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Sweet Southern Nights Home in Magnolia Bend #3Nce readers want the characters to be gorgeous and in terrific shape because the average Great addition to this seriesTwo firefighters move from friends to true in terrific shape because the average Great addition to this seriesTwo firefighters move from friends to true Great characters Especially enjoyed Jake s arc from bad boy womanizer to weeping over the woman he loved After three of these siblings find their matches I marvel at the unconditional love of their parents Eva is a female firefighter which is uncommon in the parts she lives She works hard to prove her worth and things start to get from complicated to worse when her brother is left in her care #After A Incident With Her #a incident with her and her close friend Jake are staring to blur the lines of thier friendship when they ended up locking lips Everyone knows Jake isn t good for her and her life is complicated enough but they just can t help it Story line was simple enough but enjoyable enough to keep the readers wanting to read till the very end I really enjoyed this book Watching as Eva would learn to care for a child which she didn t have much experience with Watching her relationship with Jake was fun and steamy at times There was just the right amount of drama "to keep things interesting but nothing too over the top Overall a great book and I recommend ou "keep things interesting but nothing too over the top Overall a great book and I recommend ou readers to check out this sweet book Miniseries Home in Magnolia Bend This is third in a series and characters from the others are a strong presence here so I recommend reading in order Plus the others are better storiesI felt like this book was all rote and zero heart I wasn t much impressed with Jake from the earlier books as he s such an unrepentantly shallow fribble I had hopes that Talley would bring us enough details to see him as but it turns out the details didn t help me any This is not a spoiler as we learn this really early The thing is he s just stuck in a selfish guilt chasm of his own making and his own choosing It s a totally emo thing where he s all I m brooooken because a bad thing haaaaapened so I can t be a gooooood guy Seriously I wanted to get him a pacifier and. Ep it together Jake's her best friend and co worker two very good reasons why crossing this line is a bad idea Yet something between them must've changed because one kiss isn't nearly enough.

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A wooby to nurse his man pain until he was fit for adult company Preferably before this book started so we could have a real storyEva offsets this at least somewhat She s capable and strong and courageous and generous It really is too bad she s victim of what amounts to insta love even if it s three ears ago it s still present and still
counts imo so 
IMO So s been in love with Jake all this time and reluctant to do anything about it Which is probably a good thing because Jake hasn t had his nap and wooby et and is unfit for adult companyIf I hadn t liked Eva and the setting a hold over from the prior books I d have probably dnf d this at some point I don t regret continuing on but I almost tossed it all when view spoilerTalley not only succumbed to the temptation to have Jake pull the leaving her for her own good brain damage but then doubled down by having Eva have an on the job accident that put her in the hospital so Jake could realize just how much he loved her hide spoiler Who doesn t love a story about firefighters In Magnolia Bend Eva Monroe is the only female firefighter at Magnolia Bend Jake Beauchamp brother to the woman whose story was in a previous title in firefighter at Magnolia Bend Jake Beauchamp brother to the woman whose story was in a previous title in Magnolia Bend series is thought of as a man whore but that rep hides his guilt at causing his best friend s paralysis after a near fatal car accident But did he really cause it And if he didn t why does he still feel such guilt More to the point Eva doesn t want Jake to know she s carried a torch for him since joining the force And Jake Does he dare succumb to his attraction to her Everyone knows she s a good person deserving of than love em and leave em action such as Jake has engaged with other women in townWhen they do get together is it any surprise that what happens next provokes a crisis second only to the 3 alarm fire that Eva s on but Jake is not A worthy read for a sunny summer day But be sure to wear sunscreen The heat from the fire Eva and Jake create could result in a burn maybe even permanent flames Review posted at. For either of them But Jake is haunted by a past tragedy and isn't the commitment type With than just Eva's heart on the line she needs to end things now before this fire burns out of contr. ,
This story was an emotional roller coaster not just for me but also for the CharactersEva And Jake Have Been and Jake have been for three ears not just friends best friends and the also work together at the fire department Eva has been in love with Jake ever since they met but hiding her feelings little they met but hiding her feelings Little she know Jake has been attracted to Eva from the first moment as well but as co workers not taking that stepBut these wild feelings for each other is not the only thing going on in their livesJake is ridden with guilt of an accident that happen ten ears Ago An Accident That Left An accident that left best friend Cliff paralyzed and killed another friend Jake is restless not happy with his life and not only wanting a change needed it as wellEva s family life has never been easy and now she unexpectedly finds herself as a single parent to her six ear old half brother And it is so overwhelming hard and difficult all Eva wants to do is sleep through one nightThere were lots of things I enjoyed about this story The romance between Jake and Eva is not easy or straightforward Eva is afraid to trust the feelings trust that Jake s feelings are true Jake lets other people manipulate his feelings about himself doubting if he is good enough for Eva I wanted to shake both of them at times during the storyCliff I understand he has had it rough but some of his behavior was unacceptable He did redeem himself a little towards the end but he was not my favorite personBut I loved Jake s family they were loud chaotic fun and opinionated and just a lovely bunch to be aroundThis is than just a touching love story It was a lesson on how we shouldn t let others define us as a person but find our own light and fire within ourselves The story was realistic lifelike and easy to relate to Life can be so tough at times but still love wins It really does Five Spoons First I am not a romance reader usually Second I almost put the book down after the first page when the male lead s eyes were described as intense twice on that page Third I get it roma. One kiss can change everything Eva Monroe is always cool under pressure As a firefighter it's part of the job But after kissing Jake Beauchamp in a moment of confusion she's struggling to ke.