[E–pub] The Obsidian Chimera The Lost Ancients #2 by Marie Andreas

The Obsidian Chimera The Lost Ancients #2Eries When I made it nearly halfway through this installment and decided I needed sleep one of my last thoughts was that this series vaguely reminds me of a lighter version of Kim Harrison s the Hollows series It s fast aced witty has a strong heroine who may have bad tastes in men but it s certainly not a focus at all and strong heroine who may have bad tastes in men but it s certainly not a focus at all and absolutely LOVE that it is her own world with its own creatures and lore Definitely recommend this series I haave to say this second book is just as good as the first oneSome secrets are revealled and some new mysteries are added Perfecly balanced to keep the reader engaged in the story are added Perfecly balanced to keep the reader engaged in the story get entertainedThe only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars are how Taryn get really dump every time she see a handsome face She forgets all the wierd coincidences juste because she wants to lure him in her bedroom or a relationship She sounds so desesperate it s annoyingI can t wait to start the next one For the end view spoilerIts kind of anti climactic She doesn t defeat the bad guy in fact the big bad villian is defeated by a weaker enderling of his Just because the underling is a a roud one and the villian insulted him once too much Also after his death the underling give a good fight but die by his on stupidity and the book stop there so we don t see the carather discuss the new revelation between them Still it was a interesting ending and since the new book is already out it lessen the blow of the cliff hanger since I ll go read it right now hide spoiler This is a fun series to read in art because of the fairies and Taryn s sense of humor and reactions to things There are several returning characters and several new ones that aim to keep things interesting If you liked the first book of the series you will enjoy this one as wel. Ery thing An unholy companion to the glass gargoyle the obsidian chimera may be far than just an artifact And far deadly.

Dark Origins

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Alric s backAfter the destruction caused by the battle over the glass gargoyle Taryn and friends are recuperating in various ways Nobody believes Taryn when she says Alric is still alive They think she s lost it Then in a fight with a troll at her favorite ub a stinky old man whispers that he is Alric just before he is tossed out by the ub s bouncer a half giant woman Days later that stinky old man Alric in disguise turns up on her couch beaten and unconscious Someone has stolen all Alric s magic and Taryn is in for a surprise when she sees what Alric has been hiding under all his disguises Read the book to find out what Same great supporting cast Read the book to find out what Same great supporting cast characters as the first book including her crazy drunken fairies New bad guys on hunt for the obsidian guys on the hunt for the New interesting developments that aren t resolved at the end of book 2 On to book 3 The Obsidian ChimeraTaryn needs to believe far in herself rather than grabbing the next retty man to catch her fancy I will keep reading this series in hopes of her waking As with the first book in the series amusing and well crafted urban ish fantasy But another book of the Pure Chance protagonist having no idea what s going on is beginning to grate a little and this isn t a completelot arc in and of itself More than good enough to want to read the next one but I want a bit of widening of the narrative scope and tightening of the The Lady and the Lionheart plotting in book 3 The second book in the series was as much fun as the first Goodacing and those drunken fairies are uite fun I am enjoying following Taryn along her journey in and out of trouble Really looking forward to the next book I loved the first one so much I bought this one and started reading it right away The three little rabble rouser fairies get even funnier in this one. After the destruction and loss caused by the glass gargoyle the last thing Taryn St Giles needs is another elven artifac. Looking forward to the next book I have given this book a 4 star but I wish I could give it slightly less than 4 as it wasn t uite as good as the one before There was nothing Really Wrong With It But While The wrong with it but while the one was fresh and uniue this one felt a bit one was fresh and uniue this one felt a bit the first one I m getting nervous about the thought of 4 books in the series as I can imagine being bored with it all by then Do I stop now or keep loughing through Tough decision I really enjoyed The Glass Gargoyle it was great fun and had some interesting world building that I was hoping would be built on in future novels in the series I wasn t disappointed As a whole this also feels far Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church polished than the first book with far tighteracing even character development and denser world building On top of that it is still a fantastically entertaining read and our rampaging drunken fairies still have a A (kinda) Country Christmas part tolay This would have been a five star read but we do still have our rotagonist spending far too much time mooning after any retty face that comes her way and I saw the shock reveal coming from a way offIgnoring Taryn s minor obsession with her sex life or lack thereof despite mooning after two leading males I felt that this novel built well on the foundations laid reviously There is far exploration of the Elven and Ancient cultures and other races are tied into this well Some of the missing backstory of crucial characters is filled in not least because some of the mysteries surrounding Alric are unravelled There are still some uestions left unanswered but the majority of loose ends are tied up by the final chapters Most importantly the extra insight allows for a deeper understanding of characters who were overlooked beforeAll in all I enjoyed this even than the first novel in the T ready to destroy the world Or rather the last thing she needs is a new eccentric atroness who is searching for that