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Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts pThis was a really good book but I wished I would have read the first two first because I felt like i was missingart of the story in the beginning After I got into the book though I retty much forgot there were other booksAll of the characters in this book were very relatable and likeable The ain that Robbie had from being in the military was unimaginable and I was happy he found his match with Ember after he finally gave in and stopped being a jerk This book was well written and I liked it so much that I am definitely going to go back and read the other 2Received a free copy in exchange for honest review 45 starsAnother wonderful book by Ahren Sanders Again overall it is low on drama which I love And when the couple does have an issue it isn t dragged out too long HEA view spoilerYes with epilogue hide spoiler I was lucky enough to receive an ARC and Ahren has done it again This story Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra pulls you in right from the start I love all the characters I ve missed this group so much so I was over the top excited to have them here once again Robbie Ember s story is so emotional and HOT They have amazing chemistry I just finished Salvation and I really enjoyed this book It is apart of a Surrender series but can be read as a stand alone I had not read the other books and was able to follow just fine but wished to hell that I had read them It would have given me good insight into some of the secondary char YEP Ahren Sanders has another hit on her hands Salvation is the third book in the Surrendering series This is Robbie and Ember s story and what a story it is We know that Robbie is Raven s brother a Marine that was injured in combat troubled by the events that led to loosing six of his brothers and almost loosing his leg what we find out about Robbie in this story is that he is fiercelyrotective of those he loves We first met Ember in Surviving when Raven goes to the bridal store where she works when she is lanning her wedding store where she works when she is lanning her wedding know that she is shy but this book tells us about everything that makes Ember the sweet shy The First Secret of Edwin Hoff person she is Ember has not had an easy life she was neglected by her mother and abused by her sister her father was the only good thing in her life until he was sent torison Words will not do this justice but I wanted to reach into the book and give her a big hug and keep her rotected from the eople that are messing with her Robbie does a good job of that for the most art but there are times he needed a good smack in the head I really liked how the whole crew embraced Ember into there little group which seems to be getting bigger and biggerAhren Sanders I am anxiously awaiting Finn s story I ve been a and biggerAhren Sanders I am anxiously awaiting Finn s story I ve been a fan of his since the first book and I really really hope he gets his happy ending next I feel like I ve been waiting forever to read Robbie and Ember s story but man it was so worth The Wait Ahren Sanders wait Ahren Sanders made me one happy reader Epic emotional roller coaster of a read Meet Ember the shy introvert who has been deeply hurt by the ones who are suppose to rotect her Robbie has been País íntim physically and emotionally damaged by the war Can these two be each others Salvation Fans of Surrendering and Surviving will love reading Salvation because you will see some fam. Her innocence is masked with vulnerability Until her walls crumble Undeniable Desire His world is full of despair Until he finds her light Unyielding Chemistry Falling in love seemed to heal them both Until their hauntingasts threatens to destroy Unrelenting. E eye but he cant stay away He wants her to trust him and love him Embers life is finally on track she is in love she has it all the life that she always wanted Friends Family And A Future Until Her family and a future until her collides with her resentShe didn t think that her sister and mother could do any damage to her but they can and didIt almost destroys her but it breaks Robbie who then leaves and that is the breaking oint she is a shell of what she one it breaks Robbie who then leaves and that is the breaking oint she is a shell of what she one she ever be fixed or is her life always destined to be like thisI cant say any This is the first Ahern Sanders book that I have read but it will not be the last The story was amazing and there is a lot of twists and turns in this book I give it 5 stars and I cant wait to read the other two booksI definitely recommend this book you will not be disappointed in itReviewed by ErinThe Art Of Romance It s hard to say no to a book by this author having loved the other two books of hers I ve read so without reading the first two books in this series I dove into Salvation And I was rewarded with a standalone story that s sexy sweet and little bit heartbreaking Oh and a new book boyfriend HoorayAfter an accident left him broken and scarred Robbie Hayes is working to escape the nightmares and memories that lague him He thinks that Ember Walker is too beautiful and too innocent for the likes of him She has a way of making the Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II pain of hisast fade away and damn if he doesn t want to Something Wicked protect her and keep her safe But will that be enough when herast comes back to haunt themOh sweet baby Jesus in a basketROBBIE I loved this hot former Marine with his over rotective streak and his sweet generous nature

loved that he was willing take him time with Ember that he wasn t afraid to admit that his ast left him wounded Freud and His Followers physically and mentally and that he owned his mistakes Oh and I REALLY loved his dirty mouthwipes brow It was just so easy to see why Ember would want to be with him because I want to too A lot Ember on the other hand I occasionally wanted to talk some sense into I felt for her though and damn if herain didn t become my Pjesme pain She may have come across as somewhat of aushover at times but I d be lying to myself and you if I didn t own that that aspect of her ersonality worked for the story And what a story it was There were a few changes of ace and direction in Salvation and it kept me on my toes While I may not have always exactly followed the references to the revious stories in this series I was still able to enjoy and fall for this book and this circle of friends And it is a great circle of friends About two chapters into this story I was already enad with all of them Ahren Sanders just has a writing style that appeals to me from the fun banter to the touching support they offer each other this group makes me want to drop everything and find out MORE Perhaps I will do just that I m now three books into this author and I ve loved each one I think it s high time I go acuainted with her earlier work Beth 45 stars 5 StarsFirst let me say that even though this book can be read as a standalone I highly recommend reading Surrendering and Surviving first Both books are on my favorites book shelf The secondary characters in Salvation are. Er Walker’s life hasn’t been easy Fleeing from a world filled with hatred gives her a fresh start one she desperately craved Now she’s stronger but guilt and insecurities still lague her Will she ever be able to outrun her memories Can he be her salvatio. Salvation