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Genics programme Many people behaved and treated people who were different appallingly and Bray didn t shy away from that in these books As I read this series it became ver apparent to me that today isn t actually all that different from a century ago Worldwide we have seen a resurgence of hate for those who don t fit into the white heterosexual box as it were It made me feel really uite depressed really at how little some people have moved on from that Le valeureux guerrier era But these characters supportedach other and it was so precious I love to see all kinds of people represented Snowflakes on the Sea especially in fantasy books Sam No justification needed lolNow to the parts which I felt let me down The lack of a chilling mysterylement was really felt in this book In the other books there was always something to be investigated and solved and this book didn t really have that Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy element which was a shame At timesspecially towards the nd of the book the narration felt a little bit over preachy to me The lack of NYC That was part of the magic for me the glamourous yet gritty city was so atmospheric view spoilerNo pic battle I started to get worried when the book was in the 80 something percent and there was still no sign of a show down with the King of Crows This so often happens in YA fantasy where there is so much fantastic build up and tension only for the final battle to be a let down over within a page or two It leaves me furious very single time damnit The KOC was defeated way too damn asily He became like a cartoon villain in this instalment and then was swiftly swept to the side despite being such a menacing presence throughout the whole series It was all tied up too uickly and the resolution was far too Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival easy over in a few pages I mean come on The pace was often slow this was a big book but it took me uite a while to plod through some of it Sarah Beth beingvil called it Jericho being a martyr not surprised The ThetaRoy show down pathetic That amazing woman shoulda killed that abusive son of a bitch Then the final injustice IsaiahI was bawling my Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, eyes out when he was murdered I truly was devastated BUT bringing him back to life What a cowards way out I did like that it was him who defeated the man in the stove pipe hat since he always felt left out and not heard but I was rolling myyes and grumbling to myself when he didn t stay dead DON T BE AFRAID TO KILL OFF MAIN CHARACTERS hide spoiler I thought this series was over Stories were power And whoever controlled the story controlled verything A story could bring people together or it could tear them apart It could spread like a sickness infecting people It could lead them into battle or shake them into seeing what they had refused to see before first of all fucking ouch let it be known that i would do anything for theta knightThis was definitely the most anticipated release of 2020 for me The Diviners series is so near and dear to my heart I truly feel a connection with these characters and with the story I feel like i m actually there in the story with them "feeling their pain and anger and hopefulness as if they re a part of myself I feel as if i "their pain and anger and hopefulness as if they re a part of myself I feel as if i found my own family in their found family Libba Bray is a master at creating atmosphere and developing interesting character arcs I will always treasure this series forever Now i have to say that this was probably my least favorite of the series I didn t like how asy the nding was and i think the pacing was a little slow But that might ve just been the fact that i wanted to know what happened so bad that i ignored reading this on purpose so it took me almost 2 weeks to finish this Makes sense Nope The writing as always was filled with beautiful and inspiring prose that left my heart aching for The themes and discussions were handled very well in my opinion I love where all the characters nded up motionally and physically but i also think there should ve been of a focus on the actual plot since this is the last book I feel like the plot twists were obvious and the nding was packed up too neatly which was really underwhelming Don t get me wrong i was balling my Desire in Seven Voices eyes out for the last 150 pages but i still thought that the plot was lacking Overall a solidnd to a dazzling series that i will definitely return to many rereads in the future If you haven t picked this series up already you should Like right now what do you mean no title what do you mean no cover wHat dO yOu MEAN NO RELEASE YEAR WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO nO reLeasE yEAR WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO WHAT DO YOU M E A N Maybe for of a 35 but uhh I can t believe how just okay this was I Loved Before the Devil Breaks You so much and this whole series but this was so boring At one point it was almost a chore to pick it up Nothing happens for most of it the characters just wander around All the momentum from the nd of the last book is lost Some of the character arcs didn t make sense to me and the climax was unsatisfying and way too asyuick I don t The Casa Mono Cookbook even want to talk about it it hurts me to not give this a five star after waiting literally ten years for this series conclusion no words headmptyyyyyyy. Oining forces with Sarah Beth and to stop the King of Crows and his army of the dead foreverBut as rumors of towns becoming ghost towns and the dead developing unprecedented powers begin to surface all hope seems to be lostIn this sweeping finale The Diviners will be forced to confront their greatest fears and learn to rely on one another if they hope to save the nation and world from catastrop.

