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It seems the title character is based on the real life Manuel Estrada President of Guatemala from 1898 to 1920 I d not heard of him before The story is set during the 1910sI ve read a number of novels by Latin American authors where the reader is taken into a sort of nightmare world and this is another to add to that list It seems to me the author wanted to illustrate the effects of dictatorship on society especially the effects produced by the sort of dictator with which Latin America has historically been so cursed In this novel the merest chance can lead to someone being tortured or executed and the society is a sort of leptocracy where those in power extort money from everyone else Cruelty and fear are the dominant themes and people are cruel to one another in the most casual fashion Others are driven by fear to disown friends and relatives who have been arrested terrified they will be tarred by association There are one or two characters who behave with decency but they are the exceptions Many of the male characters spend their time getting blindingly drunk Apparently alcoholism really was a major problem in Guatemala at this time but I get the feeling the author s message is that the rottenness of the society he describes was time but I get the feeling the author s message is that the rottenness of the society he describes was that originated at the top and spread downwardsDespite the book s title the President is not the main character that role falling to someone with the curious moniker of Miguel Angel Face an advisor to the President Several times his name is linked with the phrase He was as beautiful and as wicked as Satan I found this a curious expression and wondered whether there was something to it that was lost either in translation or across the gaps of time and place Despite the comparison with old Beelzebub Miguel is one of the book s sympathetic characters He falls in love with the daughter of one of the President s political opponents and becomes a better person as a result Magic realism is another well nown feature of Latin American literature and this novel was one of the early examples of that genre It isn t always a style that I appreciate but it s comparatively restrained in this novel Most of the dream like seuences are identified as dreams There are a few mystical elements based around aspects of CatholicismIs it hope or depravity that triumphs It s a uestion I would enjoy discussing and I rate a novel a success when it leaves me with the desire to discuss it with others However to take that discussion further in this review would be to include spoilers reaffirms that my sweet spot for literature seems to be the 20s and 30s Some real gut punches of brutality and just exceptionally well written and structured elements of surrealism and magical realism as well as some pure documentary realism all beautifully mixed together in the age of Trump it is also perhaps useful to engage with a text like this Power the age of Trump it is also perhaps useful to engage with a text like this Power brutality and selfishness abound The weight of the dead makes the earth turn by night and by day it is the weight of the living When there are dead than living there will be eternal night night without end for the living will not be heavy enough to bring the dawn P 219 1963 Gollancz edition One of my favourite moments in a book of fa. Amaging psychological effects Drawing from his experiences as a journalist writing under repressive conditions Asturias employs such literary devices as satire to convey the government’s transgressions and surrealistic dream seuences to demonstrate the police state’s impact on the individual psyche Asturias’s stance against all forms of injustice in Guat. .
Vourite moments Although this is not a but a punch I don t think I ve Been So Emotionally Beaten Up so emotionally up reading Anna Karenina Crime Punishment or Sabbath s Theater Four very different books yes but books that eually risk wearing their sentiments uite plainly for all to see So if that too is your thing and if you don t mind the odd tear or letting tears become rivers rivers become roads then maybe maybe along some water logged highway you ll find a bookshop with this book in it If you do please read it For you shall not regret it El Se or Presidente Mister President Miguel ngel AsturiasMister President is a 1946 novel written in Spanish by Nobel Prize winning Guatemalan writer and diplomat Miguel ngel Asturias 1899 1974 A landmark text in Latin American literature Mister President explores the nature of political dictatorship and its effects on society Asturias makes early use of a literary techniue now nown as magic realism One of the most notable works of the dictator novel genre Mister President developed from an earlier Asturias short story written to protest social injustice in the aftermath of a devastating earthuake in the author s home town 1972 1348 408 20 I just finished this novel and it was an exhausting and depressing read Don t get me wrong it is a fantastic novel and well worth the time and emotional investment Asturias writes in an almost poetic prose that really draws you in His characters are engaging and his settings are such that I was able to really visualize his scenes The story itself is sad and his words carry you alon The President is the depiction of life under the rule of a cruel and capricious dictator in a nameless South American country There is an almost acrid atmosphere to the book as Asturias lures you in with the lurid lives of the characters from the