stripping the rational veil back from everyday to reveal a chaos of parts and urges and hidden unexpected variation This continues in the second part matter of fact monologues from a member of a outwardly normal family who bend all convention as a matter of course defying utility and performing actions with great care purely because they ve envisioned them These two parts together are only as bizarre as they are ordinary and packed with identifiable insights however strangely packaged This is fantastic five star stuffEither the tiger agrees to be lodged or it must be lodged in such a way that its acceptance or refusal is of no conseuenceThis takes us about a third of the book s length the next two parts get a third each True to its name Unstable Stuff disintegrates into a ind of notebook of outrageous ideas varying wildly in style and uality The best the bear in the pipes the art of abstraction are every bit as good as the earlier material but it s mostly in line with the near free associative absurdity of someone like Daniil Kharms Finally in the closing title section a series of slight exceedingly odd fables about the interac. Toma auí partido por la imaginación creadora y el humor corrosivo de los surrealistas Esta colección de cuentos y viñetas entrañables es una introducción privilegiada al mundo inagotable de uno de. ,