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3 stars Who got to decide what made somebody an American America the ideal of it at least was its own form of lusive magic I of it at least was its own form of lusive magic I to say it or write it but The King of Crows wasn t a very satisfying conclusion to The Diviners series While it isn t as drawn out as the finale to the Gemma Doyle series which was around 800 pages it struck me as being similarly anticlimactic In The King of Crows the pacing of the story is all over the place and the characters have very rushed and unsatisfying arcsNearly three years have gone by since the release of Before the Devil Breaks You Given that this series started back in 2012 it isn t all that surprising that I d forgotten a uite a few major plot points Still I remembered the diviners their personalities and powers as well as their group dynamics Libba Bray doesn t spend too much time recapitulating old vents and once I caught up or remembered what was going on I found the first few chapters of this novel to be promising nough Once the diviners are scattered across America however the story s upbeat pace comes to a halt What follows over the course of the next three hundred pages is a tedious repetition of similar scenarios The diviners Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) encounter good folk who are willing to help them or understand what it means to be different such as the members of a circus as well as horrible individuals and groups of people the most noticeable being the KKK They all come to terms with their simultaneously beautiful and terrible countryworld All the while we get random chapters showing us that ghosts are coming phrases such as ghosts are coming and this country is full of ghosts are repeated so many times as to loose the initial sense of danger and urgency that they carried The confusing showdown between our good guys aka the diviners and the baddies is crammed in the last hundred pages The narrative in The King of Crows lacked the mystery factor that made the other volumes in this series intriguing In short the story is just padding Characters behave as flimsy versions of their former selves Evie and Ling both of whom I previously really liked were simply irritating and had very rushed storylines that seemed to add very little to their overall arc Take Henry Most of his scenes revolve around the way in which his sexuality is deemed abnormal by his society That s pretty much it Ling s sections also oftenmphasise her sexuality Whereas those scenes that focus on characters such as Memphis and Theta seem to focus on other aspects of their lives their general desires and fears tc Jericho has the most ye roll worthy storyline which sees him view spoiler becoming a martyrthe only way in which the narrative could forgive him after his having assaulted Evie He also has a very superficial romantic relationship with a character that is so memorable that I have forgotten her namewhat was the point in that hide spoiler But if you abandoned the idea that such a paradise awaited you and believe that you would live this life over and over again would you not live the life you had thoughtfully Would you not think carefully about your choices Would you not live with abandon love and love and love some The real Diviner powers were the friends we made along the wayOld joke I m very clever I know But if you abandoned the idea that such a paradise awaited you and believed that you would live this life over and over again would you not live the life you had thoughtfully Make a better history 45 stars rounded up The King of Crows while not the perfect finale is a solid book and nding to a series that has found its place in the deepest parts of my heart and soul I m not going to lie I was initially disappointed with this finale after finishing reading it But after thinking on the book and series as a whole I am going to go ahead and rate this book 45 starsLike the rest of its predecessors The King of Crows is at once an actual ghost story and a story about the specter history leaves on the present From prose to atmosphere to plotting and pacing to characters and romance Libba Bray succeeded in crafting a multi faceted story that I was destined to fall in love with in all aspects Prose Bravo Libba Bray If I left it at that that d be sufficient I think to describe Bray s writing style and the impact it leaves on its readers Her writing is a poem written in blood A gut punch described writing is a poem written in blood A gut punch described ink A grainy photo haunting and blurry Bray chooses to frame the story in omniscient third person tense jumping from character to character s thoughts in the same scene what this achieves is a flowing tense narrative that allows her to keep the pace of the novel going while not neglecting her characters and the importance their thoughts and motives have on the narrative I don t know how Libba Bray does it but her descriptive and almost purple prose allows her to both paint a portrait of the 1920 s and "All Of Its Glamour "of its glamour rot while still keeping an intimate focus on her characters Somehow her writing allows the reader to both see the minor and the major and keep characters and setting both at the foregrou. The breath taking finale to the pic New York Times bestseller The Diviners from Printz winner and beloved author Libba BrayAfter the horrifying xplosion that claimed one of their own the Diviners find themselves wanted by the US government and on the brink of war with the King of CrowsWhile Memphis and Isaiah run for their lives from the mysterious Shadow Men Isaiah receives a startling visio. Nd Her writing is superb in the way that it somehow describes character thought muses