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T her I wish others idn t always think they knew what is best for us We Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy do have minds of our own All they need too is talk to us about it instead of thinking they have it all figured outespecially when they re usually wrong Of course that wouldn t make much of a story if they An Introduction to Agricultural Geography did the sensible thingI think I will let this book be the conclusion to this series for me Each one I have read seems to move a bit slower than I like and I was impatient with the long wait for a relationship to build From Dare To Due Date by Christy Jeffries a Sugar Falls Idaho series Mia Palinski was out of town and had a one night stand with a stranger She has neverone anything like this before She left the hotel before he woke up the next morning As it turned out he is Dr Garrett McCormick and he is opening an office in Mia s home town In fact Mia s two best friends husbands are good friends with Garrett Mia found herself pregnant from that one night stand A very good read. A walks through his oor And although he is surprised at her announcement he's ready to jump right into fatherhood Mia on the other hand is wary Doctor Daddy seems wonderful but can she trust right into fatherhood Mia on the other hand is wary Doctor Daddy seems wonderful but can she trust with her heart when he won't reveal his ow. ,

From Dare to Due Date Sugar Falls Idaho #3From Dare to Due DateI really enjoyed this book t was extremely interesting and exciting I would recommend it highly to others to read Gailene Shearer Babymoon haha I learn new words everytime I read your story Pleasant well paced story with likable good common sense characters and some fun secondary characters I would like to read in this series cute Great Read I ve come to love the town of Sugar Falls and all the fun sometimes uirky residents This third installment to the series was so sweet I couldn T Put The Book put the book 5 Stars Miniseries Sugar Falls Idaho wow what a book called From Dare To Due Date by the author Christy Jeffries I won this book from GOODREADS FRIST "READ I Would Have To Give This 5 Star Rating " I would have to give this 5 star rating frist it started out slow but then once you started to read the book it got so good and I idn t wanted to put it Algorithmics for Hard Problems: Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization, Randomization, Approximation, and Heuristics down thank you to GOODREADS FRIST READ and to the author Christy Jeffries for this book I felt somewhatifferently about. THE NIGHT THEY MADE A BABY Mia Palinski had never even considered herself the kind of girl to have a one night stand Yet there she was in a big city hotel room wrapped in the arms of a handsome stranger she simply couldn't resist Now she's pr. This book than others id In my opinion it got off to a slow start and that could have been rectified a little if we would have been privy to their first intimate encounter instead of a fade to black in the bar sharing a kiss Then we were forced to wait until the end of the book for any other DISPLAY OF AFFECTIONI FELT FOR MIA AND THE TRAGEDY of affectionI felt for Mia and the tragedy had suffered through but it was past time for her to move forward and put it behind her I am surprised she had not gone to therapy to learn how to eal with the constant fear I know it changed her life but when one oor closesand I would have thought she would have been grateful that door closesand I would have thought she would have been grateful that the attack she had not been raped which is what I thought happened I thought she treated Garrett very poorly for most of the book and would have loved to actually see the love grow instead of poof and there it wasGarrett was a very likable guy but I was isappointed towards the end when he was going to let her goto protec. Egnant and she has no idea how to contact the father until he shows up in her hometown of Sugar Falls The man she knew only as GP is Dr Garrett Patrick McCormick The ski town's Newest Orthopedist Has Literally orthopedist has literally opened his practice when Mi.