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An Officer and a MaverickConnection between them was believable and the talk of the town They work on their issues slowly learn to trust each other and find a way to communicate with each other They are fun adorably sweet and passionateThe town folks are not shy at all to get involved in each others business in any matter And everyone has their opinion about the spiked punch nearly everyone drankHumorous warm and delightful story I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next installation in the series maybe we finally find out who made the whole town to act so crazy Four Spoons An Officer and a Maverick by Teresa Southwick is part of the Maverick series What happened at the wedding Someone s poisoned the waterholewell like the punch bowl at the wedding People in town are acting strange and Lani Dalton is included Russ Campbell is working security that night and when a fight breaks out which includes Lani s brother Anderson she does her best to distract the law So much so that she gets herself arrested thrown in jail locks herself and Russ in the jail cell then hides the key then they both get hot and heavy while having sex in the cell before the sheriff comes back to release them This is all in the beginning of the book Much to this story If you haven all in the beginning of the book Much to this story If you haven read any of the other books in this series I highly recommend them but you will not need to read them in order to follow the story Very good book one that was funny frustrating to read them in order to follow the story Very good book one that was funny frustrating emotional Lani has had her eye on Russ for a couple months ever since he started helping out the town sheriff when he was shorthanded But he never seemed to pay her any attention ntil the Fourth of July and the big wedding reception in the parkLani is generally pretty straightforward and not one to break the rules The night of the wedding reception after having some of the punch she found herself a little the worse for wear Russ had just come to her aid when they both noticed two of her brothers getting into a fracas with another man Lani has inside knowledge on her brother that tells her getting in trouble with the law would not be a good thing for him so she goes to work distracting Russ Fueled by the punch her antics are pretty funny especially when she manages to get both herself and Russ locked inside one of the town s jail cells There she discovers that Russ isn t as indifferent as she thoughtRuss had returned to Montana after several years in Denver He left Denver with his trust in other people badly damaged after discovering the his partner was on the take and that his fellow officers didn t appreciate him turning in one of their own On top of That His Fiancee Didn T his fiancee didn t around to support him He s drawn to Lani but really doesn t want to be especially since he can see that she is hiding something from him When the sheriff asks Russ to investigate the problem with the spiked punch he also suggests that Russ ask Lani to help since she knows everyone This enforced togetherness has the intensity of their attraction heating p but also emphasizes their obstacles First neither was really looking for a relationsh. Jail dripping wet by dashing detective Russ Campbell Readers what would you do if you found yourselves in the strong arms of the law Since then Lani's been reluctant to revisit the Case of the Spiked Wedding Punch Because helping the arrestingly handsome. .

Loved this series This is the third book to the series and first I have read I have enjoyed it and want to go back and read the books I have missedLani Dalton was feeling good She saw her brothers throwing a fist and The detective Russ Campbell heading to go arrest Anderson Lani decided to distract him so she got in the fountain and started to spray him with water and staying out his reach till she fell and took him down tooLani works on her family ranch and part time at the local bar She was only drinking the punch at the wedding in the park on the fourth of July She has had a bad relationship and is weary but not that nightRuss Campbell has come back to Montana and is a police detective in a neighboring area He helps out some in Rust Creek Falls when needed He has a problem trusting women He knows Lani is keeping some secrets about that night she locked him in the jailRuss has been asked to work in Rust Creek Falls to find out who wanted the town drunk He has also been asked to work with Lani because people will talk to Her And She Knows Everyone and she knows everyone townThere is a couple of love scene and the first one is right at front of the story Lots of drama a community of characters that are back from last year about rebuilding the town after the floodI was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Harleuin In return I agreed to give a honest review of An Officer and a Maverick It s all about loyalty and trust for the disillusioned couple in this Mavericks of Montana tale The irky small town provides Big Sky realistic surroundings the spiked wedding punch Case Provides Entertainment And The provides entertainment and the and forth banter enlivens RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Montana Mavericks What Happened at the Wedding Eh does what it says on the tin Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, uick and cute romanceestern story Wanted the literary euivalent of potato chips and got it Characters were interesting enough and it had somenexpected turns Major plot points left open ended which was annoying but may be because it s probably first of a series Not one I would re read but good enough that Is read another by the same author This story has me chuckling from the beginning I really Enjoyed The Authors Humorous Way the authors humorous way write the storyLani and Russ both haven t been lucky in love and are avoiding a relationship The attraction is there but Russ had gone to lengths to avoid doing anything about itUntil the night of the wedding when Lani does everything she can to get arrested to save her brother with some interesting resultsThat wedding reception has surprising effects on a lot of the town folks The punch at the reception was spiked and people were acting out of characterThe sheriff asks Russ to help to solve the case of spiked punch and says Loni is the best person to help himTo be able to do so they start to pretend to be dating but that pretense seems awfully realI loved the family loyalty and the close relationship the siblings have The way Loni s dad the lawyer interrogate Loni was pure entertainmentRuss and Loni had their hands full with their jobs the investigation and with each other The. The Curious Case of Detective Dreamy Rust Creek Ramblings By now you've all heard about Lani Dalton everyone's favorite Ace in the Hole bartender Observed singing and dancing fully clothed in the park fountain on the Fourth of July she was hauled off to. ,
Ip Russ because of the earlier mentioned failed relationship and Lani because she d recently had her heart stomped on by a guy who was just sing her Second Russ s past makes it very hard for him to trust Lani fully They have moments when they are fully in sync and everything is looking wonderful AND THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS TO MESS IT ALL UP then something happens to mess it all p loved seeing things progress to where Russ finally opened p to Lani about what had happened to him but when her family loyalty keeps her from returning that trust things go bad in a hurry It was hard to see the pain that both of them were in thanks to their rift and I kept hoping they would find a way through itOne of the strongest themes in the book is the love and loyalty found among family and friends There were some fun scenes involving Sunday dinners with both families and the dynamics found among the various members I thought it was great to see how well they fit in with each other s family Lani s niece s comments were especially fun There was also tremendous support shown for Russ by his family I particularly enjoyed seeing the way that Lani s brothers Anderson and Travis teased her but were there for backup when they felt she needed their support I especially loved the were there for backup when they felt she needed their support I especially loved the that Anderson went to Russ when he discovered what had caused the trouble in the first place One of the best scenes in the book is at the end when it seems everyone has something to say about Russ I loved how that turned outThe mystery of the spiked punch is ongoing Knowing that such a thing has happened has put most OF THE TOWN ON EDGE WONDERING IF IT COULD the town on edge wondering if it could again Russ and the sheriff are frustrated by their inability to find out who did it I m looking forward to seeing how it progresses through the rest of the series Spiked punchThis is a fun and interesting story with many twists and turns The characters were complex and likeable Fun story Lani has a secret that isn t hers to tell so when she managed to get herself arrested by by Russ she wasn t about to tell her reasoning why She d rather get herself in trouble then betray her brothers trust Meanwhile Officer Russ is trying to investigate a case that was spread town wide when a event managed to get people drunk enough to things they wouldn t Not taking the chance that something like this can happen again this time no one was hurt but who knows what would happen next time Problem is the one person who everyone trust enough and can help him is the lovely Lani and that one night of passion they had can make things a bit complicatedOverall I thought this was a enjoyable short story I wish there was but if your pressed for time and need a great little romance to keep things entertaining for a bit then this book would be for you I loved how loyal Lani was risking her own happiness for another just not to betray a families trust I m very curious bout her brother though and want to know about him and his story of what is going on Maybe even a bit of knowing in depth novella on Russ s story of what happened before he ended p where he is now 3 12 stars. Russ crack the case could risk breaching family confidentiality and Lani never breaks a promise So why does Russ keep showing Beyond the Qumran Community up at the Ace We at The Gazette would never kiss and tell but reports of Lani and Russ's mutual distrust are greatly exaggerate.