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A Warlocks Dance (The Cursed Princes, eIn his footsteps and when Zee got involved with a na ve and innocent young woman as a teenager his father took care of things his way The death of the woman he loved in a deliberate car accident was the impetus for Zee to run away shedding his real name and anything to do with his father along the way He d made his way to a teen drop in center and become friends with Gideon Levi Zoe and Rachel andnded up working with Gideon when he opened his auto garage on Royal Road He has plans now to xpand the gym he started getting his own teen program up and running teaching martial arts and self defense classes It s a far cry from his upbringing but he s happy there and loyal to his friends Pretty little rich girls aren t for him though reminding him too much of the girl he lost and the mistakes of his pastTamara is following the road her parents have set out for her A tragic vent in her past resulted in the loss of her brother and her guilt over what happened has set her on a permanent path of atonement They ve found a suitable man for her in New York and while up to this point Tamara was faithful to him she suspected he had other women on the side a fact he confirms in a phone call It s a relationship of convenience on his side not hers but there is no love lost between them When Tamara s father spills the news that her mother and Robert the boyfriend are planning a surprise My First Kitten engagement party Tamara can feel the trap closing in on her but doesn t know how toscape it She s working as an intern at her father s company with a manager who clearly despises the fact that she s the big boss s daughter and goes out of his way to make her miserable She can t afford to lose the job and disappoint her parents yet again Her night with Zee was the first time she d felt free that she could let go of the tight control she s kept on her life since her brother died She wants that feeling again She s desperate for it again And if it means she has to seek Zee out and offer herself up to him she s ready and willing to do it if he ll have herIt soon becomes apparent to both Zee and Tamara that the shields they ve put up to ward off any intimacy are cracking Sharing their Seeds of the Spirit 2000 emotions and thoughts wasn t supposed to be part of the plan but it happens and they uickly find that it s not only sex they want fromach other But Zee s father isn t finished with him yet and the second half of the story is intense and action packed as Zee and Tamara work to find a way to free themselves from their pasts There is also a set up for the next story in the series as Zee s friend Levi is set to be released from prison and clearly he and Rachel have a past to deal with The streets of Detroit are a perfect backdrop for this gritty and intense romance If you like bad boy heroes and opposites attract stories with a healthy dose of super steamy scenes and a compelling and action packed plot Dirty For Me is for youNote a copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review Link To Full Review BelowYeahthis Is Just Not The Book For full review belowYeahthis is just not the book for She is basically cheating on her BF if you want my thoughts on cheating Pin-Up even consensual cheating check out my review of The Concubine by Shay Savage and its pretty much just smutty sex There is nothing wrong with that but its not my cup of tea This review was originally posted on The Book Disciple This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Ezekiel Zee was born into a crime boss family but it was not a life hever wanted and when his father murdered his girlfriend when he was only a teenager he disappeared from his fathers life and made a life for himself setting up a gym and center to self defense for the community He has worked hard to move on from his past to be worthy of a memory of a girl that held his heart and believed in him but lost her life in the process Tamara does verything that her rich parents xpect of her including dating a man she doesn t care about and xpect her to marry But when Tamara goes with a friend to a self defense class and comes face to face with the formidable and sexy instructor Zee Sparks fly between these two and the chemistry is fiery hot but they soon realize how right they are for ach otherThis was a story I was looking forward to I really liked the blurb and was The Favorite Daughter excited to see what this author would do with the story This story is pretty high in sexual content andven though this is Jackie s style I was skimming uite a bit because I felt it overshadowed the actual love story that is going on here There is a form of cheating that I also had issues with Now Tamara was in a relationship with someone Fitness for Geeks else andven though ventually we learn it isn t a fully committed relationship but the first little while I struggled with this aspect of the story What I did like was this aspect of the story What I did like was the other aspects of the "plot though With the danger of Zee s father and the friendships of "though With the danger of Zee s father and the friendships of s friends It was uite fun to see their commaderie and close ties to ach other But Overall I liked this story and loved seeing these two connect on a deeper level Hot and stimulating. Prove to be the one opponent he won't be able to dominate at least not without some pleasurable convincing Praise for Jackie Ashenden's Mine to TakeThe sex is dirty sweet with a dark lick of dominance and the tantalizing potential of redemption Publishers Weekly Starred ReviewIntriguingly dark and intensely compelling sure to keep readers in suspense RT Book Reviews 45 Stars Top PickAshenden twists and tortures her characters with impressive skill The Washington Pos. .

