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I La of the Oceano Dunes To The Ancient to ancient FLOWING FROM HIMALAYAN HEIGHTS THE GROUP TRAVELS AND "flowing from Himalayan heights the group travels and the realm “silent reach” In the tradition of metaphysical fiction that was popular in the 1920’s and 30s Fairy Tales are True sweeps the reader into a vortex of yogis scientists spies and fools Unlike most of those forg. Welcome to the world in WHICH FAIRY TALES ARE TRUE WHERE fairy tales are true where prominent scientists of the day join together to seek wisdom from a great sage of the Himalayas at the fabled Kumbha Mela Guided by a "Trusted Myth Spinning Storyteller Their Journey And Its Preparation Are "myth spinning storyteller their journey and its preparation are with tales of metaphysical adventures From the bohemian Shangr.

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Otten novels of secret universal Brotherhoods And Mystical Tibetan "brotherhoods and mystical Tibetan this book is than true Bryn Beorse known to the Sufis as Shamcher was an actual world travelling yogi sufi who also was an steemed conomist and ngineer Here he has created a fantastical autobiographical allegory in a book that defies categorizati. Fairy Tales are True