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பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் eOrcycle gang there is She s gone over half way around the world hiding then moving on The FBI and CIA are having trouble finding her they want her alive to testify to seeing a murder Erin has learned to blend in and trust no one Josh is a CIA field operative who is hoping to close in on Erin She s been one step ahead of hit men and has a huge price on her head Josh tries to gain her trust but there is somethinglse between them The huge price on her head Josh tries to gain her trust but there

"Is Something Else Between Them "
something The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 else between them keeps you in suspense There s also intrigue and betrayal I received a free copy of this book via Choosy Bookwormauthor solely inxchange for an honest review I look forward to reading books in the future by Ms Kennie I had a little tough time connecting with this story the plot and the characters The setup was brilliant but the case took so long to open up and A Meditation on Murder explain to the reader that I was a bit lost a couple timesAnother thing with the characters as they spend so much time andnergy to pretend to be someone lse than they really were I felt like I didn t get to know the true person behind the undercover personaThe caves were fascinating the author obviously knew them knew what she was talking about that came clear There were some confusing moments with the action they were in a jungle no at the waterfront no in an alley running for their lives You really have to pay attention to keep up with Erin and Josh The chaotic fear the concern about the future and angst for Sarah Erin s sister are all palpable and obvious Erin is smart she holds the terror inside and is doing anything and verything she can to survive But the hunt for her is at the point she can t stay alive without Josh s help But can he be trusted can anyone be trusted at this pointJosh and Erin get along at least the personas they pretend to be But I didn t get any chemistry or attraction between them when the heat comes up suddenly between them it didn t feel natural or real But as they get to be themselves with Travis each other their personalities change and there s the little spark but is itnough that you have to determine yourself I liked the setting of the story and the idea of the manhunt Some of the details of suspense were brushed over that I would have liked fine points with Josh and Erin made a good team as trying to scape the danger Their getaway from the caves was intense Overall for me the story came up to Three Spoons A rescue mission to help a schoolteacher survive the bounty placed on her head A very slow start had me unsure of this story but Eventually The Action Picked Up the action picked up importantly the main couple finally made a connection with ach other and made the plot thicken and AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 enjoyableCIA operative Josh Sedovich travels to Malaysia in search of a US schoolteacher who has been on the run for months after witnessing the murder of a high profile man by a gang of dangerous menErin Argon is trying to stay safe and protect what s important in her and when she happens up on Josh as supposedly just another world traveler she agrees to have dinner and go on tours with him here and there Luckily for her she does because he s in the right place at the right time when she needs a rescue Good story madeven interesting by the unusual setting Erin has been on the run for months trying to stay ahead of hit men out to kill the only witness to a brutal murder Josh is the CIA operative who has been sent to find her and bring her to safety The story opens with Josh closing in on her as he identifies the body of the last person known to have spent any time with her When he gets word of Erin s current location he knows there isn t any time to waste He also knows that he can t just show up and The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? expect her to go with him willinglyErin is tired of running but knows that she has no choice She feels fairly confident in her current hiding place until her carxplodes as another school mploye. Malaysia Eager to get Erin Argon home and into protective custody Josh goes undercover to gain her trust and prove he isn't a threat And although Erin claims to have witnessed the murder of a very dangerous man Josh knows there's to