on history and stories and and builds the atmosphere these novels are so well known for brick by brick All with the same finesse Atmosphere I think when you think of The Diviners atmosphere is the first word that comes to mind Unlike the previous novel the characters are not in the New York City for the whole novel This time the atmosphere takes the form of the old intimate and a bit claustrophobic air of small rural and forgotten towns of the 1920 s It s a bit uieter but twice as terrifying as there is no city noise to cover up the risen ghosts of the past The atmosphere casts that old black and white 1920 s movie magic on the series The Roaring 20 s comes alive with Libba Bray s writing and readers ache with nostalgia for this time a time when most if not all of her readers weren t ven alive The atmosphere and aesthetic this book series brings to the table is honestly unmatched Plot and pacing If I had to describe the plot of this book in one world it would be homecoming all of the characters in one way or the other are forced to confront the ghosts of their pasts Whether it d be a place where they had once lived a person they once knew or a combination of one or the other Libba Bray splits off our cast into different groups placing characters together who you never thought would be together in situations that force them to travel together view spoiler After fifty or so pages the Diviners are forced to split up for various sub plots or sub missions Evie Theta and Isaiah go off to rescue Sam Memphis Henry Bill Conflict in Blood end up heading to New Orleans Ling Jericho and Alma are on a traveling circuit hide spoiler If Sam dies we riot at dawn Wow I cannot believe my favorite series of all time is OVER I sobbed pretty much non stop for the last 100 pages and I feel EMPTY as heck now that it is done There were a few things about this conclusion that I wish had gone differently but overall this was such a satisfying andmotional nd to the series and I loved it SO MUCH I am going to re read it IMMEDIATELY now that I know how verything The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant ends up and I won t need to be anxiously flipping the pages for 10 hours straight haha Wow fuck okay anyway I loved this a lot and I M GONNA GO CRY OVER IT FOREVER NOW Edit two weeks later Okay now that I ve had some time to think about this I have decided to lower my rating from a 5 to a high 3 I still loved this book and will re read it and the rest of the series for the rest of my life but I can t pretend that this conclusion wasverything I wanted The pacing of this one felt really off and it never really felt like the stakes were as high as I wanted them to be for the final book in a series It definitely was not a bad book but it just wasn t uite what I was hoping for c The final instalment to one of my favourite YA series ver a series which didn t simply sit in the "YA genre but crossed into historical fiction paranormal and fantasy tooThis is the final book of the series so please "genre but crossed into historical fiction paranormal and fantasy tooThis is the final book of the series so please t read if you haven t readBook 1 The Diviners Book 2 Lair of Dreams Book 3 Before The Devil Breaks You I ve been weighing up the pros and cons of The King of Crows for a few days now and I m still not 100% sure how I feel about it Initially I did feel disappointed with how Libba Bray nded this wonderful series but its hard to stay mad when these characters and their Logic, Labels, And Flesh escapades brought me so much joy I loved the series but this was definitely my least favourite of all the books First the positives Libba Bray is a fantastic writer whose writing pulls you into the story She uite clearly did a lot of research and it shone through transporting me back to both the magic and the dark side of the 1920 s January LaVoy was again magnificent as the narrator portaying multiple characters and sounding like a full cast was used but really it s a one woman machine killing it The setting Whilst the other three books were set in atmospheric NYC The King of Crows roamed all over the USA as the characters fled the city on their separate adventures I liked these journeys through small claustrophobic ignorant small town America The characters As you know if you ve read my reviews of the previous books in the series I love those guys They started out as a bunch of misfits butnded up
"being ach other "
each other family I loved the journey that ach character well maybe not all of them made as they grew up faced their past and I felt they were all so well developed over the series I was so attached to them and felt constantly on The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths edge worrying about them as thisvil author did not shy away from killing off her characters I also really appreciated that some characters got to interact with those which they wouldn t usually Jericho and Ling s journey was really interesting But the mix which I liked the best was Bill Memphis and Henry It really showcased some of the appalling racism of that ra I loved the strong messages of hope and love when faced with racism ableism homophobia xenophobia Anti Semitism and oppression through class and the u. N of a girl Sarah Beth Olson who could shift the balance in their struggle for peace Sarah Beth says she knows how to stop the King of Crows but she will need the Diviners' help to do itElsewhere Jericho has returned after his Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice escape from Jake Marlowe'sstate where he has learned the shocking truth behind the King of Crow's plans Now the Diviners must travel to Bountiful Nebraska in hopes of .
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