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Ovel about the mysterious Dreyfus Affair and it left such an impression I was thrilled to find To Live Out Loud a truly fascinating well researched account of this storyThe story begins in the late 19th century when Dreyfus is sentenced for passing France s secrets to Germany It was so interesting to read about the build up of tension between the countries IN PARALLEL TO THE TENSION THE INDIVIDUAL CHARACTERS EXPERIENCED parallel to the tension the individual characters experienced sentenced man is Jewish and at this time this sadly created even distrust towards him and probably encouraged public mistrust Dreyfus case uickly garners uite a bit of attention and evidence of his innocence surfaces However the army is not willing to accept any guilt in the unlawful jailing of the man and sends him overseas to a penal colony of sorts The story is about than Dreyfus however it is also the tale of the writer Emile Zola who is wrapped up in it and faces a libel case I was not previously familiar with Zola s J accuse letter but this story has certainly encouraged me to research the case even further Zola s stance against anti semitism in France and his uestioning of the useabuse of legal powers of the state are important and really serve to paint a picture of the man Mahurin however does not make him or anyone out to be one dimensionally heroic or villainous Zola has a mistress as well as a wife something that seemed to be relatively acceptable at the time but when it comes down to it he stays very true to his ideals even sacrificing a promising career Zola s insistence of fair trials and treatment of prisoners as well as religious freedom emphasize the way of thinking of a respected enlightened Frenchman at this time I also liked his uotes which appear at the start of each chapterFor such a short read I feel it explored this story with great depth and an elegant language I look forward to reading about this subject and by this authorFind reviews and bookish fun at This book has received a Discovering Diamonds Review Helen Hollickfounder DDRevsthe author has placed together the facts of the Dreyfus affair with great accuracy and passion A story that will stay with me forever To Live Out Loud was a touching terrifying book at times So well written Terrifying as it makes me realize once again that mankind has learned nothing from history and mistakes are repeated over and over again I m sad to see prejudice and narrow mindedness the main themes of Mrs Mahurin s novel are so valid in our modern times and so called democratic countries The principle of the freedom of the individual subordinated to that of national security is tackled in a masterful way in the story Told in the first person by Charles Mandonette lifelong friend of Emile Zola the novel presents in a fictionalized form the great scandal that divided the French society during the Third Republic because of the fixation in the minds of French nationalists that there was a conspiracy to destroy France s Catholic identity The most easily identifiable a conspiracy to destroy France s Catholic identity The most easily identifiable were the Jews because many were rich and their talents had led to a disproportionate presence in the judiciary the civil service the press and even the army To Live Out Loud is a message novel hatred or judgmental attitude highlighted in the smooth flowing story Documents of that time are interspersed with fiction which makes the book a very special one I read Zola s books but I must confess my ignorance on this aspect of his great character his courage and determination his belief that truth must be defended no matter the conseuences and his dedication in fighting against injustice and prejudice Even if defending the truth may jeopardize his own reputation and name The pace and uality of the writing kept Me Anxiously Flipping Pages To See What Would Happen To anxiously flipping pages to see what would happen to and Zola I wasn t familiar with this critical event in the history of France so To Live Out Loud was a captivating view on the events As I read all books written by this author I can say that MrsMahurin has an art in writing that just captivates ou and Payback you get sucked into the story It would be good advice to any writer I expect Ifou follow The No 1 Car Spotter and the Car Thieves No1 Car Spotter your passion using prudence and wisdom and an ethical conscience withour gift Giant Steps to Change the World you might find luck The narrator of Paulette Mahurin s To Live Out Loud gives this advice tooung Emile Zola as fresh out of college the First Light Project Five Fifteen younger man struggles to make ends meet But perh. It cost him to those around him and to France This is a narrative of friendship courage and love in the face of the adversity and hatred It is a story of how one man’s courageous actions impacted a nation From the award winning author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap comes a book that will leaveou examining New Erotica for Feminists Satirical Fantasies of Love Lust and Eual Pay your notions about heroism courage andour role in social change long after ou read the last sentence. S something I love However it is a short read with the emphasis on the historical aspect leaving little in the way of character development And for me identifying with a character is extremely important So than 24 hours later I keep playing the story over and over in my mind And I have changed my mind I cant relate so well with any of these characters because I am not this selfless I have never been so effused by a cause that I literally put my life on hold for it Offered my life for it I have never met a person whom is so utterly Human And At The Same Time Such and at the same time such true hero whom I could admire My own fallacies is the reason I had difficulty relating I have heard the term The Dreyfus affair before but honestly I assumed it was simply another American scandal and I was too lazy to look into it or uestion it I am not sure what the curriculum is in other countries but in South Africa we have only touched on the French Revolution and learned about France s role in WWII as a side note Loving history as much as I do I now realize that I have an entire country to study up on I loved the French location etc giving the book some depth and to love I can only hope to find a person I can admire this much That in a very small way I can live my life out loud like this Taking a stand Making life better This is a fabulous read Combining real events that have been wonderfully researched with a fictional character to narrate the story the author has brought to life the 1895 story of Dreyfus condemned to life imprison and branded a traitor for a crime he didn t commit This takes place in France and we follow the attempts of Emile Zola to prove his innocence Zola writes a headline newspaper story revealing the truth but is then sued for libel and the authorities do everything possible to prevent the truth coming out It is the story of how one man risked everything to help a fellow human being who had been unjustly accused and for no personal gain simply having the courage to speak out against the army and government for the sake of his beliefs Brilliantly written as I have come to expect from this author I read the book in one sitting and felt very uplifted at the end that there are people in the world who will risk all for what is rightAs relevant today as in 1895 this is a great book and an easy 5 