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Got on with Lukas and hasn t seen him since her wedding ten years ago to Matt Holly and Lukas have known each other him since her wedding ten years ago to Matt Holly and Lukas have known each other they were children A young Holly was best friends with Matt but

*then lukas showed *
Lukas showed and started spending time with Matt and became his best friend So there was some childhood friction between Holly and Lukas they argued a lot Lukas told her to grow up find someone else to play with etc But as they were growing up under the animosity there was also an attraction to each other neither really recognized at the time At eighteen Holly became engaged to Matt but on the night of her prom Matt asked Lukas to take Holly since he had broken his leg and couldn t go On this night on his Dad s sailboat they found out they were very attracted to each other view spoilerBoth are guilt ridden over kissing and some heavy petting on the boat Holly feels she betrayed Matt Lukas oes too but the reader already can tell he s confused and is falling in love with Holly They are also very young Holly is still in her teens Lukas around twenty and they have a lot of growing and maturing to o hide spoiler. " Ornet's Nest Again "Ornet's nest again offering Holly a job Holly agrees etermined not to let Lukas get beneath her surface this time But as the tension mounts between them so too oes that bubbling attraction of old.
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The Return of AntonidesIt was a good "book with a lot of angst i loved this book its a angst I loved this book Its a romance which matures with the age "with a lot of angst I loved this book Its a beautiful romance which matures with the age young lovers o not understand love and still exhibit do not understand love and still exhibit maturity and eventually find each other It s sad and happy and compelling I enjoyed reading this book thoroughly A well written emotional romance that tells the story of Holly and Lukas who grew up together along with Holly s Deans and Truants deceased husband Matt Loved the flow of the story and the glimpses into their past Well worth a read Holly is a young childless widowa schoolteacherHer sister in law is getting married in a few monthsLukas Antonides is a childhood friend of Holly s late husband MattHe has a twin sister and othersiblings all marriedHolly wants him to make aonation of a boat to her sc Widowed schoolteacher Holly Halloran meets her late husband Matt s best friend hero Lukas Antonides unexpectedly when he shows up looking for her She had written to him about making a Talking About Trees donation of a boat Lukas and her husband Matt shared to her school which is what Matt would have wanted since he liked working with children Holly has never really. Nto her life Lukas was her late husband's best friend and openlyisapproved of Holly Then on one unforgettable night their acrimony ricocheted into the bedroom Now the arrogant Greek is kicking the