(E–pub) [My Badboy Neighbour (Good Girl, #1)] by Desirae Clark

My Badboy Neighbour (Good Girl, #1)Spoilers as well as Curse Language belowI "Don T Even Know Why I Give " t even know why I give 2 stars It was Waste Of Time Waste of Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain perfect timeI could do so many things Instead I just read this book Jesus I m dumb as fucking shit My brain reading this stopped operating The reasons why Here you goShe was calling him all the time bad boy and bad boy Why Because he isopular at school and fucks some chicks That make him horny But not badHe on the other hand calls her rincessHe school and fucks some chicks That make him horny But not badHe on the other hand calls her rincessHe the first time he speaks to her he knows her very well and when he is saying some shit she thinks he is correct but you know She doesn t agree because she is None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) proud or whateverI would like to believe though there is to the main character of the book I m reading about than some arrogant shit some dude that doesn t know her says about herThen there some maaarvelous slut shaming as well because why the fuck not She is the good girl Good girls can judge what othereople do with their vaginaThe girl she talks about has done nothing to her Puta personally But you know she is sleeping around so lets all call her slut Because it s ethical to judgeeople like thatAnd of course this story is full of stereotypes Boring offence as fuck stereotypesThe romance is not even a romance I think almost everyone likes her And there is a bet somewhere that is mentioned a couple of times through out the whole book and revealed only at the last chapter where she leaves like a fucking coward and doesn t face the situation ask for explanation or anything Really anything would be good Also her 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 parents are never homeHer friends knew about the bet and never said anythingThe hero is an asshole While they are on a date he makes out with another girl Everything is shitty I m fucking frustrated Nobody can give me back the time that I wasted reading this book I think I m over this review it s late at night and I think enough is enough Fuck this book and fuck my life I actually kept reading because I thought You know what It might get better Hold on in there sister hold on in there But you know what It didn t get better It was a sort of nightmare Though the writing style didn t suck that much but still It wasn t special I thought it was fantastic Probably one of my favorite books I have ever read I majorly recommend it Iictured the characters with different Killer Games people than the author did but I found it fun andersonal The ending was sooooo unsuspected but so is life so it was appropriate If I could say anything to anyone who is thinking about reading this book it s this Don t think of it stereo typically Many eople when they hear the title they robably think it s about a teen girl and teen boy and romance and all that But let me say this it is made up of all different genres It has suspense sadness and yes romance However romance isn t the whole entire books It s not 100% what you think. There was a good girl there was a bad boy and there was a betGOOD GIRL Astrid Bailey was a sixteen year old who never got into trouble and was happy to be hidden behind her brother's school's Golden Boy's successBAD BOY Kai Asher liked to make inappropriate sexual.

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When you the title It s about how not to judge Cocksure people about trustingeople and not trusting Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, people mourning death of close ones and how to deal with the bad things There are many life lessons inside this wonderfully written book So yes it might be cheesy and yes it might be romantic but it iserfectly written I rate it 55 stars Totally recommend it btw I showed it to my friends and they read the first chapter and were immediately hooked I think you will be too What the ever living fuck was this I hate wasting time HATEThirteen reasons why not to read this book1 I realized uickly that this must not have been written by someone with English as first language I see I am correct This is all fine and dandy I applaud you for being bilingual But find a Porto Bello Gold proofer or editor I volunteer as tribute2 How was Kai a bad boy Because you told us3 Astrid sucks So do her friends If you re gonna be aushover anti social ansy what kind of behavior do you expect I m not condoning bullying or being an asshole but she let her brother and friends treat her like shit DON T be their friend don t engage Talk to your brother who is your TWIN4 I HATE HATE HATE stories where someone died and it completely changes someone s character I lost both arents and other The Three Lives of Sonata James people close to me and I didn t turn into a melodramatic agoraphobic5 Nath Mosteople with the name Nathaniel go by Nate or Nathan I don t know any Naths6 Matt