I admit ignorance of French history and the circumstances covered in this book but boy do I know about it now The Dreyfus affair covers dark times of anti semitism in the 1890s and the brave intervention of the writer Emile Zola who put his own life and reputation at risk by standing up for the man This historical fictional account of those events is a real eye opener and one cannot help but admire Emile Zola who risked all to follow his conscience In 1895 France was rocked and divided by the biggest anti Semitic scandal in its history When a oung Jewish military man is falsely accused of treason and no one wants to risk stepping up to combat the might of military to expose its coverup one courageous man steps up to expose the truth fact by fact that has leaked to the press This is a story of courage against all odds and how one popular author and well respected journalist Emile Zola gave his life over to fight the good fight of righting an injustice and defending the truth But at what cost to him his friends and family and to France This fictionalized story takes on a very novel approach on how the author presents the facts intermingled with scenes to moves this along in a storyline that reads like an excellent thriller Page after page one hopes and deflates only to rise up again not knowing where it will all land Courtroom scenes are taken from transcripts of Emile Zola s libel trial notes from Alfred Dreyfus to his wife are mentioned in the text and Lucie Dreyfus s letter to the court are but a few of the things the author uses to lend authenticity and tension to the scenes I couldn t put this book down And now that I ve read it I can stop thinking about it and my own thoughts on morals courage heroism justice and love Not just the love of another human being but of my country and does freedom really matter So many thoughts and feelings have been provoked in me from this read all inspiring and awesome that I am sure the story will continue to linger for days to come I know I will read it again And again A while ago I read another E state Émile Zola a popular journalist determined to bring the truth to light undertook the challenge to publicaly expose the facts surrounding the military cover up This is the story of Zola’s battle to help Alfred Dreyfus reclaim his freedom and clear his name Up against anti Semitism military resistance and opposition from the Church of France Zola committed his life to fighting for justice But was it worth all. When I reviewed A Different Kind of Angel by Paulette Mahurin last month I thought that I would be getting to Mahurin s 19th century homophobia novel The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap soon Yet I had Mahurin s Zola novel To Live Out Loud on my Kindle Yes I actually purchased it Sometimes I do review books I bought A cogent reason to prioritize To Live Out Loud is because it now seems so urgently necessary to remind people about what happened in late 19th century France Right wing military officials inflamed an antisemitic hysteria by court martialing loyal Jewish officer Alfred Dreyfus in 1894 and condemning him for treason base The Dreyfus affair and Emile Zola s J Accuse provide the theme for this short book I was roughly aware of the facts and seized the chance to better my understanding of the matter As I read it seemed to me that at any point since we could point to this tale and say that it is particularly relevant now because our society is currently The story starts in 1895 as an artillery officer is court martialled and hastily found guilty of passing France s secrets to Germany The man came from Alsace Lorraine and Germany has recently annexed Alsace Thus relations between the two nations are fraught France has a constitution since the overthrow of the monarchy which nations are fraught France has a constitution since the overthrow of the monarchy which that all citizens are to be treated eually However a Jewish officer Dreyfus is not treated with respect and fairness but is picked on as a likely culpable person and swiftly consigned to jail The narrator is an engineer and friend of the family of Emile Zola a man of letters who has gained work as a journalist While Zola is not wealthy he in true French fashion supports a wife and mistress with their children A key phrase which struck me is that these were educated men critical thinkers They choose not to believe the convenient court martial finding and look for evidence A man comes forward with opposing evidence to the army but he is swiftly transferred overseas and the officer he had accused is as swiftly exonerated The army does not want to admit that it got things wrong Deciding that the hidebound Catholic influence and intervention by the Papal Nuncio inflame the time of hatred and need to be countered Zola spends much effort to write a letter to the President and people accusing France of having betrayed its own ideals This is published in a prominent Parisian newspaper and a writ for libel ensues Much of the rest of the story is concerned with the prejudiced court cases which follow verdicts and appeals Largely this book is based upon conversations with a few spare words for scene setting and personal description I m comfortable with a little movement and living in the moment but our narrator is in his seventies by the time the affair is trundling between courts so this was never going to be an action adventure Guns swords stone throwing mobs and a possible case of murder do however appear leaving us in no doubt of the anger and peril upon the Paris streets What I thought might be helpful to include would be an explanation of the fact that France and most of the European continent uses Napoleonic code of law This means that a person accused of a crime is considered guilty until proven innocent In Ireland Britain and elsewhere the reverse is the case Also under Napoleonic code the presiding judge is the one who controls all aspects of the case from investigation to the decision to take the matter to a courtroom to what may be shown to a jury in some cases there is no jury In a British or Irish case the judge s influence does not begin until the investigation is ready to be prosecuted though evidence and procedures must adhere to standards to be admissible An example can be found in the factual Fatal Journey The Murder of Trevor O Keefe by Eroline O Keeffe Zola s words are uoted to us above each chapter with great variety from humour to philosophyOne forges one s style upon the terrible anvil of daily deadlinesThe truth is on the march and nothing will stop itWe need of such heroes of daily deadlinesThe truth is on the march and nothing will stop itWe need of such heroes I thank author Paulette Mahurin for once bringing Emile Zola and the nation changing Dreyfus affair to our generation So I finished reading this book Convicts Captive Book Two yesterday I am glad I could not write my review directly becauseesterday I was still thinking that this book is a very strong 4 read It is a novel es but it is foremost a historical novel Which In 1895 France was torn asunder by a scandal that rocked the nation and divided the country An innocent Jewish military officer Alfred Dreyfus was unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment on a desolate island The news that could exonerate him was leaked to the press but was suppressed by the military Anyone who sought to reopen the Dreyfus court martial became victimized and persecuted and was considered an enemy of th.

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