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Than 30 years before his demise Privateering in the Eastern MediterraneanJoe Moshenska s work focuses on the eastern Mediterranean in the early part of the seventeenth century an under sung but fascinating period of history Specifically it focuses on the adventures of The Eponymous Sir Kenelm Digby A Fascinating eponymous Sir Kenelm Digby a fascinating whose experiences in the East are explored in some detail here This world was as Moshenska makes clear a very different one This is apparent right from the beginning as Moshenka writes about the downfall of Kenelm Digby s father a personable man who fell in with the Gunpowder Plotters and suffered the traitor "s death of hanging drawing and uartering as a result This "death of hanging drawing and uartering as a result This the stain referred to in the title and that Kenelm was the son of a man executed for high treason makes the later events all the fascinating The major events of his life are touched upon from his youth spent across Europe to his participation in the failed embassy to Spain to find a royal bride for the future Charles I but it is his voyage to the eastern Mediterranean as a privateer that Moshenska focuses on Part of what is so interesting here is the interaction that Digby had with the North African realms and their distant suzerain the Ottoman Empire This was at the height of the Empire well before its defeat outside Vienna in 1683 or the steady decline that sapped it of its provinces and strength Digby encounters many cultures in his ourney through the East giving an insight into not only daily life during this period but also the complex diplomatic dance that culture religion and history necessitated Despite wanting to fight Spanish French and Venetian shipping Digby found that his personal Catholicism made him suspect in the staunchly Protestant England of the day Moshenska also makes clear the diplomatic manoeuvring that swashbuckling acts of piracy made necessary as he points out the struggles that English diplomats had to ensure that Digby s successes against the Venetians did not imperil other English merchantsThis is very clearly a work of popular history and is presented as such in a narrative format that is enjoyably readable Moshenska peppers his book with little details of Digby s life and the people and cultures he came across on his voyage giving an impressive insight into England ust before the Civil Wars as well as the wider international situation Although not a novel the book is written in a fairly conversational style with plenty of adverbs and other description "At times this does make it harder to read than is "times this does make it harder to read than is with the average paragraph length being significantly longer than the average novel and yet with less precision than would be expected in a scholarly work Overall A Stain in the Blood is an enjoyable look at a rarely covered period in history and a fascinating character Anyone interested in eccentrics the Mediterranean and the Middle East or ust the wider seventeenth century should consider looking at it DavidBreakaway Reviewers were given a copy of the book to review. Or personal glory Digby assembled a fleet and set sail for the Mediterranean a world of pirate cities and ancient ruins where people ideas and exotic goods moved freely between languages and nations His Mexican Hooker journey – encompassing fevers mutiny piracy daring rescues and heroic sea battles – is a great and terribly overlooked adventure and a prism through which to view England and all of Europe during one of the most pivotal periods in its history A Stain in the Blood is the story of an extraordinary life and of aourney that helped to shape a nation It is a revelatory first work of non fiction by one of the brightest young writers and thinkers of today. ,

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A Stain in the Blood The Remarkable Voyage of Sir Kenelm DigbyNce that Sir K continued to be intellectually curious and committed to discussion and debate with others At times I was amazed at the detail that Joe had found Some of it must have been imaginative conjecture but it was really effective in bringing the man to life A popular history character study focused on the somewhat adventurous character of Kenelm Digby Though his father conspired to kill King James In The Gunpowder Plot Digby A Committed Catholic Would Become the Gunpowder Plot Digby a committed Catholic would become trusted friend to the ostensibly Anglican King Charles Like his father Kenelm seems to have been an inspirational figure who took his personal beliefs seriously Certainly a noteworthy figure with some complexity to his life story so very suitable for a historic biographyThe book seems somewhat incomplete however Kenelm s early life and adventures in Spain are given a great deal of detail and analysis which inclined me towards enjoying the book but the story of the voyage itself seems oddly shortened and lacking in reflection Even awkward was the time slip between the voyages and the end of the narrative as the book presented it for some reason Digby s life from after about 1633 when his wife Venetia died is cut almost entirely from the book despite being some of the most active and politically interesting events of his lifetime The book title does seem to try and position itself as being about Digby s voyages rather than the man s whole life but the text is very awkward if that was the intent I can only speculate that perhaps the author intended to do a full biography but fell foul of a publisher s deadline and had to hastily reframe the completed work What remains is certainly an interesting fragment but still only a fragment An excellent book I d never heard of of him until a friend on Facebook recommended the book to me Well written and researched A