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Thru Hiking Will Break Your HeartUre All that aside though her book sheds a little light on the inner workings of a thru hiker s mind and heart Not Just Another Hiking BookCarrot uinn takes us 2260 miles across a varied wilderness as she simultaneously takes us through a tremendous period of personal growth You would think that reading about the minutia of daily trail life would be dull but it isn t The discerning reader will grieve the nd of this book almost as strongly as Carrot grieved the Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust end of the trail Carrot s writing flows and the reader is swept along I was left wanting to read It always feels weird to be critical of books about thru hiking when I haven t done it Heck I m training for a half marathon and I am still very much in the run 2 minutes walk 1 minute stage I can walk for days but I ve never tried to do with much of a pack or in muchlevation the xception being lost for 2 hours while we searched for Triangle Rock in Rocky Mountain National Park So I fully respect what Carrot did both in writing a book and in thru hiking the trail which she has done twice now and also don t the CDT but why read a book if you aren t going to reflect on itI genuinely why read a book if you aren t going to reflect on itI genuinely most of the book It s a lot detailed than some accounts that I ve read It s an amazing juxtaposition to Becoming lot detailed than some accounts that I ve read It s an amazing juxtaposition to Becoming I like Carrot s genuine honesty how willing she is to talk about things like diarrhea and menstruation on the trail I like that she really lets the reader inside her head but I absolutely think that some of her later revelations about her childhood should have come arlier in the story it would have made much of her need to find packs of hikers her good thought bad thought circulations and her depth much understandable and relatable Still despite the honesty and stream of consciousness writing there was a lack of depth that would have made the whole story meaningful I m left at the Pansy Vol. 6 end not really feeling that thru hiking is heartbreaking Surely she seemedmptied physically and Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods emotionally at thend and I can imagine that but she couldn t uite bring the reader to that place with her I never felt that heart break in her writing couldn t understand some of her decisions and wished she had let us in a bit thereI think my biggest ualm is the description She is afraid she is addicted to the internet Yet at very turn in the book she is on her phone I understand she was using it for maps and I certainly do not begrudge anyone real time information on I certainly do not begrudge anyone real time information on in the Mojave weather conditions in the Sierras or ven the ability to communicate with fellow hikers I think it s smart in fact it s safe Still she never Education in a New Society explored that angle the usage what she was doing to prevent herself from being a phone drone on the trail I probably wouldn t care so much if I hadn t beenxpecting there to be a good hard look at modern relationships and technology and a return to roots on the trailI will also admit that there are times the repetition because a bit much For the Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education entire middle section of the book it felt like she wasnding very paragraph by repeating three words Rain rain rain water water water granola granola granola and her favorite Well well It became grating to me But Carrot is a fine writer I recently read an article from her in the Guardian and it was xcellent but this book is a first stab She has grown a lot in the last few years reading the two pieces back to back showed me that If she wrote another book about her further adventures I wouldn t hesitate to pick it upNot the authors fault but the audible narrator also mispronounced some really weird words I giggled The Baby Swap Miracle every time Seamus was pronounced cee mues Audible needs to work on itsditing for their own productions I hated almost verything about thisLet s first start with her just randomly deciding to do this with no prep or apparent reason She s addicted to the internet yet she takes her phone and browses the fucking internet when she s in town Seriously Whi. Rest Trail It will be her first long distance hikeIn the desert of Southern California Carrot faces many challenges both physical and motional pain injury blisters aching cold and searing heat dehydration Freak Show exhaustion loneliness In the wilderness Carrot communicates the rawness of being on the PCT inach moment The startling beauty the hunger the physical pain and the incredible determination to be pain and the incredible determination to be thru hiker I don t think you could get a thorough mbodied brazenly honest version of what it feels like to be on the PCT whether in the moments wonder of utter loneliness or those of deep trail found friendship I tore through this book as she ran stumbled climbed the 2660 miles And often late at night as I read I would have to get up and have a midnight snack after reading passages on intense hunger and then the joy of trail magic or arriving in a town for a greasy breakfast or roast chicken and potato salad from the local grocery store It is hard to not feel like you are right there on the trail with her Disclaimer I listened to this book on Audible so that might have influenced my xperience compared to actually reading As others have commented this book had so much potential but just fell a bit flat I Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation enjoyed Carrot s story but I was waiting for the book to dig in to the characters andxperience of the thru hike and it just never did There was a lot of detailed descriptions of meals and towns along the PCT and that became distractingly repetitive about halfway through the book I also felt as if I lost my connection to Carrot s story as soon as her relationship with Ramen startedI spent that part of the book thinking WHYYYYYYY a lot I have a lot of respect for Carrot and what she accomplished and I will probably check out her other writing but I was disappointed by this book The PCT journey itself sounds wondrous and inspiring The writing is mediocre at best with annoying repetition and adolescent self indulgence It was the desire to stick through the Gender Justice entire trail that motivated me to actually finish the book instead of abandon it Worth doing research on other PCT journals instead of read this one this is one of those books I didn t want tond 2600 miles with carrot was not long nough thank goodness she has a blog and I can follow her second pct adventure there