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Fat Tuesday Fricassee Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mystery #3If I could I would ate this one 25 stars enough with the cat and the stars Enough with the cat and the I get it It s a food truck By the end of this one I was fed up with it all No biscuit bowls for me Too tedious Zoe Chase owner of the Biscuit Bowl food truck is excited about the chance she s been given to participate in the food truck The Life of Samuel Johnson rally in her hometown of Mobile Alabama during the two weeks of carnival leading up to Fat Tuesday Unfortunately the night before the big event begins she discovers the dead body of a journalist in the garden outside one of the secret society balls that she attended at her father seuest When the police commissioner arrives at the scene of the crime and seems to be acting strangely Zoe gets suspicious and wonders what secrets he s trying to hide Zoe gets suspicious and wonders what secrets he s trying to hide the public When Zoe and her father are threatened Zoe decides she needs to learn the truth about what s eally going on before things get completely out of hand Of course she and her food truck crew are now busier than ever with the Mardi Gras crowds lining up almost non stop at the Biscuit Bowl window eating her sweet and savory filled biscuit bowls as fast as she can make themI eally enjoyed this mystery set during. The national bestselling author of "Fry Another Day Serves "Another Day serves a third helping in the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mystery seriesIt’s Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama and food truck chef Zoe Chase is driven to distraction attending high society soirees feeding the partying masses and getting the skinny on a Fat Tuesday murderTwo weeks of carnival celebr.

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The Mardi Gras carnival celebration in Mobile AL It eally took you ight there amongst the partiers parades and festivities I also enjoyed the occasional bits of history "That The Author Included "the author included the background and traditions of this famous festival I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans Zoe and her crew of uirky characters including her huge cat Creme Brulee will get themselves into next I just ead that the husband and wife team of Jim and Joyce Lavene who wrote this series among many others have passed away So sad for their children and all of the many eaders of their books Jim and Joyce will be missed greatly Mardi Gras time in Mobile and Zoe s food truck was "CHOSEN TO PROVIDE FOOD FOR THE "to provide food for the Zoe agrees to go with her dad to the Mistics ball to be his dance partner What Zoe does not expect is to find a dead body in the garden at the ball The body is that
of a eporterwho 
a Presidential Secrecy and the Law reporterWho him deadThe Mistics The CommissionerAlso who is this new food inspector that is always popping up to inspect the food truck or the dinerIeally like this series and seeing what culinary surprises Zoe comes up with This third entry in the series was a nonstop ead It grab. Ations has got Zoe unning Hume on Religion ragged By day she charms hungry tourists with authentic Southern cuisine At night she accompanies her father to one masuerade ball after another hobnobbing with the highollers of the secret cabal known as the Mistics of TimeBut the fun turns frightening when Zoe stumbles across “Death’s” dead body Journalist
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Bed my attention and interest from the first paragraph and didn t let go Mobile Alabama is the setting for a strong cast of characters who are involved with the food business and Mardi Gras Zoe is the owneroperator of a mobile food truck serving up savory and sweet fillings in her trademark Biscuit Bowl For a two week period Zoe and family and friends are working to feed the many carnival goers She is also doing the masuerade ball scene with her father who is involved in a secret carnival
society the mistics 
The Mistics Time While attending their ball Zoe finds a murdered body The investigation is up in the air as the attendees are masked and gone before the police arrive This is an excellent murder plot involving Mardi Gras parade krewes and secret societies corruption blackmail intimidation false identities cover ups and ghosts I love these strong well written "characters The food truck business theme works well with the murder plot "The food truck business theme works well with the murder plot is a twisted path with many City Schools: Lessons from New York red herrings and totally surprising ending I highlyecommend this book and series for those The Widow's Lawman readers wanting aollicking good adventure while trying to solve the murder Loved it So sad that there "won t be RIP Lavenes. Ordan Phillips attended the Mistics’ latest bash in a traditional Death costume and "t be RIP Lavenes. Ordan Phillips attended the Mistics’ latest bash in a traditional Death costume and a fatal bullet wound for the privilege With than three hundred masked suspects determined to The Story Within remain anonymous and the police covering up the facts behind the murder of the investigativeeporter Zoe ealizes the Mistics have some serious secrets to hi. .