He s insane I think he read some Penelope Douglas books and thought I ll try that tactic7 Was this whole thing supposed be diary entries I can t Tell Where The Diary Part where the diary Mein Erster Mörder part and where it began8 You mention Astrid was onills Please explain When Why How Why never bring it up again9 So many comments were made that didn t make sense I don t even know how to explain this but I mentioned some of them in my highlights10 Nathaniel was always there for you When Oh when it was convenient for the story There are way too many convenient details added in to make the story flow Example two the winter formal11 All these dudes like you but you re a nerd And they treat you like shit12 Continuity errors I highlighted some 13 That terrible ending I don t even know wtf that was And damn my OCD for making have to read the seuel Fuck Well that was FlawedThis book was very close to being dnf dThe concept of the story ulled me in as most bet stories do but this was just no up to ar for me at allMy issues1 Lack of Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah parents These kids are underage and at home by themselves ALL the time They tried using that thearents were trying to teach independence but no they were just never there2 DiaryI m not 100% sure but I think this whole thing was supposed to be her diary But that s no how it was written at all It was written as a story with dear diary written at the top of a few chapters3 AstridShe is the type of main character I can t stan. Innuendos messed with law and broke girls' hearts He was intense rough sexy and definitely something He also just moved in next doorTHE BET was made between the jocks so that one articular layer had to try to win over the most hard to get girlThe bad boy turned D There was no depth to her character and she whined and complained about her life being hell when really there was no true back story besides her late best friend assing but besides that and horrendously written bullies nothing actually happens to her up until the end It also irritated me that she repeatedly kept saying she was a loser loner shyyet she s had 2 guys stay the night with herggaaahhh4 KaiBad boy Not really The only Bad Boy aspect he had to him was that he rides a Motorcycle and sleeps around5 Unnecessary characters Soooo I don t think they really needed to mention any of Kay s family and the sudden throw in of her grandparents irked me Aswell as additional characters that didn t really bring much to the storyThis story was just not my cup or teaAT ALL I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH ITS ONE OF MY MANY FAVOURITES Well done on getting it Bear Boy published If I suffer a severe blow to my head and forget this book I will actually be thankful It was not a bad read but it was not amazing either However I do love a good cliffy and now I want to read the other books in the series Astrid did get on my nerves and she was too much with the besties who really treated her like crap Astrid just never learned Somearts felt like fillers and I did end up skimming some of the scenes with her annoying friends I wish that some of the things that Astrid experienced it would have been shown then just told to the reader Astrid explains in the end to her mom about how exactly she is bullied but I wish those scenes were shownin the story A lot of the scenes with the besties could have been eliminated and scenes with Astrid being bullied could have been added Some things that Astrid been eliminated and scenes with Astrid being bullied could have been added Some things that Astrid upset about seemed a bit too much too Astrid is driving to school with her twin brother when she is hit behind by her new neighbor Kai Kai is the hot bad boy at school who does not date So when he drives Astrid to school on his motorcycle it raises a lot of attention Attention that Astrid does not want or need since life in high school is not always so great Astrid likes to read and stay in than go to football games and Black Women in White America parties She has two BFFs at school but they seem to leave her out of things or not always there for her Plus her twin brother Connor who is a star athlete at the high school does not treat her any better than the rest of the school After the accident Kai seems to be showing and in Astrid s life and from there the story begins It s my first time writing a book review I just cannot stop myself I have to let othereople know that this is the worst book ever I don t understand how Worlds Beyond The Poles people can like this book It s written like a diary of a young girl and that s just it a book that seems like it was written by a 12 year old Don t waste your time Thelot does not get interesting It didn t end the way I would have liked but hey that s life. Ut to be not so bad the good girl turned out to be not so strong and the bet made it ossible for their worlds to literally collide when they got into a car accidentWith endless of fights drama and heartbreak Astrid was torn between her former crush and her new lov.