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Someone To Talk To 
to talk to as she investigated the property she discovered a beautiful butterfly aviary also many Le valeureux guerrier exotic and dangerous plants but she was warned to keep away from the Coffin Flower as it was one that could kill and had done so she was told When Sera befriended one of the boys Kite she was unsure whether to trust him but than that she needed to see her mother What would happen if she was able to make her way to the attic where her mother was being held What would be the terrifying conseuences of finally meeting her And would Kite feature further in the strangeness of her life of their lives and the lives ofveryone who seemed unable to leave the sanctuary of Lake Ephemeral Sera was desperate to discover the hidden secrets of the valley but there were others determined to keep those secrets safeThis young adult science fiction novel by Aussie author Anya Allyn is the final and complete version of the Lake Ephemeral novellas numbers 1 4 were individual while this one includes 1 4 plus the concluding 5 7 The novel is gripping intense and Snowflakes on the Sea eerie a fabulous intersection of weirdness by scientists who had no hesitation inxperimenting on children and the conseuences of their actions I have no hesitation in recommending Lake Ephemeral highlyWith thanks to the author for my copy to read and review I love this author s worksYoung strong likable heroine in an otherworldly peril fraught with mystery and strange science fights for her life and the one s that she loves It is really hard to go wrong when you have an outbreak of flesh Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy eating plants taking over the countryside Enchanting I didn t know what toxpect when I started to read this book I was uickly ntranced and couldn T STOP READING I FOUND IT stop reading I found it to imagine the children and the situations I think this could asily be made into a movie or TV show xpanding through the histories of the characters It would also be interesting to have a seuel to know what happens next RE READ SEPTEMBER 2020I ultimately decided to reread this YA scifi thriller because though I had only read it a few years ago and remember really njoying it there were so many details that I had forgotten and I wanted a refresher And as I read many things did come back to me but it was still a great rideI Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival enjoyed this book a lotven on a reread I don t read a bunch of young adult particularly young adult scifi or fantasy and I think its just because I have aged myself out of wanting to read about teenagers But this story was so original and so uniue that I didn t care what age the characters were I just wanted to know what would happen Serafine has lived in a group home since the age of five not. Ous illness and is kept locked away in the atticAfter Seraphin arrives she discovers that the vast Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, estate is plagued by anxotic massive species of carnivorous plant–named the Coffin Flower capable of consuming humansNo one can answer Seraphin the riddle of why the residents stay at Lake Ephemeral year after year or why no one ver leaves She decides at all costs to find her way in. Buddy read with the multi talented Jess sometime this year NovemberREVIEW35 stars The trees and fronds swayed like they were listening to a music I couldn t hear The whispers and songs of the cicadas and the unheard music flowed through me like my own bloodI d never felt this kind of freedom How does
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Allyn come up these things Giant deadly flowers disappearing lakes children with gemstone colored yes an isolated valley and all sorts of other spoilery things Just like with her Dollhouse series in Lake Ephemeral she weaves together all sorts of lovely lements to create an ngaging erie storyThere were a few things I didn t like about this book how asily certain things happen in the middle of the story for Desire in Seven Voices example and that the characters relationships weren t fleshed out a bit But I loved reading this for all the creepy details and a few genuinely unsettling momentsThis book isn t completely free of tropes but Allyn writes with a voice that makes themasier to handle Also there aren t any books uite like hers at least Also there aren t any books uite like hers at least that I ve readAlthough I was somewhat disappointed in her latest novel Paracosm Allyn is uickly becoming a favorite author of mine I can t wait to read of her work Maybe I was stupid But I thought the lake had verything I wanted He paused Including you What an amazing story The world building is chilling and the actions that a few are willing to do is horrific In the telling of the story we get snapshots of the past but the story takes us there only when the main characters learn of it themselves The unknown lives they ve all had over and over again The author s imagination is well as I first mentioned amazing and I would love to see the story continue Once you ve read the book you too will want to know what awaits the survivors in a future of unlimited possibilities I m really glad I took a chance on reading a book by an author I hadn t read before Really great Sci Fi MysteryThis became uite a page turner after Sera is removed from the orphanage where she had left Ed for 7 years and returned to the place her mother was at Lake Ephemeral That is where all of the mystery and strangeness really takes place I would be interested in a seuel to find out what happens to the other children When Seraphin Fer n arrived in the valley of Lake Ephemeral she was leven years old an orphan who had lived at an orphanage in Sydney which was the only home she remembered Now she was faced with strangers who were telling her she wasn t an orphan and her mother was here in one of the manors surrounding the lake But for some reason she was unable to see her motherThe strangeness of the seven manors the families who lived in them two parents one child in The Casa Mono Cookbook each the oddness ofach child s name and the fa. Six children without memories of their arly years can never leave the valley that gave them lifeSeven manors surround Lake Ephemeral and their residents are hiding terrifying secrets Seraphin Ferón was first brought to the valley of Lake Ephemeral as an leven year old orphan to meet a mother she’d never known she had But before Seraphin arrives her mother falls ill with a mysteri. Remembering anything about her life before Suddenly days before her twelfth birthday a man comes to collect Her And Take Her Home To See and take her home to see mother who is very much alive and well and lives in a mysterious place called Lake EphemeralI love the scifi genre known as Biopunk which this novel firmly fits into The idea that geneticists and biologists have genetically modified our world is not xcactly new Monsanto anyone however always seeing the xtent to how and when nature fights back is always interesting Humans have always wanted to play God an Okay this book is bizarre It is a tale about a fountain of youth About genome manipulation About super soldiers About humans So yeah it s about as horrifying as you would xpect This place found us That s what my father says We re supposed to be at Lake Ephemeral We don t need to KNOW ANYTHING OTHER THAN THATRATING I HAD A MASSIVE anything other than thatRating I had a massive hangover after finishing Lake Ephemeral I absolutely adored the story It was definitely the best sci fi thriller I ve read in a long time The story begins with a young girl called Serafin who is moved from foster home to foster home until a strange man appears claiming to know where Sera s mother is Sera is taken away with him to Lake Ephemeral a vast lush state surrounding a huge lake with six founding families ach having a child of their own complete with a manor house to live in Since Sera has been away from the other children for so long she finds it hard to fit in with Sera has been away from the other children for so long she finds it hard to fit in with ways Unlike the outside world there is no internet and no phones and the whole state is nclosed by fences When Sera accidentally kills one of the children Amethyst the state suddenly begins to look less like a paradise and like a prison There s the mysteriousness of the old abandoned seventh manor the coffin flowers a large carnivorous plant and the statues of two figures that rise up when the lake water drains I loved the character development in this book and the way Allyn describes the jungle like foliage of the state it s almost like you re there with the characters themselves This story is so intricately woven and cleverly plotted out I didn t suspect the nding at all and my kindle was gripped in my hand almost constantly The nding definitely shocked me I did not see it coming Even though I know what happens now I still think I will reread this book because I loved verything about it and it was rollercoaster ride I would love to go on again A very interesting stories a plot line that I did not Conflict in Blood expect twists and turns that are something that haven t been seen beforethis story has a plot line that is very interesting one of them keep you continuing to read trying to figure out what s really going on thending will surprise you it is well worth reading. To the attic and finally meet her mother In the vents that follow Seraphin will be propelled into a horrifying new xistenceTeen science fiction for all ages A group of scientists a hidden valley mystery carnivorous plants genetic xperiments and thrilling adventure Contains love and romance scenes that might not be suitable for ages under 14Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 – The complete novel. ,
Lake Ephemeral