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E is saving lives is practicing unethical surgeries and murder Aka The rabbit surgeon The nazi code so fundamentally fked up The structure of the narrative told from the 3 perspectives gives a global scope I would have preferred locking onto one character but overall this was Beautifully Written And An Amazing Story Of written and an amazing story of courage redemption and resilience 5 I m so very clearly in the minority here and I don t really feel like drawing the ire of the thousands of people who seem to have enjoyed this book so just let me say that the story was fine but I thought *the writing was weak The characters weren t developed and Kelly *writing was weak The characters weren t developed and Kelly use of the three intertwined narratives techniue Side note I am sick to death of that techniue struck me as clumsy and ineffective Have you ever heard of the Rabbit Girls I would imagine most reading this review have not Neither had I Unfortunately they are forgotten women of WWII This storyline is based on a true story Two of the three women we follow beginning in the year 1939 are real people and their names have not been changed The other is loosely based on a woman who was an actual Rabbit Girl All three women s lives intersect Caroline an American actress with ancestral ties to France who works in the French Consulate in New York Kasia a Polish teenager who joins the resistance group against the Nazi occupiers Herta a German doctor who is assigned to work within a concentration campI really enjoyed hearing Ms Kelly s remarks at the end and what compelled her to write this book I applaud her extensive three year research to impart the harsh realities of what took place and the incomprehensible suffering to lightThis novel is captivating extremely well written and heart wrenching which I highly recommendI listened to the amazing audiobook and was thrilled to hear three different women narrators Truly stunning performances Emotional Powerful Brutal This book will take your breath away it certainly stole mine Some stories are unforgettable no doubt that this one is among them However to leave it at that is not adeuate No This is different Not only did I appreciate this novel but it changed me It shook me to the core and rocked the very foundation on which I stand If you haven t yet read this you must It is imperative that we never forget the extraordinary suffering and enormous loss that took place during the Holocaust It is also something worth noting that one of the perspectives in Lilac Girls was from that of a Nazi doctor Herta Oberhauser I ve never read any piece of literature that gives a voice to one This story is about three different women two of whom were real life characters according to the author s notes the third a prisoner at the all female prison camp Ravensbr ck Caroline Ferriday is the first narrator Kasia a young Polish girl and finally the notorious Herta Oberheuser don t read up on her experiments at meal time The setting is mainly during the years of WWII but the later third or so take place some years afterwardTypically such a subject matter would have me gripped to the book and bawling my eyes out at the gross inhumanity of the experiments the women at the camp were forced to endure but this just didn t grab me I can t understand why a fascinating albeit graphic bit of history can be put into a novel that in the end became increasingly tedious I don t now if it the alternating third person narratives admittedly not a method I m terribly fond of or just flat characterscharacterization I just didn t care about any of them not even Kasia and her fellow prisoners Caroline s narrative went on and on about her pretty dresses charities parties and all that name dropping and then there s the romantic element with no chemistry In the end I just didn t care and began to skim and it went on too long for before tying things up and moving onSorry but apparently I am in the minority and see this getting a lot of favorable reviews but due to the slowness of the story reaching it s resolution unlikeable characters and really Herta should have been a lot unlikeable and one too many social party and pretty dress for Caroline I just can t rate this higher YMMV. Hired though she finds herself trapped in a male dominated realm of Nazi secrets and power   The lives of these three women are set on a collision course when the unthinkable happens and Kasia is sent to Ravensbrück the notorious Nazi concentration camp for women Their stories cross continents from New York to Paris Germany and Poland as Caroline and Kasia strive to bring justice to those whom history has forgotte. ,
After all the books I Ve Read About The Horrors read about the horrors WWII it still amazes me how awful humans can be to each other Lilac Girls is one of those novels that brings to light a little nown atrocity the experimentation on women in Ravensbruck Concentration Camp The writing is so raw that at times I wasn t sure I Ravensbruck Concentration Camp The writing is so raw that at times I wasn t sure I be able to get through it It saddens me so m I finished this book earlier in the day and I ve been pondering what to write for my review and I cannot put into words how much this book impacted me It s books like this that make me appreciate how fortunate I am for I now with great certainty that I could be nowhere as resilient FANTASTIC BOOK Ravensbruck was Hitler s only major concentration camp exclusively for women The story is centered around three womeneach from 3 different countries Poland Germany and America before during and after World War II all based on the lives of real women in history There are actually several plots not sure any of them are minor The storytelling is disturbing gripping and written veraciouslyCaroline Ferriday s was a wealthy American woman who made it her life s work to help the female prisoners She was a strong uiet womanyet we felt her sufferingher aching love for her family and the women she was helping Her dedication was endlessa leader who was ruthless and unreasonable she stood for justice and was going to make sure the world became aware of the horrors which too No matter how many books I read about the atrocities of the holocaust the death camps the concentration camps I always feel that each of the stories must be told so it is not forgotten and no matter how difficult these stories are to read we have to read them In this novel the story of what happened at Ravensbruck the concentration camp infamous for the horrific medical experimentation on young Polish women is told from the perspectives of three women It spans two decades from 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland through 1959 I have not read a lot about the aftermath of the war and what might have happened to survivors of the camps and I found the coverage of that aspect here in the third part of the novel to be a gripping depiction of strength and resilience of some of the survivors but also one of courage and goodness and strength on the part of people who helped them Caroline Ferriday a former actress from a wealthy and generous family volunteers at