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Often the illustrator of other people s stories Milo Manara has brought his formidable talents to the page once again but this time as the writer as well The topic is one of the world s greatest painters Caravaggio clearly a personal passion and inspiration for Manara and one he is certainly ualified to exploreThis first volume follows Caravaggio s early ears as Manara and one he is certainly ualified to exploreThis first volume follows Caravaggio s early ears as arrives in Rome to make a name for himself I confess that I wasn t aware that Caravaggio s real name is Michelangelo but it s clear why he had to adopt the name of his home town Manara has opted to portray him as a self confident man almost arrogant and dismissive in his dealings with others although his heroism upon arriving in Rome secures him a circle of friends and swiftly a dangerous enemy His art is uickly recognised for its striking representation and use of light although the studio of Cavaliere D Arpino which takes him on is not interested in him painting anything than decorative garlands a threat kept firmly in its placeHis hot headedness coupled with an attraction to a prostitute Anna who uickly becomes his subject of many paintings sets him at odds with her pimp who already despises Caravaggio But as a muse Anna inspires Caravaggio to greater and greater works of art although the church who are commissioning the work are Uncomfortable With Him Using with him using harlot to model the madonna He implores her to change but her inability to do so pushes them apart with tragic resultsManara s exuisite eye for detail helps drive the story forward with fabulously painted backdrops of a dishevelled Rome long past its glory days to the varied populace that live there There is much fiction intertwined in this telling but that s to be expected with so many ears dividing then and now and because Manara seeks to celebrate a man of passion then what better way to illustrate it than this It is very much a work full of energy and excitement with Caravaggio s paintings constantly peppering the narrative as backdrops to moments in time either as they re worked on or with the story flowing around them as models events and circumstances given additional context to their content or creation I m not knowledgeable enough of Caravaggio s work to judge if these are fair representations but as an introduction to it and as an encouragement to find out it s the perfect blend What luscious graphic art covering the early ears of one of the greatest painters of all time with enough nau. Suscettibile impetuoso edonista e rissoso diventerà uno dei più grandi pittori della storia La punta del suo pennello. ,

Caravaggio La tavolozza e la spadaGhtiness that I was surprised I got this edition out of my local library Manara does really wonderful work Biography with beauty I certainly look forward to the next volume Learning art history has never been as fun After Borgia I Did Not Have High Hopes I did not have high hopes like Manara s arwork but the misogyny gets old pretty fast I was positively surprized by this one The artwork is even stunning than usual and the plot only mildly annoying and in parts really interesting Milo Manara s Caravaggio Volume 1 is a lush sensual graphic biodrama The book is a published euivalent to a movie that is better with the sound off Box after box of great is better with the sound off Box after box of great and coloring Lots of anatomy male and female and just enough violence to earn a strong parental advisory #This Version Of The Biography Of Caravaggio As An Emerging #version of the biography of Caravaggio as an emerging a painter roughly 1590 s who would influence the Baroue style it is about as deep as the info ou might garner from a uick museum walk The book is fictionalized and therefore entertaining We get the naked people and the sword fights that might be too indelicate for the museum doyens The women are all fairly conventional modern beauties and Caravaggio s men are sufficiently studied to at least suggest the still open uestions about his sexuality Much of the novel is about sexuality in its live actors and the artistic merit of this same anatomy when painted for the high paying usually church officials who were the art patrons of this period These were less concerned with the photo realism or emotional impact of the artwork and concerned with the scandal of using as models women suffering deficiencies in their personal reputations for probity The art of the artist subject and author carries the majority of the merit of Caravaggio Volume 1 Perhaps because of the costs of this level of visual uality there are not enough pages to carry a story line Changes in time are rarely noted and the plot such that it is is little than what one could build from successive museum cards Gorgeous artwork skillfully combining an individual graphic novel signature and Caravaggio s own uniue style The focus of Caravaggio s driving energy both intrigued and disappointed me but I couldn t deny its strength nor the sympathy it invoked for Caravaggio s often violent actions Of especial interest to me was Artemisia Gentileschi s cameo moment in the story Manara clearly did his research on the time period weaving historical events into his own uniue narrat. Ha scolpito luci e ombre fino a creare opere indimenticabili e di straordinario realismo uattro secoli più tardi un
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Ive which brought Caravaggio his transition from Mannerism to Baroue and Rome to life Beautiful artwork takes precedence over story structure which is choppy This book is filled with scenes rather than a fully connecting story of the painter and the language translation feels sterile rather than conversational 35 Beautiful artworks a little too fast the story The drawings tell the genesis of Caravaggio s works but each painting is condensed into a small number of vignettes On the genesis of Caravaggio s works but each painting is condensed into a small number of vignettes On the hand Manara managed to give the idea of the continuous bickering and the continuous fights in which the artist was entangled I m waiting for the second volume Bellissimi i artist was entangled I m waiting for the second volume Bellissimi i un po troppo veloce for the second volume Bellissimi i un po troppo veloce storia Si tratta pi che altro di tavole che raccontano la genesi delle opere del Caravaggio ma alla fine ogni dipinto condensato in un numero esiguo di vignette D altra parte Manara riuscito a dare l idea dei continui battibecchi e delle continue risse in cui era invischiato l artista Aspetto il secondo volume NEWTs readathon August 2018 Transfiguration acceptable read a book with a grey cover or with grey on the cover I liked this a lot better than the Borgias comic I wonder if it s because this story was actually focused on a somewhat realistic plot instead of gratuitous violence and nudity That must be thanks to Manara writing the story this time D There exists the same lack of transitioning and appropriate passage of time it reads like a series of sections rather than a flowing story But I don t mind this too much I was well enough intrigued with Caravaggio s story and was as ever awed by Manara s art as well as Caravaggio s This was decent historical fiction with gorgeous art and homage thrown in It s a shame that the next volume hasn t come out for this Karsh Portfolio yet because I d eagerly pick it up Pieces from life of Caravaggio some events are described in details some are only mentioned There are many time jumps some longer some shorter Over and all it works pretty as visual biography but ifou aren t a freak for art history it will probably won t get ou hooked Manara s drawing is great detailed although as usual it s problem to distinguish female and also androgynous characters Gorgeous like all Manara work I don t know enough of the history to tell how accurate it is but it seems to be slightly generic tortured oung artist Also I think there are some jumps in time that aren t really signalled clearlyI read this in English translation. Ltro genio del disegno italiano Milo Manara gli rende omaggio con una graphic novel in due tomi che passerà alla stori. .