Machiavellian but ultimately tragic Angel Face to the innocent Camilla who is caught up his web of deceit to the dictator himself a man consumed with paranoia and hatredThe nightmarish tone of Read this for a specific challenge and it ended up being an okay book The President was an interesting choice for me Not that it was a classic or anything because I do dive into those once in a blue moon In a weird way it didn t feel like a classic to me I get that it was written a long time ago but the story line felt so familiar to me Probably because so many YA books are ind of set like thisIn it you will read about an assassination attempt but then the bad guy falls for the daughter unexpectedly Ha yeah right Then this ind of reminded me of Romeo and Juliet because the romance was a bit on the forbidden side Add a dash of tragedy and it s basically a playmovie Besides all of that goodness a LOT happens in this book A lot than I expected but it made the book just a bit interesting Whether it was the prostitution For Women Or Ya Know Torturing Babies For Shits And women or ya now torturing babies for shits and It was a lot for my poor eyes to take in I am still shocked about some of the things that happened My eyes were definitely bugging out of my head with this book and I was probably getting judged by everyone that saw meOverall it was an eye opener and I sort of couldn t put it down Glad I took a chance on this random ass book. Emala caused critics to view the author as a compassionate spokesperson for the oppressed My work” Asturias promised when he accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature “will continue to reflect the voice of the people gathering their myths and popular beliefs and at the same time seeking to give birth to a universal consciousness of Latin American problems”. One of the finest novels you will ever read It will tear your heart out and all the while make you feel as if something magical is happening Asturias is a deft weaver of stories not to mention a grandfather of the magical realism genre in literature He wrote *all his books in Spanish of course and I of course had to read the translated verions which *his books in Spanish of course and I of course had to read the translated verions which suffer from the ind of loss all translations suffer and yet I cannot fathom how this novel could be any better than it is The essence of Asturias talent does not get lost in translation here It may take a little work to get a copy of thisit may cost a little extra moneyit s so much than merely worth it It s a tale you will never forget It s clear to see how this powerful incisive gem of a political satire earned Asturias the Nobel Prize for Literature What s less clear is how it can have fallen into moderate obscurity since then It remains relevant today and is uite vivid in this excellent translation by Frances Partridge whose talents earned her the respect of the Bloomsbury Group45 stars Miguel ngel Asturias s El Se or Presidente is the ultimate novel about Latin American political dictatorships and it is also the earliest It was written in 1933 but for various reasons not published until 1946 It is set during the presidency of Manuel Estrada Cabrera which lasted from 1898 1920 Although the president is never named it is set during the First World War when Estrada Cabrera was in officeEarly in the novel he president decides to blame General Canales for the death of Colonel Sonriente one of the leader s favorite hatchet men He was actually illed by a loony whom he was teasing In the course of executing Estrada s orders Miguel Angel Face is it significant that the character has 23 of the author s name idnaps the General s daughter and hauls her to a bar across the street In the process he falls in love with her and marries herThis does not sit well with the president marrying his avowed enemy The tone of his presidency is set by this comment which the Judge Advocate makes to one of his servantsWhen will you understand that you mustn t encourage people to hope In my house the first thing everyone down to the cat has to learn is that there are never to the cat has to learn is that there are never for hope of any description for anyone It s only possible to go on holding a position like mine if you obey orders the President s rule of conduct is never to give grounds for hope and everyone must be icked and beaten until they realise the fact When this lady comes back you must return her her letter neatly folded and tell her there is no way of finding out where her husband is buriedInterestingly Estrada Cabrera was forced out of office after he was unable to lead the country after a series of devastating earthuakes in 1917 1918 Asturias went on to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1967 He has written a number of other novels which are also excellent especially Men and Maize and Mulata as well as a trilogy excoriating the other novels which are also excellent especially Men and Maize and Mulata as well as a trilogy excoriating the Fruit Company s treatment of the campesinos who worked for it I read the English translation of this Spanish language novel which was published in 1946 I broke off reading it about halfway through to better understand the background and. Guatemalan diplomat and writer Miguel Angel Asturias 1899–1974 began this award winning work while still a law student It is a story of a ruthless dictator and his schemes to dispose of a political adversary in an unnamed Latin American country usually identified as Guatemala The book has been acclaimed for portraying both a totalitarian government and its