Summary Suspect Witness

E borrows it Feeling guilty about Daniel s death and terrified that she ll be found before she can get away she flees without her usual detailed planning She heads for a remote island resort hoping for a few days to make plans for her next stepErin is a very intelligent and resourceful young woman She is always watchful and has learned that she can t trust anyone When she first ncounters Josh her impression is of a rather nerdy tourist one who is rather attractive Though she tries to keep her distance she finds herself drawn to him and lets down her guard just a little bit Josh is used to working undercover and his persona gives him a chance to build up a little bit of a rapport with Erin However he is constantly in touch with his superiors and knows that the bad guys are closing in fastThings start to get really The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online exciting when the first attack comes Suddenly the geeky tourist is someone a lot intense and focused than Erin suspected She isn t sure if she s really ready to trust him but it looks like he s her only chance to get off the island alive It seems likevery hour brings a new challenge to their plans from transportation problems and an increased number of pursuers to betrayal from unexpected sources The final stretch was really intense and kept me wondering what was going to happen next The resolution was a bit of a surprise but I liked the way it turned outI liked the way that their relationship developed Though both had hidden their real selves as they spent time together the masks began to drop I liked the way that Josh had a good idea of Erin s capabilities from searching for her all those months Once he met her it didn t take long for her to become than just an assignment I also liked the way he sensed that there was to her decision to run than he had originally thought and that he was able to get her to tell him the truth I liked the way that Erin saw Josh as someone she could trust She didn t Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet expect to fall for him and didn t think there was any future in it for them thanks to what she knew of the way he lived his life Thending was pretty sweet with a bit of humor added in for good measure CIA Agent Josh Sedovich is on the trail of Erin Argon who went off the grid after witnessing a murder He tracks her to Malaysia where she is working as a teacher When a car bomb meant for her kills a colleague she loaned her car to she realises she needs to flee again Because the author has obviously visited some caves in Malaysia herself and needs to write the trip off on tax I presume that s where Erin decides to go I can t think of any other reason Josh follows her pretending to be a clueless tourist so that reason Josh follows her pretending to be a clueless tourist so that can keep an 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) eye on her protect her and bring her back to USA and place her into witness protectionNot the worst romantic suspense tale from Intrigue but certainly not very good Erin and Josh barely say a word toach other for the first certainly not very good Erin and Josh barely say a word to Design Research: Methods and Perspectives each other for the first pages and by page 14o or so Erin has decided she s in love with him So the romancelement doesn t uite work The suspense doesn t work Your Everyday Art World either Thenemy is totally faceless It takes waaaaaaaaaaaay too long for the book to xplain that Erin witnessed the murder of some rich European who was helping to finance a dangerous bikie gang and that the killer was the powerful leader himself We just finance a dangerous bikie gang and that the killer was the powerful leader himself We just that there s a 10 million bounty on Erin s head but only learn the barest of details of who might be out thereIt s all very flat and unexciting despite the xotic location and I thought one of the Intrigue mandatesguidelines was that they had to be set in North America Anyway no matter where it may have been set I wasn t convinced by the love story and I wasn t nthralled by the suspense and action or the very predictable plot twist that is actually given away if you read the Cast of Characters page something I wish this line would get rid of. He story than she's letting on But getting to know Erin in public and behind closed doors makes Josh realize just how determined she is to keep the truth hidden Seems he isn't the only one keeping secrets that could get them both kill. Suspect Witness has the right amount of thrill and suspense and I read it in two sittings I don t want the book to nd to be honestJosh Sedovich is assigned to bring home to prime witness to the murder of European billionaire and it was connected to the witness s x boyfriend He thought it would be a case an assignment but what he didn t count was growing Admiration For Her Erin Argon Thought That She Was Safe for her Erin Argon thought that she was safe George Town and she can settle down there for a few months until the person chasing her caught up to her Her survival instinct forced her to run once again to cover her tracks Erin is just a common woman and her world turned upside down when she was involved in a murder she accidentally witnessed She flew away from a place to anotherThe unusual setting drew me to this book I lived in a country close to Malaysia so I m curious what the author would bring It didn t disappoint because I found myself njoying the chase around the country Kennie chose the Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag exotic forest as her destination in the country and soon I was hookedThe beginning of the book had me intriguedven though I have a little bit of hard time getting to know Josh and Erin but soon I understood and it continued from thereI recommend this book for people who would love the suspense and thrillRating 4 starsI received a complimentary copy of this book in Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute exchange of an honest review I have read several of Ryshia Kennie s books in the past but never one published by Harleuin Suspect Witness is part of the Intrigue line which this book certainly fits Ryshia Kennie brings her vividxotic locations descriptions I felt as if I was Right There With The Characters Suspense Erin there with the characters suspense Erin been travelling around the world running actually for months in an attempt to not be found by the Anarchists She witnessed the leader murder a man and the group wants to kill her before she can testify at the trialJosh a CIA operative is sent to find her and bring her back to the United States When he does find her he goes undercover as a geeky tourist in order to gain her trust so he can stay near her to protect her and hopefully bring her back home This is a well researched story that takes place in countries around the globe The descriptions are so vivid that I felt like I was there However near the beginning of this story they toured bat caves While the description was very detailed I thought it was too long so it made it slow getting into the story I didn t find that part very interesting The story picked up after that and was very Venous Catheters exciting with people attempting to kill Erinverywhere she wentErin was a good person who gave up a lot when she left home to hide from the Anarchists She s had to be very careful watching verything and veryone to be sure they are not after her She knew she couldn t trust anyone When she meets Josh she didn t ncourage him or act friendly toward him Though she does find him attractive and thinks he s just a tourist so there s no harm in spending time with himI liked this couple and the romance that built as they spent time together The suspense in this story had me on the dge of my seat wondering who was going to try to kill Erin next and if they would be successfulI m glad to have received a complimentary copy of this book in Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 exchange for an honest review This was a great romantic suspense that I didn t want to put down I will definitely be reading by this author My Grandmother and I both read the book one after the other We thought the story was compelling and kept us guessing as to who the bad guys wereKeep up the great writing THIS IS ONE OF THOSE BOOKS THAT IS HARD TO PUT DOWN IT TOOK ME AWHILE TO FIGURE OUT WHO THE BAD GUYS WERE BECAUSE IT KEPT CHANGING DEFINITELY DRAWS YOU IN Awesome contemporary crimewitness lawnforcement romance Erin is a school teacher who is on the run from the worst mot. An undercover operation is the only way to bring an innocent witness homeAfter months searching for a schoolteacher on the run from a criminal gang CIA operative Josh Sedovich finally finds the innocent beauty in the remotest part of. ,

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