1 in the Motor City Royals romanceerotica seriesThanks to NetGalley for a free copy of this book in xchange for an honest reviewI know when I pick up an Ashenden book that I ll become absorbed in the characters and the story njoying lots of hot scenes This one was no Winter Sunshine exception My only criticism is that perhaps she spent a little too much time on the hot scenes and notnough time building a little background into her characters Although I found them very attractive I didn t feel I really got to know them in a well rounded manner I would have liked backstory about their work Naked Choke especially Zee s work with troubled teens their friends and their reasons for their choicesspecially Tamara s leanings away from her wealthy family And the over the top statement by Zee at the Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good end seemed out of character and felt a little rushed But it was still a winner and I continue to be a fan of this author YESSSSSSSSSSAnother fantastic winner by Jackie Ashenden I don t know how she does itvery time but damn do her characters just speak to me This is a great start of a new series and I can t wait for From the pically drool worthy pic on the cover to the very last sentence Ashenden had me completely captivated From hard core fights to dark and dangerous men this novel has it all right along with a healthy dose of xtra steamy chemistry and sex scenes that both add to the story and make the pages sizzle This is all backed up by vibrant descriptions that allow you to both see and feel your surroundings This is writing that really Healing Souls engages your sensesThe hard core characters really pop in this novel The aura of both danger and safety that surround Zee had me drooling and glued to the pages The hardnessmanating from him makes it all Seductive Surrender even tantalizing At the same time the hints of vulnerability make him oh so very real Tamara s ability to bend yet to stand up for herself were remarkable I simultaneously felt for her and wanted to cheer her on through her journey of self discoveryThis was anarth uaking soul shattering start to a series that I can t get Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, enough of I definitely wouldn t hesitate to recommend it to others Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work inxchange for an honest review I can t finish 31% DNFI can t find anything redeeming about Tamara I can t stand what she is doing and how she uses people how she wants to fulfill her fantasies before she marries a man that doesn t love her and she doesn t love him just because her parents tell her Then to have a conversation with her finance that yeah let s get as much sex as we can till we get married then we will be faithfulok then you get all slutted up and go ask the stranger you had sex with a day ago to give you sex till you get married REALLYZee is hot but arrogance can be taken a tad too far His dirty talking isn t a turn on it is degrading I guess that is what Tamara wants and his characterization of a rich girl who wants to slum is so trueI found the side characters a tad interesting but I just can t push through I suppose that they will fall in love and verything will be perfect but I am sorry I can t get past the terrible character flaws to Enjoy I Am Sure I am sure will love it I Can tReceived an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley DIRTY FOR ME is a good story with flawed gritty complex characters I can t say I liked Zee or Tamara but it that didn t stop me from getting into their story and rooting for them Their chemistry is unwanted but hot Neither is looking for the other but they can t seem to stop themselves I liked the tension that added to the story Their relationship is dysfunction but that very trait leads to interesting situations and interactions and has the reader hoping Zee and Tamara find their way These two ach need someone who understands and cares for them The tender moments ach offers the other are particularly heartwarmingThere was a lot of additional tension from the situations both find themselves in with their vastly different but ually flawed parents I think this could have been xplored ven The resolution to their problems was OK but a little too The Deepest Sin easy I m skeptical that Zee s threat against his dad would keep Joshua Chase away from his son or Tamara permanently And how do we know that Tamara s threat would hold any weight on behalf of her parents She s assuming her father isn t in cahoots with thelder Chase or that Chase isn T Blackmailing HimI Can Recommend This Book blackmailing himI can recommend this book I ll look forwarding to reading other Ashenden books Thank you Netgalley and Kensington books for the ARC in return for an honest review 2 stars not because it was bad but just because it wasn t my kind of book and I just couldn t get into it I got really intrigued by reading the description and the little xcerpt on Netgalley I thought I had found my next fix Sadly nough it didn t really turn out that way It wasn t that the writing was bad because it honestly wasn t I did find the little italic inner thoughts a bit annoying at times tho I could have done without them There was too much inner dialogue and that held the. Ezekiel Zee Chase has a complicated past Born into a family whose wealth grew from the seedy world of big time crime he ran away as a teenager and made a home for himself on the streets of Detroit By day the mechanic works at a local garage But by night he throws down with the best of them in Detroit's gritty underground fighting scene With all those muscles he's never had trouble with women until he meets one who challenges him to the greatest fight of his lifeTama.

