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P reading Perhaps the issue is that the book was translated from Italian and the plot points lost something in translation but the characters and the story were so boring that I just didn t care who committed the murder or whyThe book didn t live up to the potential it could have at all Least likeable main CHARACTER

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VE READ YEAR SETTING WAS FANTASTIC I ve read this ear Setting was fantastic book was strange I felt like perhaps the translation from the Italian might have been a little off as in parts the book is written uite simply and in other the Italian might have been a little off as in parts the book is written uite simply and in other it contains the most convoluted sentences peppered with unnecessarily complicated words I was also bewildered by the fact that the character of Dante is weirdly aggressive and extremely unlikeable this made it too hard to finish the book he has a weird penchant for hitting guards and kicking beggars It s really bizarre Since I couldn t relate to the protagonist at all it was too hard to finish this bookThe point at which Leoni completely lost me was with the introduction of the customary exotic beauty from the east who dances before the characters in a tavern completely mesmerising everyone with the vision of the soft down visible through her clothes revealing the arc of her pudenda Please I can not be bothered dealing with another story of some genius protagonist whose powers of reason are clouded by the presence of some peskily distracting sexy lass BORING I just could not get into this story I had a hard time keeping the characters and plot straight Really complex extremely philosophical sometimes there is action sometimes mystery Lots of Italian words Written in an old style Weird challenging but I liked it anyway. Other elusive Beatrice the heiress to the imperial Swabian throne whose rud arrival in the city could upset the political aspirations of Pope Boniface Dante’s nemesis Leoni’s voice is wry and irreverent as he pokes fun at the genius poet and renders Dante a human being brilliant but temperamental bumbling but undaunted An enthralling historical thriller from Italy’s new maestro of crime. ,
Thing is that ou re Able Somehow To Discover Some somehow To Discover Some Of Dante S Life discover some of Dante s life book has some historical problems but that s common since it s literature and not an academic book but in general the hole scenario is uite good Perhaps not one of the best historical books ever like Umberto Eco or Bernard Cornwell but anyway it s a nice book I liked the beginning but after 100 pages it got very boring Too badthe author just didn t manage to have my full attention A Dante Alighieri mystery is something new for me written by Giulio Leoni in translation from Italian to English The story is based on the life of Dante born in Florence in the late 13th century and revolves around the power struggle between the Pope in Rome and the people of Florence who have designated Dante as a priori one of their five leaders In the course of solving one murder Dante is seduced by exotic possibilities led to another murder and Italians at war with each other When I read about this book which casts Dante es that Dante author of the Divine Comedy as the prior of the city of Florence and therefore responsible to solve the highly unusual murder of a mosaic artisan in a church I thought it sounded interesting and cleverUnfortunately I found the book painfully dull The character of Dante is portrayed as a self important but at the same time fearful and mean spirited person He is not at all likeable in fact I could see why other characters in the book would not help him to solve the murderThe other characters most of whom are also scholars and also potential suspects in the murder are eually dull The entire book really dragged for me and I had to force myself to kee. Lowing a trail full of intrigue and mystery Why have seven scholars each a master of his art assembled in the city What was the secret that might have been revealed had the artist lived to complete his work Was it an alchemist’s formula to transform lead into gold Did it have to do with Antilia wild and beautiful who dances nightly in a tavern owned by a one armed crusader Or perhaps with an. No way I hatr this book aweee The is a historical novel It is based in Florence Italy in 1300 and the story occurs over one week 615 622 It is the time just before the clash between the Whites who had misgivings about Pope Boniface VIII and his court and the Blacks extremists who supported the papacy two factions of the Guelphs Dante Alighieri was born in Florence into the Guelph family middle class supporters of the Although
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was a Catholic and held many of principles of his family s party Guelph dear he distrusted Boniface In 1300 Dante became an elected member of the Council of Florence a prior and used his authority to oppose a papal grab for powerThat is the setting for the story which centers around a couple of murders Dante investigates the murder and finds that Templars are involved and in the process learns that the Americas land beyond the ocean of great riches has been discovered The story bogs down a bit when trying to explain the theories of thought that existed back then And for me the prologue never really ties into the story nor helps to explain any of the background But the overall story of solving the murder does hang together even if it gets a bit lost at timesThe note and glossary at the end of the book should be read first in order to have knowledge of the times if the reader is as unfamiliar with the setting as I was Both help to establish an understanding of what is going on and who the characters are This is a good book if الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you re just looking for an uncompromising historical investigation story The mystery behind the murder case is able to keepou reading the book till the end and the good. Florence June 1300 The body of an artist his face covered in uicklime is discovered next to the mosaic he had almost completed Dante Alighieri the newly appointed prior of the city of Florence and the man who will one day write that exhaustive treatise on criminology the Inferno is on the case It is his first official investigation Obscure clues lead him up and down the streets of Florence fol.

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