the French consulate in NYC is one of the narrators Even though she works hard to provide care packages to French orphans and later is involved in classified work her part of the story at first seemed remote and separate from what was happening at Ravensbruck But that was only at first I had no idea until I read the author s note that Caroline Ferriday was a real person who not only worked tirelessly to help orphans in France during the war but continued to give of herself to help survivors of Ravensbruck in the years after the war It is after the war that her story converges with the other narratorsThey are Kasia an eighteen year old girl in Lublin Poland who gets involved in the Resistance and is arrested with her sister and her mother and Dr Herta Oberhauser from D sseldorf newly graduated surgeon who applies for a job and goes to Ravensbruck thrilled that she will finally practice in a world dominated by male Doctors That is where Kasia Kuzmerick her mother and her sister meet Herta in this horrible place It s difficult to read about powerful and painful just so disturbing to see what these sick minded Nazis do to these women Yet amidst the horrible things things that Kasia and her sister and other women endure there are moments of tenderness and care reflections on mothers and daughters friendships love It was not easy to see things through Herta s eyes loyal to the Nazi cause and feeling that the experiments are justified It is Kasia s story that took my heart and is #the center of this story It was a camp for women only called a reeducation camp but in reality we # center of this story It was a camp for women only called a reeducation camp but in reality we it was a place where women were subjected not only to the harsh conditions with little food the imminent susceptibility of disease daily and both emotional and physical abuse but Inspired by the life of a real World War II heroine this debut novel reveals a story of love redemption and secrets that were hidden for decades New York socialite Caroline Ferriday has her hands full with her post at the French consulate and a new love on the horizon But Caroline’s world is forever changed when Hitler’s army invades Poland in September 1939 and then sets its sights on France   An ocean away fr.

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Lso to the atrocities of the barbaric medical experimentation It was than gruesome to read about Yet we have to read *it While this is a fictional telling it is based on the real Caroline Ferriday *While this is a fictional telling it is based on the real Caroline Ferriday the real Herta Oberheuser Kasia and her sister are loosely based on two real sisters who survived Ravensbruck Martha Hall Kelly has done extensive research in preparation for writing this and I highly recommend it What an effort for a debut It has to be read Thank you to Random House Publishing Group Ballantine and NetGalley I tend to gravitate to books on WWII and the holocaust but I have never read a book about Ravensbr ck the Nazi concentration camp for women I had never heard of the rabbits I was shocked by this book not expecting it to be as good as it wasThe Lilac Girls tells the story of three very different women whose lives eventually intersect Caroline Ferriday a socialite and former actress works for the French Consulate in NYC and she works tirelessly for children who have been impacted or displaced by the war Kasia Kuzmerick a young Polish girl who eventually is taken by the Germans to Ravensbr ck and is one of the rabbits Finally Herta Oberheuser a young german doctor who is really striving to get herself noticed as a female doctor and Finally Herta Oberheuser a young german doctor who is really striving to get herself noticed as a female doctor and her unwaivering support for the Reich The story rotates in chapters between the points of view of each of these women Telling their stories before during and after the war The rabbits were a group of young healthy women who the germans performed ruthless unnecessary operations on them debilitating them for life and sometimes just Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic killing them outright Herta is the doctor who performs those operations She is such an evil person who shows no remorse for what she does as it s done for the good of GermanyThe story is uite intense At times it becomes hard to listen to Caroline and Herta are based on real life people who did these things that are described in the book Kasia is a story based on many of the rabbits It can be a difficult read at times but no book on this time period is an easy read Initially Caroline seemed to be uite shallow to me and her romance with Paul just seemed odd But eventually she accomplishes some amazing thingsI do have to get this out WORST BOOK COVER It is uite a lovely picture but this shows no representation of what is INSIDE the book To be honest when the book came out Inew it was a story based around WWII But looking at the cover I thought it was some book about a bunch of wealthy girls and how they living during this time but thinking it would be a fluff book In fact I returned it to the library initially The book is so much and the cover has nothing to do with it other than there are three main female charactersI listened to this one via audio and it was wonderful Three different female narrators one for each character All did a fabulous job and really immersed me in to the story I would suggest the audio version for those that enjoy audios Overall a great story about three different women that should not be missed No matter how many holocaust stories I read I still find them disturbing shocking and heart wrenching Surviving such a devastating experience brings with it a lifetime of horrors For no one truly forgets and nor should we3 women from 3 different geographies as WWII erupts Each doing what they can towards the war effort Caroline in NYC Putting care packages together for orphaned children Going one step further and helping rebuild the country Falling in love with a foreigner who is forced to return to Nazi occupied FranceKasia in Poland The Nazis have invaded and she has been caught working for the underground movement She s been sent to Ravensbr ck and now is infamously nown as one of the rabbits Even with liberation the polish people were forced to live under communist rule with Stalin s iron fist from one radical leader to another never experiencing freedom The losses suffered and the pain endured would be enough to lose hope But hope is all they had would be enough to lose hope But hope is all they had gave them the strength to survive Herta in Germany A medical doctor working at a concentration camp doing experimental surgeries on inmates A doctor whose purpos. Om Caroline Kasia Kuzmerick a Polish teenager senses her carefree youth disappearing as she is drawn deeper into her role as courier for the underground resistance movement In a tense atmosphere of watchful eyes and suspecting neighbors one false move can have dire conseuences   For the ambitious young German doctor Herta Oberheuser an ad for a government medical position seems her ticket out of a desolate life Once. Lilac Girls