and her current hike on the cdt second pct adventure there and her current hike on the cdt miles this summer this book is about hiking the nitty gritty details of the day to day mile to mile adventure you will cheer her on ach step of the way you will feel her chill her fatigue her thirst and hunger you too will be huddling with her in the shade of a small shrub in 100 degree heat and remember that when your mind is trying to wrap itself around hands too cold and numb to grip a trekking pole and you will rally with her because you can t help admiring her tough as nails spirit her honesty her humor her love for the trail her friends the family she finds there the trail angels who support thru hikers and their journey following their dreams you will come to love all of that as she does and you will worry about her ven when you know already SHE S COME THRU SOMEHOW IN SHORT YOUR HEART s come thru somehow in short your heart soar on one page and break on another up down up down following the trail trying not to fall off coming to the nd and wondering with her what then As much as I From Notes to Narrative enjoy reading travel memoirs and particularly from hikers sometimes I can t help but be incredulous and a bit annoyed at how self centered and short sighted some of them can be Also there was raw language and description than I would have wishedI skipped over several sections to get back to the hiking part Nonetheless it s a tremendous accomplishment to hike the PCT or the AT or any trail like them one that reuires fortitude persistence and determination Despite hunger thirst cold aches and pains and fears of a less physical sort Carrot uinn nonetheless manages to hike over 2600 miles to complete the Pacific Crest Trail Still I got to the point where I groaned whenever she said I know I should do X but I want to do Y because I knew that almost inevitably she would do Y She suffered than she needed to because she seemed to give little thought for the fut. Carrot uinn fears that she's become addicted to the internet The city makes her feel numb and she's having trouble connecting with others In a desperate move she breaks away fromverything to walk 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific

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Le making sure your pack isn t back breakingly heavy IS important it shouldn t be your 1 goal when packing for a hike that is several thousand miles Spoiler alert it s hers For fuck s sake she didn t Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America even pack pants or soapNext there s thexceedingly juvenile sentence For fuck s sake she didn t God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School even pack pants or soapNext there s thexceedingly juvenile sentence and Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) errors I think of how hard those first hundred miles was uh you mean were Then there s the narrator saying Ibprofren there s no R The She saidI sayxchanges had me practically clawing at my face Then there s her insane need to repeat words three times very few paragraphs no xaggeration Hike Hike Hike Shower Shower Shower Gatorade gatorade gatorade I hate it hate it hate it Yeah girl us gatorade I hate it hate it hate it Yeah girl us Knock that shit off already She also loves to nd sentences with forever For no damn reason The names of people and food aside I ll be stunned if there are 100 different words used in this bookThirdly this book is about meals and the people she meets versus the trail itself I also didn t xpect so much of it to be about the towns she visits Or food She CAN carry food she just chooses not to and says so so you constantly hear about how hungry she is and her fantasizing over various meals It becomes of a treasure hunt with her raiding hiker boxes and relying on trail angels and hitching to the next spot on the trail vs actually hiking to it than actually sustaining herself on the trail I mean she gorges on fast food and junk food then I dig a hole take a massive dump and feel better Are you shitting me Really No c monApparently there s some ill advised fruitless and foolish romance later on but I didn t get that far I couldn t take any I really wanted to finish this if only for there to be some Foraging for Survival epiphany or resolution butven just having it on as background noise while I did other things pissed me off I hate uitting and feeling like i wasted money on a book but I had to This book was literally souring my day Fragments each time I listened to it I m seriously wondering what bookveryone Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries else read that was so great and worthy of 4 5 stars It certainly wasn t this one This read like one of my high school student s creative writing story It was so incredibly repetitive mememe hikehikehike mememe friendsfriendsfriends mememe foodfoodfood mememe sexsexsex She tried to be a lot clever and introspective than she actually is unfortunately Most of her misery came from incredibly poor decisions and contradictions such as nah I don t need anything other than shorts and a tanktop for fall in the Cascades or I love my friends soooooo much look at how clever and uniue we are but omg there s this super cute guy that I m going to ditch my friends forShe had occasional good descriptions but they tended to be overshadowed by thendless ramble about her trying to be xistential Pass Kudos to Carrot for self publishing this gem of a book The character she portrayed and the stream of consciousness narrative really allow the reader to identify and put themselves on the trail with her I felt her anxieties her xhaustion and triumphs I ve got a major girl crush on this feral lady as a result MeowPop culture currently places Reese Witherspoon ala Wild as the face of the PCT Slight blonde unprepared and uneducated on the trail Carrot is strong intelligent and doesn t fight the trail she becomes a part of it She s comfortable in her skin and confident in herself as a female She s the lead of this story and doesn t need rescuing This book was a great read I m left wanting I wasn t mentally prepared for it to be over The abrupt nding of the book left many things unresolved which must be what it s like to finish the PCT and not know how to integrate back into life off the trail After hearing the interview with Carrot on the SheExplores podcast the listener learns how truly strong and intelligent she is An activist for both women and the outdoors Carrot is a spokeswoman I m grateful to have representing me Can t wait for the next book. He happens upon and becomes close with an clectic group of strangers people she wouldn't have chanced to meet in the “regular world” but who are brought together here on the trail by their one common goal make it to Canada before the snow fli.