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Ional xperience I m learning "that as in so many other things in life I have much to learn about " as in so many other things in life I have much to learn about story form but I will not let that inhibit my nthusiastic review of this bookWhen I began reading I had decided to use post it markers to mark those stories I njoyed Well that didn t work as I uickly realized that I would run through my supply of markers So I broke my book commandment and wrote in the book Gasp I am doing that lately and feel the yes of my arly teachers scowling at me But at the same time I believe they would be happy I am so invested in reading as an adultI found that I njoyed probably 34 of the stories in this book to one degree or another Some I loved The Garden Sky stands out in my mind and I will read that many times And Pistols at Twenty Paces that took me back to another place and then left me thinkingWhat has amazed me is how much can be said so uickly so conomically I also found that there were a couple of stories that I found difficult and actually off putting but also had to respect for the skill of their presentation Wimbledon was one such for me My primary take away from the world of small fictions is that there will be much disagreement about what is good and what small fictions is that there will be much disagreement about what is good and what skilled These all show skill but they all grab people differently And they have to grab uickly How they do it will determine who will njoy the story So this is an odd form I invite veryone I know to give it a try I believe you will laugh cry shudder become angry or possibly disgusted All good appropriate human motions Honestly arned by these stories I don t know which will be your favorites though I d love to compare notesI fully *intend to check out other works from several of the authors included There are 55 fictions *to check out other works from several of the authors included There are 55 fictions of which I liked 43 to some degree or other Not bad Perhaps I am under rating this book perhaps a 45 is in order This is where ratings are so difficultI heartily recommend this collection and also Butler s recommendation to read the stories a few at a time That seemed to work well for meI was provided with an ARC through the A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, editor in return for an honest review Nearly 45 In this very strong anthology of flash fiction stories range from Tweet length to a few pages but are always under 1000 words Titles and first lines carry a lot of weight One of the best openers is I didn t recognize her without her head Before She Was a Memory Emma Bolden In genre the stories run the gamut from historical fiction to whimsical fantasy a boy who turns into a bear and a dead officemployee who keeps showing up for workYou ll be introduced to a wealth of fresh and The Shadow Reader existing talent There are literally dozens of stand outs here but if I had to choose a top 3 they d be. Ets where such pieces are published continue to grow along with the interest of readers and writers in the form The time is right for a Best of the Year anthology Stuart Dybek author of The Coast of Chicago and Ecstatic CahootsThese small fictions are small only in length not in impact Their minuteness provides a different lens upon life one that illuminates the telling yetlusive moments that bigger stories often overlook A different slant on the truth merges not in spite of their length but because of it Short shorts often seem like the uiet stepchild in the fiction family overshadowed by vociferous novels not uite dressed in the right attire as conventional short stories A series celebrating these tiny gems is long overdue Grant Fa. Here s what some reviewers have said about our small press bestsellerThis is truly a well selected collection and it has given me a new appreciation for small fiction The Best Small Fictions 2015 will make you a believer in small fiction as literature Joseph Spuckler Evil Cyclist s Bookshelf What an astonishing book how practically very fiction seems a vaster story told in brief XJ KennedyWith Best Small Fictions 2015 readers will be introduced to a wealth of fresh and xisting talent Discover some haunting voices for yourself this fall Rebecca Foster BookTribThe best of these stories drop us with a minimum of hand holding into moments of human xtremity Jack Feerick PopdoseI ll confess I m usually not The Power Of A Choice excited by best of anthologies Then along comes The Best Small Fictions 2015dited by Robert Olen Butler and Tara L Masih to change my mind about anthologies Kathryn Kulpa KYSO FlashEach short short hands over an xuisite xample of something finely done Bunny Goodjohn Mom Egg Review I teach a flash fiction class titled The Brilliance of Brevity This xcellent and compelling anthology captures just that At a mere six lines Stuart Dybek s Inland Sea is masterful Then there s the gritty glory of Leesa Cross Smith s All That Smoke Howling Blue Yennie Cheung s Something Overheard is resonant honest and rich with twisted xpectations Danielle McLaughlin s Shaping Air is so keenly observed it The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right elevates the mundane to thextraordinary The anthology is studded with such gems For writers this small but mighty book makes for a great study of the craft of Flash Fiction For readers it is an invitation to interact with "and savor bursts of stories created with brevity specificity imagination the art of omission and humanity As someone "savor bursts of stories created with brevity specificity imagination the art of omission and humanity As someone has dabbled with flash fiction I recognize the challenges of writing short short or microfiction Every word has to count for there is absolutely no margin for Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling error no room for luxuryThis collection might aptly be titled The Best of the Best because it isxactly that Each story in contention was nominated by a literary magazine or journal and the guest ditor Robert Olen Butler made the final selectionButler *Says In His Introduction They Are Small But Brimming With *in his introduction They are small but brimming with shared human xperience I found the uality of these stories to be uniformly xcellent A few didn t connect with me on a personal level but ven then I admired the uality of the writingIt s very difficult to pick favorites in a collection like this so I won t ven try The stories cover a broad range of issues from the safety o Other than occasional stories this is the first collection of flash or small fiction I have read And this has been an interesting xciting and in some ways ducat. It takes many small things to make something big Fifty five acclaimed and merging writers including Emma Bolden Ron Carlson Kelly Cherry Stuart Dybek Blake Kimzey Roland Leach Bobbie Ann Mason Diane Williams and Hiromi Kawakami have made the debut of The Best Small Fictions 2015 something significant something worthwhile and something necessary Featuring spotlights on Pleiades journal and Michael Martone this international volume with Pulitzer Prize–winning author Robert Olen Butler serving as guest Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. editor and award winningditor Tara L Masih as series ditor is a celebration of the diversity and uality captured in fiction forms fewer than 1000 wordsWhatever one calls them flash fictions microfictions short shorts the number of outl. The Best Small Fictions 2015