Stain In The Blood is the story of unheralded seventeenth "Century English Hero And "English hero and Kenelm Digby Hailing from a prominent Catholic family Digby had a stain in the blood due to his executed gunpowder plotter father Even in his youth precocious Digby unior was determined to free himself from this stain and emulate his hero Sir Francis DrakeKenelm grows up to be a charismatic and daring international man of his day with an insatiable lust for knowledge The text concentrates primarily on his travels in the eastern Mediterranean where his various escapades include operating as a privateer defeating a Turkish fleet at Scanderoon and excavating antiuities at Delos The book provides an interesting as a privateer defeating a Turkish fleet at Scanderoon and excavating antiuities at Delos The book provides an interesting of the history of the time particularly with regards to the various cultures then flourishing in the Mediterranean However the lengthy historical discourse and description is often dry and on occasion dull There is considerable padding in the form of cross referencing to ancient Greek tales This reader found their inclusion to be irrelevant and pretentious Those anticipating a full account of Kenelm Digby s life will be disappointed by the fact that the story ends in 1633. Ld transform him entirelySir Kenelm Digby was one of the most remarkable Englishmen who ever lived a trusted advisor to the King but the sworn enemy of the all powerful Duke of Buckingham; a pioneering philosopher and scientist but committed to the occult arts of alchemy and astrology; a friend not only of Ben Jonson Thomas Hobbes and van Dyck but even Oliver Cromwell He was also widely known as the ‘son of a traytor and husband of a whore’ a man who witnessed his father’s gruesome execution for high treason as a Gunpowder Plotter and the lover of the most celebrated beauty of the age Venetia StanleyIn an attempt to clear his name and on a uest ,
What do you do when you father is executed for treason as a Gunpowder Plotter no less Well naturally you grow up to be a trusted adviser to the king have a mortal enemy in the Duke of Buckingham and count Ben Jonson Anthony van Dyck and Oliver Cromwell amongst your friends Or you do if you re Sir Kenelm DigbyJoe Moshenska takes us from Sir Kenelm s very beginnings starting with the sins of the father through to his last breath at "the age of 62 It was a remarkable life in which "age of 62 It was a remarkable life in which Kenelm overcome early prejudices against him because of his father to travel the length of the Mediterranean taking an interest in the religions and cultures he found while all the while writing an epic fantasy of his life and his love for the beautiful Venetia Stanley the one constant that anchored his heartThere is an incredible amount of detail in this book which Joe uses to set the context of Sir Kenelm s own actions and the situation in the places that he visited and his return to EnglandWhile away rumours of each other plagued Sir Kenelm and Venetia but Kenelm s sense of his own destiny kept him travelling to achieve a way to clear his family name and achieve his own glory Reaching as far as Turkey and Egypt as well as the Levant consorting with all and sundry Sir Kenelms curiosity and thirst propelled him ever onward the Levant consorting with all and sundry Sir Kenelms curiosity and thirst propelled him ever onward times drawing the ire and rage of important people who would then need to be placated At some points I m not sure how Sir Kenelm did not cause a war although it was not without guile that he kept ahead of the Duke of Buckingham throughout his lifeGiven that very few people still remember him it could be argued whether he achieved that glory but reading A Stain in the Blood it s hard not to argue with the Sunday Times who proclaimed One of the 17th century s most remarkable Englishmen "blog review here Readable account of an extraordinary life I was intrigued because of the Digby connection with "review here Readable account of an extraordinary life I was intrigued because of the Digby connection with and having met one of his descendents also called Kenelm This either didn t need to be written or needed to be greatly expanded upon The Remarkable Voyage really didn t seem that remarkable and I found the rest of Digby s lift that was past over very briefly to be ust as if not interesting The author passes over Digby becoming a major advisor to the ueen and the center of resentment and controversy for the major factions in England during the Civil War in a matter of a few paragraphs He mentions that Digby struck up a close friendship with Cromwell despite being of opposite faiths and then never comes back to it These things are extremely interesting and noteworthy A fascinating insight into a seventeenth century gentleman who had his own ideas about how to do things Sir Kenelm Digby was a Roman Catholic in a Protestant country an adventurer who found a way to thrive in whatever situation he found himself The book follows his life up to the point where his wife mysteriously dies After that his life seemed to fade slowly away but Joe Moshenka keeps digging with his research and finds evide. 'A thrilling account' The Times'As heroic as Digby himself Moshenska has defied the tyranny of genre and made his own absorbing account' Observer'A master storyteller Full of exuisite details but with the grandest themes this is a gripping adventure story' Zia Haider Rahman'A brilliant account of one of the seventeenth century's most dashing lives' Ruth Scurr'Gripping and extraordinary' Ann Wroe On the 16th of August 1628 five battle scarred English ships sailed into the harbour of the Greek island of Milos Dropping anchor the 25 year old captain banueted with the local lord before sitting down to write an account of his ourney – an account that wou. .