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Man I am really sad that its over I ve enjoyed this series so much and grew to really love the residents of Ruby Cove and Shotgun Row The ending shocked me but it was a good shock for sure I don t want to spoil it for anyone so I ll just say I am so glad I icked this up and got all up into the series I legit had to get a en and aper and kinda do a family tree for all the series I legit had to get a en and aper and kinda do a family tree for all relations going on though lol like everybody was damn near related in some crazy way and it got confusing at times to keep up but all in all these were some really good reads to me and judging by the end end we can hopefully expect some even crazier shit with the new generation Shocking indeed Loved itI really enjoyed this series It took me on one hell of a roller coaster ride I m so glad that the truth finally came out I was so scared that Diesel was going to get away with all that he had done RIP Mama Peaches My favorite Character Thanks for the happy ending we don t always get that I can t with these damn Python kids Jayden needs to run away from Vivian aka his sister Wow A great way to end a series Th. Not for the faint of heart RT Book ReviewsIt's scorched earth all or nothing war for Memphis' most merciless ride or die women and even their survival skills are no guarantee And once alliances splinter And Explosive Revelations Rip explosive revelations rip their empire one diva's revenge will become the ultimate deadly reignBetween total gang exterminations and brutal collateral da. .
E end of the De nesha ended this series with lots of twists and turns and secrets revealed Even though this isn t my favorite book in the series I still enjoyed reading about Shotgun Row I am glad the series is ending and that the author isn t trying to drag out this series This is definitely a must read series Loved the storylineI liked the beginning details of the characters in the story There were many to follow and keep straight The beginning was a Little Slow But Omg slow but omg story uickly accelerated to warp speed and I could not but the book down Seeing the connectedness of the characters and some misconceptions of what StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story people think they Baby This book had so many twists and turns I loved every minute of it and the author definitely has me craving A few erriors but they didn t take away from the story at all After waiting awhile to finish this series I was not disappointed this last book was off the chain I really enjoyed how the scenes flowed whenever the book ended the new book started at thatoint This series so reminded me of real life battles that we deal with every. Mage the stakes have never been higher for the women of the Dirty South Good girl gone lethal Ta'Shara is in for the fight of her life her own To work a dangerous truce Vice Lord ex chief Lucifer It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life pulls a deadlylay as wrenching secrets Lignin Biodegradation put her at ground zero Beautiful Cleo will do anything to destroy the man now controlling her and no killerrice is too high And. .
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Day The ending was great that s how you end a series I would highly recommend this series to everyone to read Well done De Nesha Diamond well done The story icked up immediately where King Divas left off The author has this fantastic ability to overwhelm you with activity without any actual movement occurring with the actual story The story started and ended strong amid a flurry of activity but the middle lulled uite a bit You would not notice with the smoke screens thrown up to make you think something is happening I was surprised that the eople who were front in center for all of the revious stories essentially were relegated to second string layers The next steps remain to be seenrandom thoughts i t finally finished be seenRandom thoughts I t Finally finished series De Nesha Diamond did her Thing Every Book Was A Page Turner Every book was a age turner were so many twists that I didn t see coming in this book that made me truly enjoy it I will be checking for other books by her Another good read I m happy with the way it ended But I m wondering will it continue with the younger children who were mentioned near the end of the book. As olice captain Hydeya Hawkins closes in on gangland's elite she'll fight to survive her department's dirtiest secrets Now these ueen divas have each other dead in their sights and only one can live to ruleExciting suspenseful and drama filled APOOO BookClub on Gangsta DivasTreachery abounds and there are no heroes in this ongoing saga of gang violence in Memph. .