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Story back at least for me I think I was xpecting of a romantic story but it was a little bit dgy and a whole lot rough Not really my cup of tea Tho the writer does a great job and I m sure this story will appeal to many others it just didn t really appeal to me Zee is the typical bad boy from the wrong part of town yet on the inside he means well His thoughts suggest he s one of the good guys but his actions don t really confirm that To me he came a little bit across like a caveman I m guessing this is not the way the writer intended it but it s how I perceived him I don t give a shit about your boyfriend Do you want me to fuck you Yes or No Erm yeah I didn t really know how to deal with that bluntness Especially in the beginning he is like this near the nd he turns out uite okay Tamara is a different story After a tragedy so many years ago she feels like she owes it to her parents to obey their very whim One of them is dating Robert and Yeah I don t get it why she puts up with it for so long I understand the circumstances and stuff but still It did make for uite a fantastic nding though And oh did I tell yet I really dislike her boss Scott what a total dck To understand why you ll need to pick up the book If you like hot rough sex scenes with a story beneath it all you will most likely njoy or ven love this story It definitely has potential but it just wasn t for me I can t give it than 2 stars when I don t feel the story Yet I do think this story is probably worth stars So I m sure there is an audience for this kind of book It just wasn t my cup of teaAfter this said I must admit that I would really like to read the 2nd book in this series I got really intrigued by the characters of Rachel and Levi and will probably pick up this book just to find out how things progress The little xcerpt at the nd of this book really makes me want to read it I hope I will like that book better ARC received for review325 stars Lots of dirty sex dirty talking motional angst great friends parents who need smacked upside the head Zee and Tamara s chemistry was off the charts the whole way through but they were both so moody about their pasts The Le valeureux guerrier ending felt a little rushed and too much HEA too uick I look forward to meeting Levi in the next book and see what happens with Rachel This review also appears at All About Romance For Me is the first story in Jackie Ashenden s new Motor City Royals series set on the gritty streets of Detroit Zeescaped from his corrupt father adopted his current name and set out to support himself by picking up the mechanics trade He works at a garage now with colleagues he calls his family runs his own gym and at night he Snowflakes on the Sea expresses his frustrations byngaging in no holds barred underground fighting He definitely doesn t run in the same circles as Tamara who shows up with a friend taking one of his self defense classes one of the rich women who ve heard about the tattooed hottie and his lessonsWhile Tamara watches the class from the sidelines in her Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy expensive clothing and clutching her designer purse she can t take heryes off the rough dangerous instructor And when her
"friend heads off "
heads off her new classmates to a local bar Tamara insists that she can get herself home though on the streets looking forlornly for a cab she looks like A LAMB BEING LED TO SLAUGHTER lamb being led to slaughter knows he should stay away but he can t help it he s drawn to her like a moth to a flame ven though she s xactly the kind of woman he s vowed to stay away from Offering her a ride home Tamara accepts and the sparks between them turn into an inferno resulting in the best fuck of her life in the back seat of his car Shaken out of her complacent life Tamara returns to Zee for of the passion he s shown her She s only got a few short weeks before her controlling parents have her locked up tight in a relationship with a man they ve chosen one who fits their high society lifestyle Zee and Tamara both have secrets in their past that have affected their paths can they overcome them and build a new future togetherIf you ve never read a Jackie Ashenden book before and really if you have and if sexual tension in a romance is your thing you are in for a treat She skillfully weaves intense plots with nough drama and sexual situations to make for the kind of story that is difficult to put down once you start From the moment Zee and Tamara lock yes with Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival each other you know they are going to be in for a rough and sexy ride There is no preamble no getting to know you conversation before that firstncounter in the back of Zee s car It s pure unadulterated lust but the best kind From that point on it s not a uestion of if but when they will see Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, each other again It s a talented author who can take a seemingly hopeless situation and give us a happy and satisfactorynding when all is said and doneZee s background is one of wealth power and corruption His father is a businessman who dabbles in as much illegal activities as legal ones and throws his weight around in physical and financial ways He wanted his son to follow. Ra Eliot is a hardworking corporate high flyer who appreciates the finer things in life from her The Fix expensive perfume to her designer handbags More than anything though she likes to be in control and when Zeexplodes into her life she feels anything but He's the definition of a bad boy brash fiery and of course irresistibly hot And there's a darkness about him that keeps her coming back for As Zee takes Tamara deeper into a world she never knew xisted she just might. ,
Dirty For Me Motor City Royals #1